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  1. Thanks for all of the kind words in this thread. I wanted to clarify a few things...the biggest reason that I have commented in the past about "overall not being worthwhile" was because it included Melee. And, Melee has always been a "spotty" event. I have no problem with Joust and Melee as individual titles. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the competitive Melee at Worlds/Gencon, I still played. I know a lot of people believe that skill is involved in winning Melee too. (Although, I think many will agree that having the right people at your table helps too.) A lot of Melee tourneys are won by rush and/or combo decks. What I tried to do with my Melee deck was build a control deck. I wanted a deck where I could truly control ALL THREE of my opponents when I needed too. My Melee deck (Targ KotHH with Summer) worked even better than I anticipated! I really had a lot of fun playing Melee this year. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to defeat three people at once. I enjoyed being in control while looking like I wasn't, until it was too late. I can honestly say that I felt everyone played for himself. If not, how did I make it out of the Top 16 table with DC Dennis and Erick Butzlaff? This was probably the best time that I have ever had playing Melee and not because of the success that I had this year, but because the social interaction and the mind games were a blast! As for the "kingmaking" in the finals, I truly tried to win. If I had let Kyle win that finals game, I would have been the Overall champ. I thought that I could do enough to win on my turn. Again, had I won Melee, I would've been Melee Champ and Overall. In the end, the only real person that got robbed was me, and that was because of a few miscalculations and a misreading of the "Wildling Bard" (which I thought that I had to trigger before MY challenges not anyone's first challenge! Doh! On the next turn, I believed that I burned down enough of Ryan's characters to limit his winning that turn. His Moqorro save was a surprise. But the extra strength for Intimidate was a surprise too. I tried to defend his final challenge because I supported the only other person he could attack. The reason that I burned down Chad's characters was that he had 10 power. He hadn't marshaled yet. If he had any tricks to go first (Knights of the Storm) or claim power, I wanted to make sure that I could stop him before he started and attacked a wide-open Kyle. The honest truth to the whole situation is that I am an old man, I make lots of mental mistakes and miss things all the time. My gameplay can often help me make up for those miscues, but the older I get, then weaker play I become. Honestly, I respect this game too much to truly "throw" a game. I discussed the finals with Ryan before the tournament. I told him that we should play a clean, fair game because of the controversy from last year. As on of the oldest members of the community and one of the original, longtime players, I cannot condone tainting this great game, especially at a time when the game is flourishing. This is also why I try to avoid the boards as much as possible and try to not respond to negative posts. I don't want to add gas to the fire. Nothing good comes from it. Negative publicity (for those who start the negative threads) draws more attention to the negative posters. I would rather concentrate on what is GREAT about this AMAZING game that I love! I have made too many friends in this game and want this game to continue being around for a long time. Anyways, congrats to Ryan Jones for winning Melee and Overall and to Chad, Steve and Kyle for their impressive showings. I do think this year that OVERALL can be a true reflection of gameplay for the weekend. Ryan had 71 points, Chad had 70 and I had 68. All three of us did well in Joust and Melee, and the right person ended up on top in the end!
  2. I just submitted my card to FFG: All I can tell you is that it is a Lannister character - Ros the ***** Wait until you see what she does!
  3. Congrats Derek on your performance and title. You played well and deserved everything that you earned!
  4. dcdennis said: top four in melee got special house cards (looked real nice) and uncut sheets, or so i hear. not really sure cuz according to the final standings i didnt participate The Top 4 in Joust also received the very sweet-looking acrylic House cards and the standard uncut sheets.
  5. As much as Erick likes to be the villain and feeds off of it, there is one thing that you cannot take away from him…he is one of the games best players. I commend him for his performance at Worlds. He was the only player to make the final table in Joust and Melee and had it not been for the DQ, he would've been Overall World Champion for a third time (~and a third time without winning an individual event). Erick (and Corey) have some great ideas and are 2 of the 3 (long with Greg Atkinson) deck designers that I know.
  6. GoTLove? said: So I was talking to Bruno after he defeated Butzlaff in the joust final. I was, you know, probing him. I like to be probed!
  7. NuFenix said: Is that the version that John used, or has he used your more updated version? Are you keeping the changes you have made close to your chest for now? actually, I wan't worried about playing against Christian's deck. It is a good deck and he played it well at Calicon, but I played against it many times and had a lot of success against it. I just asked Christian to not post it until after Worlds so people wouldn't net deck. Too many people are afraid to make their own deck nowadays.
