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  1. Khiraxz - Missiles, Illicit Protectorate Starfighter - Torpedo, Title Different stats, maneuvers, pilot abilities. Safe to say they are different ships
  2. Scum : yt2000 Otana (large) Imperial : customs corvette (epic) Rebel : Rogue squadron x wing (small)
  3. This is my favorite 2 points I would say.This can make x-wings a monster to deal with and because its a dual card, it makes them a monster for any list I also like this but i wonder if the X-Wing can't get something that allows it to alternate between offense and defense. Maybe like a flat "+1 Primary Weapon strength" on one side vs a "Recover 1 shield at the end of the combat phase" on the other?
  4. I also use the Army Painter Target Lock (laser line) and it's been enviously commented on by other players in my local area. Cheap and useful
  5. Create a set of 3 upgrades, m3a only for each of there canon missile and torpedo slots that cost 0 points and nothing else need change, besides more pilots. Scyk linked canons - 3 dice range 1 to 3, no other effect. Scyk missile volley- target lock, discsrd card to fire 4 dice range 1 to 2. Scyk torpedoes volley- target lock, discard card and lock to fire 5 dice range 2 to 3. Maybe a new m3a only modification costing 1 point. Pilot modifications - you may discard this card to flip a faceup damage card over and ignore its effects. That would go a long way to helping mitigate the glass canon nature of the m3a without over costing it, but at the trade off of no other modifications.
  6. Kasatka

