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  1. Very late reply, but we don't have an alpha problem in our group, so weren't concerned with the "each player gets to make a decision" stuff and ignored the Activation tokens. Frex, If the scene called for a single hero (eg. New Road's climbing up a tree), then the hero's player would make the decisions until the end of the scene (ie. until he gets down from the tree). The game itself occasionally does something like this, such as selecting one player for watch when camping. Unfortunately, to do this you'd either need to rewrite the adventure, or have a GM for this to work. I also think a party limit of skills is a good idea, although our group has players dropping in and out of the game. As for LoD best played with one player, that reduces it to any other CYOA solo adventure, and there are plenty of them (eg. Fabled Lands) that are much less expensive. Myself, I play tabletop games for their social aspect, which is why I picked up LoD.
  2. THAT is a good question. The advert promises, "The world is too expansive to explore during a single playthrough, inviting heroes to return to Terrinoth and the mystery of Dragonholt for multiple replay opportunities." Okay, except that "Players’ stories begin with the To New Roads quest, which takes these brave heroes to a small farming county where the heir has recently died under suspicious circumstances." So... is each "replay opportunity" a different quest, which, at least thematically, has no replay value (unless Terrinoth has a plague of dead heirs in farms)? You do get six quests, so you get at least play the game six "times". Assuming each quest is a campaign, this still means a fair number of game sessions worth of play. Plus, who knows, maybe this set will have further quest expansions as well as lend itself to fan content. Thankfully, this isn't KS'ed, so reviewers will be able to tell us how much gameplay this game will have. Also, I hope game publishers continue to publish "non-replayable" games, such as CYOAs and Sherlock Holmes Consuting Detective games, which I enjoy more than dice rolling and looking up rules in rulebooks. Oh, and it would be nice to finally find out what Terrinoth is about.
  3. I haven't found a game that could both have replay value and a deep rich story (if anyone knows of one, please post). Many CYOA's had multiple paths, and Gloomhaven blocked off certain paths depending on choices you made, but that's just game development that could otherwise have been used as content for a longer single campaign. The problem -- so far -- is that, the more replay you build into the game, the more parts that have to be interchangeable, typically resulting in a game that is more generic, less specific, and less immersive. If you have an app or other computer assistance (I was playing around with a random adventure gear generator!), the app and a database can be used to create a lot of random but specific content that would be too much work or expense (eg. a stack of 75-100 cards just for minor magic items) with a tabletop. But, aside from the plots, the adventures could have *components* that could be used in other adventures. So the potion of whatever in one adventure could be shuffled into the minor magic item deck of the next one. Or you could use a class from the first adventure into the next. Speaking of components, I'm not seeing the plasticfest or art trove that other FFG games have, which is fine with me. At least in theory, that means we won't be spending our money on expensive components that will only be used once, and get more play value, sorta like Gloomhaven with its standees and not more expensive miniatures. Also, many gamers don't play their games more than a few times, anyway, so, at least for them, replay is unnecessary (even thought they won't admit it!).
  4. One of the GenCon videos said the game scales. So, if you want big armies, you buy more. If you don't, the core may be good enough. Time to wait for the reviews!
  5. The game scales, so a core box will be fine *if* you're fine with small-scale games. While the miniatures are generic fantasy, each type (?) of miniature needs its own card and wheel (?), so the non-miniature components, including movement bases (?) are effectively proprietary. You can't just drop in your own miniatures like Kings of War, assuming the game system has stats for your miniatures. (Songs of Blade and Heroes lets you build your point costs for a miniature.) Asmodee and FFG are moving to support FLGS with organized play. Miniatures wargames and LCG's need this sort of support, and I think RW's popularity will depend on Asmodee's OP.
