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  1. I know for sure the PVMall AC refuses to hold any tournies, so no luck there. My friends and I hit up Gamer's Inn yesterday for the first time. We don't live anywhere near there, but we could probably do Sunday tournies every week or every other week.
  2. What about Villains as friends?
  3. Which Atomic Comics did you talk to? Because pretty much ANY AC is closer than Gamer's Inn for me.
  4. WayToTheDawn said: Oh, I remember you...and all the trouble you caused. I pray the same thing won't happen here. Quoted for truth.
  5. Hey guys. I'm a long time supporter of the game and I have about 3-5 friends who play as well. However, we've all stopped because there are no tournies around us. (We live in North Scottsdale). So if you guys ran Sunday or Saturday evening tournies, I'm sure we could get a handful of people down there every so often.
  6. Hola hombres. I'm alive. Just finished finals and such. Nothing much to talk about. Have any of you guys ever ridden a Ripstick? Talk about exhilarating.
  7. After beating this game, I can officially say that this is not a good game. (sorry fanboys) The fact that some bosses can unleash devastating combos with 1 card is a gamebreaking mechanic. And Vexen can guard without using a card. (Card Breaker, I don't think you understood my last post. Because you indeed CAN NOT break through Vexen's shield because he doesn't use a card to block, giving you nothing to break). And of course, the story is awful. 90% of it is filler with only small bits and pieces concerning the Org. It wasn't disappointing, but I'm glad that I didn't pay for this game. This isn't to piss anyone off, this is just my opinion (and some facts). Ah, I'm still waiting for the portable ones to come out.
  8. Was anyone else annoyed with Vexen? The fact that he can guard without the use of a card/sleight is a rather game breaking mechanic.
  9. Haha, hey kid, don't be mad because everyone keeps pwning you on here. It's your fault so get over it and turn up the difficulty and drop the sleights. P.S., if you talk to me, you're not ignoring me. Nice try. Great comeback too, absolutely stellar.
  10. Atlantica is the most tolerable in this game. 1) Because you're not swimming around like a retarded fish and 2) you don't have to do mind-numbing song and dance routines. It's just walking and fighting. But it still gets old VERY quickly.
  11. Darkwing Duck said: this game was completely pointless and towards the end it got way to easy. really what was the point so you can hear the cutscenes in english? i couldnt sit there watching a cutscene without laughing because there lips moved as if they were speaking japanese . it was like watching a bad godzilla movie. now dont get me wrong it was fun for the first couple of floors but once you learn blitz the game is to much of an easy snooze. lol stop playing on easy, little girl.
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