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  1. Heh, yeah. Had that one happen to me. Brought her out with a ton of extra health, only to find out how horrible Shriviling (sp) is to my poor monsters. Oh, well... there's always next time.
  2. Yep, as they say above... the card specifically states that you can not continue to explore the room until the darkness counter has been removed... not negated. Also... you have to spend an action to use the axe against the lock, so as you have to explore to reveal the obstacle, you can't do it right away. You might as well try the puzzle to see if it's an easy solve (we had one where half of a combo-lock was solved just by flipping the tiles), and if not then you can use your action to cut the lock off.
  3. Yeah, it really seems that the monsters are much harder to bring out, and so they tend to have more impact. I just played the story where you get to place and animate zombies, and it really threw the players for a bit of a loop. They know they're coming, but they're not entirely sure when... could be next turn, could be much later.
  4. Flyinghoof said: I'm using some old Vallejo acrylic paints from 6+ years ago. I just picked up a few extra and replacement colors from the Citadel line that are also acrylic. The Warhammer paints should work fine. Use whatever you're comfortable working with. Make SURE that you clean the figs first, though. I've started working on some of mine, and did a decent job of getting them cleaned off, but the mold release agent that FFG used still created problems with the paint just running off. Have to spend more time scrubbing the figures before I continue
  5. No, the investigators can't do that. From Page 16 of the Rule Book: In such circumstances, investigators are allowed to escape off of the game board. Investigators may only escape if the Objective card has been revealed and it specifically instructs them to escape. So they have to wait until the objective is revealed before they may try to escape.
  6. *shrug* Rather a nice house rule that you can easily define with the group then go with the whole "OL gets to pick and choose what effects whatever"... unless you manage to have a piece of terrain large enough to cover the entire base. But for Aura itself, the rule states that when a model moves into a space adjacent to the figure with Aura, that model takes 1 wound... not 1 wound per space. So I guess it depends on if you define the model somehow moves into each space at the same time causing only one trigger, or it triggers twice, or more.
  7. I've always gone by the previous FAQ's idea... that large monsters only take negitive effects like Aura when the front half enters the area. Seems to work great and keep it balanced.
  8. Yes, most effects (excluding Poison) take place if they cause damage... not wounds. They've stated that damage is total injury before applying armor, while wounds are health actually lost.
  9. 1) It's how Cimmerz says... if you have to exhaust the spell/skill then you only get the one shot with it. If you don't then it's constantly active. The Professor and McGlen's ability work against ANY loss, so McGlen can just go and fight one stamina loss monsters all day... he just has an easier chance to go insane. But, don't forget that this does not cover COSTS for either character. The Professor can't cast 1 sanity cost spells for free or utilize the Alter of the Elder Gods to gain 1 stamina back for free. 2) I'm really not sure how to call this one. While combat spells do state any phase, they also state that they are effective until the end of this combat. The way we play them is that you have to cast them after starting the fight, or else they don't do you any good. If they stated that they work until the end of this or the next combat, then that would be another thing. And, yes I know it's obvious, but don't forget that things that give you straight up +1 to your skills work all the time. 3) Here's straight from the FAQ for your question: Q: When can a character perform actions during a phase? For example, if a player with the ally Duke (“discard to immediately restore your Sanity to its maximum”) draws an encounter and has to roll a die and lose that much Sanity, when can he discard Duke to restore Sanity: not at all once the encounter card is drawn, before the roll, or after the roll? A: Actions can be performed at any time during their listed phase as long as any given conditions are met. However, once an encounter is drawn, it must be resolved before any more actions can be performed. So, in the case of Duke, you can use him before or after drawing an encounter card, but if you draw the encounter card and it inflicts Sanity loss that reduces you to 0 Sanity, you go insane before you can use Duke. Flesh Ward is one exception to this rule because it prevents a Stamina loss and is intended to be used in response to such events. I'd go ahead and expand that (personally, house rule as there's nothing saying otherwise) that you can't use these abilities until the combat is completed, treating it like a mini-encounter.
  10. According to the FAQ: Lieutenants Q: What happens when there are multiple lieutenants in the same space as the hero party? If the heroes (or the overlord) choose to attack, are both lieutenants present at the same encounter? A: Each lieutenant is an entire encounter unto himself. If the heroes choose to attack a lieutenant when there are two or more lieutenants in the same space, they must choose one to encounter. The overlord may attack the hero party with one lieutenant at a time. Only if the heroes are still in the same location at the end of the encounter (if the heroes win or the lieutenant flees, or if the space in question is Tamalir) can the next lieutenant attack. Basically, I'm reading this to say that the Heroes can only choose to attack one Lt in their turn, but as the Lt.s have seperate movement during the OL turn, they can each attack the heroes... as long as the heroes don't move.
  11. 1. Yes. The Rumor Dungeon leader still counts... so they still get the coins and xp. 2. No. You may not spend any surges on any attack that misses. The Overlord can't get Threat, nor can the heroes use any weapons that have special abilities (the FAQ talks about the one that can remove threat from the OL for this) if the attack is a miss. This also includes missing due to range, but not if the attack hits but does no damage.
  12. It's not bad. The simple fact that you may or may not be using Blast with the Sorcerers is a wonderful mental tool to use against the heroes. Sorcerers hurt low to mid characters, and this will force them to swing wildly between moving clustered until you hit them with a good Blast shot, to spreading way out giving you the chance to surround some characters... at least that's what the party did when I dropped this on them. Just play it up as the best thing ever, and occasionally use them as suicide bombers... you'd be really surprised how much damage you can do to the heroes at a point-blank blast 1 to 2-4 players... MWAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. Just that they have to have range to the target (unlike Melee)... doesn't seem like much, but if the target is elevated or in shrub then they could possibly have a range of 2, making it possible to miss.
  14. Yeah, I think that we're going to house rule that they have swim and Ironskin... they're too weak otherwise. And I like the idea that the tentacles would get dragged along with the Kraken if it is forced to move... it just makes sense to me.
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