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  1. I'm afraid you're right. But they may charge a couple of bucks in each expansion to take care of what they'd already done.
  2. Hello there I was thinking that probably it would be great if FFG would create some updates for the already existing scenarios, adding up different endings or manipulating a bit the story to increase the replayability. Maybe an update or two by story and year would be enough. I don't know if this would be complicated, but for sure it would be a way to take care of their costumers. Thank you!
  3. It looks reasoneable. We had that doubt in the spanish forum of the game since the rules are not very clear in that matter. Thanx
  4. Another question regarding the trauma cards, pliz. If the Keeper plays a trauma card on an investigator that already has one of that kind, this last one is discarded (in substitution of the recently played). But, what happens if the keeper plays a play-and-solve-its-effects card, and not a permanent one? For example, one investigator has the card Kleptomania played on him, and then he suffers a Panic attack (I'm translating cards, I don't know the exact name, sorry). Does the investigator discard his Klepto card anyway, or keeps it since he doesn't keeps the Panic atack card? Thanx
  5. That's right. It's a pure competitive game. And nothing to do with Blade Runner. Maybe atmosphere and probably part of the theme, but the experience of playing the game is not reminiscent of the film at all.
  6. I'm worried because it's a dice game. Dice? Osh...
  7. You lose the half of your items and clue tokens. You've got also the choice of take a Injury/Madness card instead, and don't lose anything.
  8. Thank you very much. I didn't noticed that was explained in the rulebook, but I figured out this.
  9. I've got a doubt with the timing of that. Suppose I've got six cards in my track. Then here comes the next turn. The sixth card runs out from the track, and I must put another card in the first space. May I put the card tath runned out from the track this turn, If able? Thanx
  10. I think that Judgement of Verena (Core 49) should be banned. It says: play during your turn. Action: Destroy all units and support cards in each zone with no developments. The combo with Will of the electors (Core 44; Move up to two target developments from one zone to another controlled by the same player) is unstoppable. No one can fight against that. What do you think?
  11. I've got 9 infantry and 3 cavalry, I'm sure of that. My copy is not a FFG copy. I'm from spain, and my copy is a spanish copy, so I'll contact with the corresponding company. Thank you. pd: it's funny, cause I purchased a FFG copy of Letter of Marque in Spain and there is also a mistake inside the box, so ¿do FFG wil replace de wrong piece? ¿From the States to Barcelona?
  12. I purchased a spanish copy of Britannia, and I've found a few contradictions between what rulebook say and what is written on board or nation sheets. That doesn't really cares me, I can handle with it. But there's something that's very confusing to me: on rulebook and gameboard says that Normands have 4 Cavalrys and 8 Infantrys, but there were only 3 Cavalries and 9 infantries on the box. Is that correct? Thank you.
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