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  1. Kiro13

    358/2 Days

    I have like 45 hours and I am on day like 300.... Though when I play a game I procrastinate and stuff cause I don't like finishing a game quickly. lol So I look through every small area and try to finish everything as I go along the game and won't go father till its done lol
  2. Oh look I appeared out of nowhere lol Xigbar - 8 Lexaeus - 8 Zexion - 3 - 1 Demyx -11 Larxene -17 + 1 Roxas -11 Xion -11
  3. Xigbar -8 Lexaeus -3 -1 Zexion -7 Demyx -12 Larxene -18 +1 Roxas -10 Xion -11 NOW LEXAEUS!! MWUAHAHA LOL
  4. Though in a card game there isnt and shouldn't be a deck build of who ever can run out the clock longest. Cause even in a game of UFS there are decks that run out the time but they still have to be able to kill before the time runs out to officially gain a win. No card game I have ever played have I ever been or seen played to stall for time, cause decks when they stall its for a certain reason like in Yugioh to get Exodia or burn out peoples life points every turn, but just sitting there and stalling just to wait till time runs out is really ridiculous. Cause the tie breaker ruling really does need to be changed to something more sensible that will be fair to both aggro and world racers. Cause serioulsy at this point of seeing just those decks I wouldnt care if the new tie breaker rule would be "Flip a coin and call heads or tails and if you get it correct you win the game." or match or whatever you call the games within the rounds.
  5. Xigbar -7 Lexaeus -5 Zexion -11 Axel - 3 -1 Demyx -10 Larxene -15 +1 Roxas -10 Xion -9 Axel must DIE! lol
  6. Oh I thought I missed it cause I wasnt on the computer at all, all day Saturday but I guess I didn't so I guess we are just waiting for the brackets if im correct?
  7. not sure if this is still going on or not but wanted to do it anyways lol Xigbar -7 Xaldin -3 (-1) Lexaeus -6 Zexion -14 Axel -5 Demyx -10 Larxene -9 (+1) Roxas -7 Xion -8
  8. Whats it make a difference unless you were stacking your deck? Cause I always cut my opponents deck all wierd like just for such occasions that people try to stack cards near others and etc.
  9. So just wondering cause I just read the stealth sneak errata does that mean someone can use a Creeper Plant to destroy a stealth sneak outside of battler now? Cause its not Magic and it wouldn't be during battle.
  10. Card_Breaker said: As promised, Awakening Sora!!! Nothing special... except... THE ABILITY TO IMMEDIATELY USE LV 2 MAGIC!!! Pretty good if you depend on the lower level magic and can't seem to draw that Donald you need. However, I don't see it doing well in Challenges since he only has 4 HP and 5 Atk. Awakening Sora? I just called it the Special Card lol Though not sure but I noticed this player card technically does not have a name... So technically his name isn't Sora which I kinda thought the reason behind that was cause it implied it was Sora and his friends and etc. Though Idk know if you guys made an erratta for it to take on Sora's name for its player card.
  11. Oh cool yea I still play and I live in the Williston area so that would be cool to go there. Didn't know about any card shops in Ocala really, but will have to find time since I am in college right now doing art projects and stuff.
  12. Oh ok lmao Well doesnt hurt to ask lol
  13. So would that mean I still have a chance? Or is the rejection set in stone? lol
  14. Awww I was rejected...... Oh wells
  15. Well to add to the first one you can not play Equipment cards of the same name on a character. So you would not be able to equip like two oathkeepers since the equipment cards have a uniqueness rule to it when equipping to a characeter.
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