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  1. Relatively new to X-Wing, today we played a 100pt game with the Imperial elites led by Vader taking on a squad of Y-wings. In a battle of three clashes, the outcome was hard-won. http://luddite1811.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/x-wing-vaders-wrath.html
  2. OK so a few sessions into my RT campaign i'm finding a bit of a problem which i hope you experienced GMs can give me some wisdom on. The problem: So here's the scenario: The PCs lead a landing party - Captain (Rogue Trader), Arch militant, and Tech Priest. They bring with them a team of 30 soldiers, 20 "scientists", and 10 work-Servitors, and set up a camp on the planet ready to explore. While out on a patrol, the Arch militant, together with 10 soldiers, encounters an ambush by 12 feral orks. So the problem is, how do you run this sort of mixed combat where you have PCs and "mooks" (or redshirts, or whatever term you like). If the PC isn't present i simply roll the Soldiers' 30% skill to make a judgement call on wether they fight off the orks, or get butchered (making the decision based on DoS/DoF). But when the PC is there...it gets complicated. Have i missed some rules for this somewhere? How have you handled these situations?
  3. I've just kicked off an RT campaign with my regular group and the "freedom" thing is certainly an issue, and one i had to deal with many moons ago when running WEG d6 Star Wars. They way i've dealt with it here, is to put the PCs into debt with a more power RT "Admiral". They therefore begin the campaign in the admiral's fleet, taking instructions while they work off the debt. This means i can exert some control over what they do, but they still have freedom in how they do it. As the campaign develops and they pay off their debt, we'll all be a lot more experienced with the game, and the PCs will haves loads of "loose ends" to follow that i'll already have mapped out. Unless they go completely off base once their debt is paid it should work out!
  4. Hi all, We're about to kick off our first RT game, and the players have pretty much completed the build on their first ship. For interest, they've been given the brief that they're part of a larger fleet and will be taking a scout-ship role, so they chose (so far): Iconoclast Frigate Plasma drive Jovian class 8.1 Warp engine Strelov 1 Life sustainer Clemency Crew quarters Pressed Bridge Combat Auger array W-240 Passive Gellar field Warpsbane hull Void shields Single 2x Jovian missiles (Still a few points to spend) So my questions relate to ships. In your view: 1. Unless you add the component, do starships have cargo space (if so how much)? 2. What about landing craft (Aquila or Arvus for example)? Yes? How many? 3. Can a starship enter a planet's atmosphere or even land on a planet's surface? Cheers Ludd
  5. Hi all, So I’m still pretty new to X-Wing and I’m still learning. I’m playing both Rebels and Imperials to try to figure out how the various ships work etc. One thing I’ve struggled with is formation flying, but I think I’ve finally cracked it, and last night my TIE swarm worked like a dream. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no pictures I’m afraid (boo!), but I’ll run through what happened. Imperials (me) Howlrunner + swarm tactics 4x Obsidian TIEs Omicron Lambda shuttle + heavy laser cannon Rebels (my opponent) Millennium Falcon (Han) + Chewie, push the limit, and...something else but I forget what. 2x Red X-Wings My opponent and I played previously, and I took a Firespray build, playing it poorly. http://luddite1811.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/x-wing-trellix-takes-on-fat-han.html I think that game gave my opponent over-confidence in the Falcon, and I intended to get the swarm right this battle. Set up (I’ll use the cardinal points to orient the action – I set up on the south edge and the Rebels on the north edge) We opted for no asteroids. I set up the shuttle in the east corner. My swarm set up in formation in the centre, ready to go in either direction. The Rebels set up in formation just east of centre. My plan was from the outset to separate the shuttle and TIEs to make my opponent split his force or go for one of my divisions, and risk being flanked by the other... Turn 1 My swarm made a fast 3-bank west, out into the centre west area of the battle space. My shuttle crept forwards, trying to keep the HLC arc on target. The Rebels split their force! The Falcon turned west to head out towards my swarm, confident of destroying it. The X-Wings charged east, looking to skip out of the shuttle’s arc. We exchanged fire here, and knocked shields off of each other. Turn 2 My TIE swarm cut back in, with a tight turn towards the advancing Falcon. We exchanged fore, and my jinking meant the Falcon missed. My swarm was all on target, stripped all the Flacon’s shields off and caused a Hit. Chewie saved it and restored a shield. The shuttle, not wanting to dogfight with the X-Wings powered up and charged over to help the TIE swarm with the Flacon. The X-Wings banked in and were out the fight for turn 2. Turn 3 The TIE swarm closed in for the kill and I got 4 of the 5 TIEs on target at range 1. Han opened fire at point blank range, but even with rerolls, the TIE he targeted still only took 1 Hit! Gotta love jink actions! 12 dice from the swarm with 4 Howlrunner rerolls took out the Falcon in a single turn!! I didn’t even need the shuttle’s HLC. The X-Wings turned in on the shuttle and took it down to 1 remaining Hit. Turn 4 The TIE swarm k-turned to get back in on the X-Wings. The X-wings destroyed the shuttle. Turn 5 The TIE swarm and the X-wings met head on, and in a turn of shooting, both X-wings were destroyed. Conclusion A brutal game that left my opponent shell-shocked! This is the first time I’ve really got my act together on the swarm manoeuvring. Getting all the TIEs to fly in formation, and stay on target without bumping into each other has been something I struggled with. It worked perfectly last night and the TIE swarm tactic seems highly effective. I expect the Rebels will come up with something to counter it!