  6. Descent Monsters: Elemental painting tutorial: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1158890/painting-tutorial-elementals Shadow Dragon (white) tutorial: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1169158/painting-tutorial-shadow-dragon-white-minon Zombie painting tutorial: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1148047/painting-tutorial-zombies Cave Spider painting tutorial: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1150793/painting-tutorial-cave-spiders Ettin painting tutorial: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1140289/painting-tutorial-ettin Merriod painting tutorial: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/15623280 Barghast painting tutorial: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1173960/painting-tutorial-barghasts Goblin painting tutorial: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1144852/painting-tutorial-goblins Flesh Moulder tutorial: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/15540400
  7. I think the last time I saw a cauldron miniature, it was a Pathfinder miniature that was selling for ten bucks. Johnny Lauck's running his "Dungeon Monsters 28mm miniatures Undead Zombies and Scenery" KS campaign, and the last unlock is a SKULL CAULDRON. (SPOILER) As you know, the Forgotten Souls coop expansion has a cauldron in one of its climactic rooms, but only uses a generic cardboard token for it. Also, the campaign has a "tied sack" you can use as one of the sacks in another room. The KS has several zombies and skeletons you can choose for the Revenant. I guess you could paint up the Dwarf zombie as the dwarf npc cleric? Anyway, it's just 1.6K from the SKULL CAULDRON unlock. $40 gets you fifteen undead and the unlocked SG's, plus free USA shipping. At $80, you get thirty undead, and *triple* SG's, plus worldwide shipping. Miniatures are metal and unpainted. When all mini's are unlocked, each mini at the $80 level is under a *buck*. This is JL's fourth KS, and he's delivered within weeks since he typically casts during the campaign. Only seven days left! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/967512676/dungeon-monsters-28mm-miniatures-undead-zombies-an/description
  8. I don't bother with sleeves, since they're so little shuffling. I played AH so much, though, that the board needed reinforcing!
  9. Do you have Arkham Horror? I think AH is less "board dependent" so you could remove the board and play a *similar* experience. To move from area to area, you'd make a Speed check. Fail means you encounter a monster, one success lets you move to any location within your current neighborhood or from one neighborhood to another, etc.
  10. More complicated than it should be but... New players: Randomly draw from a pool of investigators who don't start with spells. Veterans: Randomly draw from whatever's left. Discard and draw again if you've played the investigator before. Injury or Insanity: Pick an investigator who will help us win!
  11. The Reaper Bones III KS will be ending in a few days, and they've revealed: * $15: Shub-Niggurath "miniature" * $50 Mythos expansion set The Mythos expansion set inlcludes 14 miniatures usable as proxies for EH and AH investigators, as well as two obelisks, which can be used as the First Player marker and Doom marker. The altar could be used as the Mystery token. The set also includes several Mythos creatures. Also see the $50 Skullstone expansion for the brain in the jar miniature, $8 Chill Out for a few yetis, and $6 Savage Worlds for possible investigators! KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-3-the-search-for-mr-bones/description Mythos: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-3-the-search-for-mr-bones/posts/1300912 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-3-the-search-for-mr-bones/posts/1299916 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-3-the-search-for-mr-bones/posts/1298599
  12. I'm fine with my day job -- less stress! RAFM Cthulhu KS ends in under an hour! Nine more pledges and every pledge gets two gates and six standing stones free! Gate made with MoM base and RAFM mini, available in the KS:
  13. The Eldritch Horror expansion set Epic Monster is Mother Hydra, also available in the RAFM KS. You can proxy Father Dagon for her instead.
  14. RAFM Cthulhu Minatures revealed its last-hours stretch goals, and they're of the Epic Eldritch Horror monsters: Wind Walker: Already added to New Stuff and Module Collector pledges. Shub-Niggurath: 39K unlock. Added to Expansion Set #4. Cthulhu: 45K unlock. RAFM's current catalog also has Cthulhu in metal available for $50 CAD. You can get him with the 25% off sale, or through the RAFM Cthuhlu Miniatures "Insanity Add-On" pledge ($25 CAD pledge gets $50 CAD from the current catalog). You can then add a Module or New Stuff pledge and shipping ($15 CAD) on top of this. The Module pledge has 49 miniatures for $115 CAD plus $130 CAD shipping. This works out to $2.40 per miniature, including the seven large ones! Good luck, Joe!
  15. Thanks for organizing the first set of dice. After reading what Tom's going through, it must have been a lot of work! Here's a gate holder I came up with from a 25mm x 50mm slotted base for cavalry. It could use more decoration, but you get the idea how it works. More details in this BGG thread: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/14814120
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