  8. NuFenix said: Is that the version that John used, or has he used your more updated version? Are you keeping the changes you have made close to your chest for now? i played Targ KotHH. I always prefer to play my own deck that I've worked on and played a lot in big events.
  9. This will be my only post on these boards over the foreseeable future. As many of you know, I have been playing this game since its inception and have traveled extensively to play this game over the past ten years. I have play in tournaments, Regionals and Championships in 12 different states. Next weekend, Worlds in Minnesota will be my 13th. While I have had a lot of success over the years in this game, and have been lucky enough to win a World Championship, the #1 thing that I treasure most in this game is the number of friends that I've made in this game. A large number of these friends are people that I stayed in touch with during my near-death illness, my almost three-year hiatus from the game and the two years that I've been back playing. Many of these people have become true, longtime friends that I know will stay my friend whenever I quit playing this game or whenever this game no longer exists. Over the last two years being back in the game, I've seen AGOT grow in many forms, thanks to the TV exposure. This had led to a growth in the LCG. I applaud Martin, HBO, FFG and everyone who has had a hand in this, because, in the end, this game has grown. This year at Gencon, we had the second-largest Gencon showing (89 players, which only trailed the debut Worlds in 2003 by approx. 10 people) and this year wasn't even designated as a Worlds! Over the last two years, my own meta in Los Angeles, San Diego and NoCal all have grown and I've made even more friends whose friendship I also cherish. When I play this game with these people, winning is secondary. The camaraderie and the time we have together mean so much more. That's why I traveled to play this game in the past - the people I play with. I enjoy competing, strive to win, but in the end, it's the people you play with that bring you coming back. These boards have always been the same. Communicating with the community, the joking/teasing (~) with a group of people you know, has always been what I like best about these boards. I also enjoy the sharing of ideas, venting of frustration, the "sky is falling" (aka "this card is broken and is killing the game" threads are all a part of this community. But lately, that is missing. Too many people are making rash judgments before even trying out cards. People are personally attacking and calling out other people. People are stirring up the pot for no other reason than to cause trouble. I was a high school Cheer Coach for over two years and lately this forum is more drama-filled and more-negative than my high school cheer squad! In person (and on the boards), gaming is my escape. I get a chance to hang out with a bunch of people who accept my old, fat ass as one of the group, even when I act like Beavis or Butthead though I'm almost twice as old as them. Gaming (and teaching) give me a chance to stay young at heart. This community is best and thrives when it's fun to visit the boards and meeting in person is something you look forward to. But, in the end, this community is so large now that I prefer to talk and hang out with people that I enjoy playing with. If you have a poor attitude and try destroying the game that I love, then I don't have time for you. If you don't like me or have time for me, it's not the end of the world. I've live. "I'm a man, I'm 40"! I'll be in Minnesota next week for Worlds. I know life is short-lived and fleeting. I've been fortunate enough to have five more years of life that I almost lost in 2007. If I haven't met you, introduce yourself. I love to meet new people/players. I wish everyone the best win or lose, because I'm going to Worlds to socialize with my friends, make new ones, play the games that I love and do my best to compete, win or lose. Let's take our game back and quit the personal bashing. I will no longer respond to these threads. See you in Minnesota!
  10. TinyGrimes said: Do you agree with our selections? Are we complete fools? "Not completely" is my answer to both questions.
  11. I actually wish that the Runner had to pay the 1 or 2 credits that he has when encountering the Tollbooth.
  12. Mejis said: mathlete said: What happens if the Runner has TWO credits and hits Toolbooth? Does the Runner lose the 2 credits? What Toqtamish said. Also note that it is toLLbooth, not toolbooth As in, a toll that you have to pay to get past. Thank you for the homophone lesson. However, are you certain that it was a grammar mistake and not a typing mistake? I am a terrible typist and often hit the wrong double letter. I was aware of the correct word. I don't see what the correct spelling or further clarification ('"as in a toll that you have to pay to get past") added to the discussion other than to state that you felt superior. I am also a teacher (of mathematics).
  13. What happens if the Runner has TWO credits and hits Toolbooth? Does the Runner lose the 2 credits?
  14. Are you kidding? Didn't you listen to the 2 Champs 1 Chump podcast when they rated the 20 cards from the Harsh Mistress CP? It made the bottom 5 and was thrashed. Then the highly respected members of the Small Council at CardgameDB thrashed the card with the highest rating being at 2 out of 5. How could such a crappy card be restricted? (There is a ~ in front on my whole post, btw!)
  15. hollis said: I am thinking about it. If you are going, that makes my decision slightly easier Li'l 'ol me? Do I have enough swag to influence a doctor?
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