  6. I've only been playing Xwing for about 6 weeks now (a very recent convert), and so i don't have much experience of the game. But i do have a great deal of miniature wargames experience (if that has any bearing). So, i don't have any experience of the dull swarm stage, or much in depth understanding of the issues fuelling the 'fat turret' objections. I will weigh in with an observation though, based on the two games i had last week. Game1 I took a B-wing, A-wing, 2 X-wings vs a Decimator (with fat turret build), TIE bomber and TIE interceptor I won, taking the Decimator out fairly easy Game 2 I took Firespray (Krassis Trellix), 3 TIEs vs a classic Fat Han build and 2 X-wings I lost, but only after all the small ships were destroyed and the Firespray and Falcon battered each other down to 1 Hit each remaining. OK, so, my observation in both games is that the skill of the player and his tactical maneuvering choices was the winning factor in both games, not the presence of a PWT.
  7. OK, so i ran this list: Howlrunner + swarm tactics Backstabber Obsidian pilot Obsidian pilot Obsidian pilot Turr Phennir Against a Rebel force: Luke in Xwing with R2D2 Ywing with ion turret Rookie Xwing Awing (not sure which character) I won, but every one of my ships had taken 2 hits each! Observations: I seriously need to figure out how to fly in formation without crashing each turn Howlrunner + swarm is an excellent combo Backstabber never really got into a position to use his ability Turr is beautifully mobile, able to get out of trouble almost every turn PS3 ships as a basic are excellent vs PS2 rebel rookies. Ion turrets are annoying but not a game winner Luke with R2 is like a flying tank. That regenerates... It was a good tense game though and it was only my TIE mobility that kept all the ships in the game. I'll rethink the build for the next game - keep what worked and tweak out what didn't.
  8. My observations from my group's games so far is that once you're into the 'mid game mix up', there are almost always ships put of arc etc., and therefore Backstabber seems a better choice. I'll see how it goes though. As we're running a 'narrative campaign', its also likely there will be build restrictions on some lists so that will be fun. e.g. 'in this scenario, the Rebels are raiding an Imperial supply line so the Imperial player must take at least one freighter', etc.
  9. Excellent advice everyone, thanks so much! I think i'll switch out the Squad leader thing (its seemed thematic but i also want to fight a good game!) 'bump the other 3 Academies up to Obsidians. Since Howlrunner is Obsidian Leader and all, it would make for a nice themed unit.' I like that idea! I'll have a bit of a reshuffle. EDIT: OK,this may change as i have the Imperial Aces and Lambda Shuttle on order, but here's the revamped list. Howlrunner + swarm tactics Backstabber Obsidian pilot Obsidian pilot Obsidian pilot Turr Phennir The same basic plan remains - 5 TIEs in an attack wing, with the Interceptor roaming where needed.
  10. Hi all, I've only played a few games so far, so i'm still learning. I've come to the point where i'm building an Imperial force for our club tournament (it will actually be more of a narrative campaign - linking a series of competative games). So, i'm thinking that i'll build essentially a TIE wing, with an Interceptor as a bit of a wild card. Here's my planned build: Howlrunner + Squad leader Dark Curse Academy pilot Academy pilot Academy pilot Turr Phennir + Marksmanship This gives me 5 TIEs that will fly as a pack, enhanced by Howlrunners fire boosting and extra action. The wild card is Turr Phennir which i intend to use as a fast moving, roaming striker. I've yet to play this list, but are there any immeidate weaknesses or issues i will need to be aware of with this list. I'll be fighting Rebel forces (no idea what builds yet, but likely fairly basic) Cheers Ludd
  11. I thought about making one, and then i just bought one. Looks good though. http://luddite1811.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/x-wing.html
  12. I've been playing a fair bit of FFG's excellent X-Wing game lately and so tonight, we decided to do a 100pt game. http://luddite1811.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/x-wing.html
  13. Ramihrdus Channard ('The Doctor') - Magos Biologis Idolitrex Ramihrdus is basically a living machine (Machine trait) dedicated to finding the secret of immortaility. He is willing to sacrifice anything, to corrupt any machine, and experiment on any genetic code to achieve this. Weapons of choice (in order of preference): 1. Psychic scream (he's not yet very good at this, and loves experiment with the new abilities and effects) 2. Fallen Magos axe 3. Blade tines (toxic, used for torture and random stealth killings in crowds) 4. Liminen shock (used for torture mainly) 5. Plasma pistol 6. Mechadendrite blade (used mainly for defence) 7. Las carbine (never used) His main 'weapon' though are methods of mass killing. His base tech use is 87, so he'll take control of air processors and shut off the air, or pipe in toxins to kill people in large numbers. He'll shut down machines, or cause plasma generators to explode. 'Why waste time killing one when you can kill them all...' Our group has a void ship and his quarters are flooded with chlorine gas rather than oxygen (he doesn't need to breathe so is immune). He also has various defensive measures: Refractor field Machine trait Dimensional instability (become incorporeal) So he can usually get out of most harmful situations.
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