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  1. I'm hoping for 'The Eagle and the Lion - Battles of Napoleon' series - makes sense given previous Nexus games publications. Saving pennies now!
  2. Here's hoping the delay has been due to extended negotiations for the Dune universe rights - this is just far too good to miss!
  3. Yes that would be quite cool - I remember Cthulhu by Gaslight - that had the cover with the branches reaching through a wrought iron fence for an English gent, if I recall correctly.
  4. Hey mate, Beverly Hills - and you? Have never played Kingdom Hearts....but have played just about every other FFG game in existence (or have it). Cheers, Ian
  5. Here too - Sydney. FFG - how about a 'country' and 'city' field in the player search directory to help everyone find each other?
  6. Cornered, net closing in...sun rising and too many brides caught and cut off before their (undeath) began... **** Van Helsing and his shrewd guessing! So they got me...but it was a very close run game...really felt like a chase and a desperate race to stop Dracula, before the plague could grip Europe. What's your favourite moment?
  7. Definitely up for Innsmouth - perhaps with an investigator with 'the taint'? ...and membership cards for 'the esoteric order of Dagon'.... ... and 'run out of town' cards... ...or a game mechanic simulating the US sub attack on Yha' Nthli (OK probably not that spelling... but you know what I mean - and if you do, lose 1 sanity!) Too many cool ideas!
  8. I have all of the expansions and have yet to play 'the full Monty' with all the rules....has anyone done this, and do you have any tips for a great game? Cheers! Ian
  9. Ah...Barlowe's guide...what a great source for inspirational and 'realistic' aliens. Well done FFG!
  10. Quite agree re: 'full sized game'..in mini box. Excellent value and a fun game to boot! Only had one game so far...but my group loved it!
  11. Very curious as to the 'mega multi-player' scenario requiring two copies of Tide of Iron...very tempted to buy a second copy in preparation (now THERE's trust!) ... or obsession :-) Cheers! Ian
  12. Thank you! Very interesting...can't wait for the upgrade pack!
  13. I'd love to see (not sure how it would be balanced) the anti-cyclon virus found on the infected base-star....perhaps as a crisis? Hopw about crisis cards with a high difficulty (15+), a small penalty if failed and a strong (non resource) reward, like removing a random super-crisis card, or restricting the use of the resurrection ship? Cheers! Ian
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