    Cannon W/ YT-2400

    I always go for mangler, and then Leebo and Determination to laugh of a surprising number of critical damage cards.
  7. Heck Scum Boba can pimped out to 82 points, claiming title from Decimator?
  8. Not money, but points wise you can kit out a Decimator to 79 points, a YV-666 to 76 points and a K-wing to 73 points, so I'd say it definitely is close...
  9. Same thing happened to me during that mission. My raider accidentally ran over the single remaining rebel ship. It wasn't ioned so the mission ended and no conditions for victory were met. Consensus when I asked about it on the forum here was divided but we decided to treat it as a draw, though ic actually recommend replaying it.
  10. Syndicate Thung, Twin-Laser Turret, Unhinged Astromech x4 = 100 pts. That's up to 8pts of damage per turn damage output, more manoeuvrable than a rebel y-wing list and a whopping 32 hull/shields. You're not gonna find a much better list to showcase a y-wing with TLT setup because although pilot abilities and combos can be nice, but raw numbers beat chance and skill. To counter TLT lists? Easy, just fly ships that can rush to close range and lay immense damage down (Tie-Swarms, Interceptors, A-Wings, Starvipers, Khirakx), ships that can equip autothrusters and stay out the Y-wing arcs at range (A-wings, Interceptors, IG-2000 etc) or ships that can futz with the Y-wings manoeuvring (bombers, ion cannons etc)
  11. Within my gaming community its pretty much always 'Well played' is the first thing heard after a match. Followed by something like "I really like your (ship)-setup" or "I'd never thought of that". We have a lot of players who only collect a small amount of ships from one or 2 factions and so don't have every upgrade card. only a couple of us are completionists and have 1 (or in my case 2 or 3) of everything, so it is common for players to come up against something they've not played before. Oh and a personal favourite to hear after a match"**** bombs! Emon is crazy!"
  12. Minesweeper - 2pts Modification. If you perform a manoeuvre that would overlap a mine token you may receive 1 stress to perform the corresponding manoeuvre of the opposite bearing. For example I perform a 2 bank left and hit a mine, I can take a stress to perform a 2 bank right instead, hopefully missing the mine.
  13. Its amazeballs on a certain scum firedprsy pilot who likes bombs... Emon + Andrasta + Bombardier + any 3 bombs of your choice + a mod of your choice, though Counter Measures works well for me. You end up with the option to drop bombs using the straight 1, straight 2, straight 3, left turn 3 and right turn 3 templates at which point your opponent struggles to evade your bombs.
  14. I think id like to see large base ships require two players to crew them. A pilot and a gunner, this would mean youd each have to pay the xp to move over to the ship, and it would have two listed pilot skills - one for movement and one for combat. Crew slots would be tricky to figure out, but i guess you could do away with them altogether and replace them with something else like purchasing crew abilities for the ship itself (cheaper than pilot abilities but a finitenumber of them). Itd require some funky figuring out so it effectively had a split stat block allowing each player to fill half the ept/mod slots snd obviously require teamwork but would be very rewarding.
  15. I think its rather the opposite and people are trying to apply common sense to game mechanics. If common sense prevailed we wouldn't have a long FAQ and Errata, as wed all just know stuff.
  16. BB-8 + Determination OR R2-D2 + Expert Handling, both with Integrated Astromech - for similar end results. Which is cheaper?
  17. I thought up this combination as soon as Integrated Astromech was spoilt, but In hindsight I agree that Luke (and X-Wing's in general) don't have enough Hull to make it worthwhile. Expert Handling may be a better option as it adds the Barrel Roll option to the X-Wings actions, removes a target lock on you (thus ensuring you receive less damaging fire and less/no ordnance) and you'll want to be doing Green moves to trigger R2-D2 anyway, thus clearing the stress from last rounds Expert Handling.
  18. They aren't huge ship rules, they are epic play rules, separate from standard play. To use warhammer 40k as a point of reference - Apocalypse is a separate game line that adds extra rules into the game allowing the use of massive tanks, aircraft, formations etc, but you can't use Apocalypse rules in standard games. So the crippled huge ship rule is not a precedent and until ffg release FAQ/errata there is nothing to suggest you lose cards mid-game in the scenario of losing an icon slot.
  19. You are correct, you must meet all conditions of your equipped turret when triggering the btl-a4 title.
  20. Until the FAQ comes out all we can do is carry on playing and have fun - not think up new mechanics (removing upgrades mid-game due to losing slots is an entirely new mechanic outside of Epic-play, and as the rules are separate there is no precedent to do so). So for now the solution is to leave cards in play if a slot is lost and then adjust our gaming if/when it is FAQ'd.
  21. I'm really not a fan of giving every ship every thematic thing it had in games, comics and books - it leads to poor game balance and power creep. So off the bat the idea of giving Wedge's pilot ability to all A-Wings is a no-no. Secondly as a modification it would vie for the slot with Autothrusters, Stealth Device etc, so that's also not going to help the A-Wing in the long run. Honestly the unique A-Wing pilots are good, and the generics are good blockers. Throw a pair of EPTs (Outmanoeuvre + PTL) onto a unique A-Wing and you have an amazing arc dodger. If you really want the Swivel Cannons upgrade I'd suggest making it a Missile or Title upgrade: 1pt When attacking you may spend a Focus token to discard an Evade token from the defender. It's thematic but not game breaking. It gives a slight boost to A-Wings that want to take on ships that can Evade (and most of those ships have a lot of green dice anyway) which is the area they suffer in. If its a missile slot it means your paying the premium of not taking Chardaan Refit AND the cost of the Swivel Cannons. If its a title slot then you don't get to take an extra EPT.
  22. Understandable and appreciated - expanding the Rebel offering and including missions and AI for more Imperials and suchlike would be great. Also perhaps the option to pilot Large ships in specific scenarios? Also while I have your attention - what's the resolution in the following scenario - We were playing the first mission in the Defector arc (? I think, unsure) with the Lambda shuttle that needs to be disabled, but it ended up disabling itself by crashing over an asteroid. We were unsure who would get the XP for it, so decided to give each player 1xp rather than the 3xp to the player who disabled it (it didn't even crash because of Ion tokens or blocking, so we literally couldn't decide a single person to count as disabling it).
  23. I'd vote for a Scum campaign before an Imperial one for the reason that the AI already exists for Imperials, so you'd only need to add Rebels - in an Imperial campaign you'd have both Rebels and potentially Scum to add so it'd equate to more work. Plus Scum have some crossover with Rebels for available ships and thus game balancing (Ywing & HWK-290 are already there, Kihrakx, M3-A, and Starviper would need to be added)
  24. Kasatka

    First choice.

    Tie Defender, HWK-290 (both rebels and scum) and Firespray (both scum and imperials).
  25. Except it isn't a precedent as that is an Epic-play specific rule applying to Huge ships, and the Epic rules are separate from Standard-play. Until FFQ release a FAQ on the matter there are no rules governing the loss of a slot in the middle of play so just carry on playing and having fun
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