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  1. Alright. I should have been able to remember the second one since I actually have terminator models from way back when... would have never gotten the third though. Thanks!
  2. Let me begin by saying that I haven't done anything Warhammer 40k related in a little over a decade. That being said, two of the three armor addition symbols on the character sheet are lost on me. Obviously the top one is the jump pack as it is also pictured in the book. But the two following symbols are a mystery. Can someone a bit more knowledgeable shed some light on this mystery?
  3. I also offer my thanks. I personally recolored all the text to black from your base image to make it a hair easier to read when it is rendered slightly smaller. Wonderful work!
  4. I actually fell in love with the game the first day I saw it. It's beautifully done and deep without being oppressively rigid as is common when a game acquires so much material that it hampers an individual game masters creativity. Reading this thread has caused me to consider recommending the following: as there are several of us concerned with expanding the material available to English audiences have we considered as a community collaborating on the matter? Games such a burning wheel thrive on community expansion and contribution and perhaps the same could go a ways for Anima as well.
  5. It's just my opinion, but In the case of Infiltrate I would rule that multiple simultaneously triggered affects on a card take affect in the order they are written on the card, in this case Infiltrate has no affect until after the quest is begun and said Questing Unit has spent a full turn on the quest a la no quests should reward the adventurer for taking only the first step.
  6. I bought Anima as soon as I saw it in my local store and I fell in love. It's a beautiful book in my opinion. I have to agree that is it a fresher rules light system that offers something for everyone. I fell in love with the game and it took me three days to read the phole book cover to cover (my fastest read by far). I,m very excited about potential future products from this line and this game is fast moving up my top 5 list.
  7. I too recently purchased Anima and am looking to run a demo at my local game shop. I think this game goes a long way to providing something for everyone without losing the need for a single unifying system. I like that there is only 2 dice. Character generation was a blast and came quickly once I got used to it. Assembling pre-generated characters helps a great deal in familiarizing yourself with the new system. The game could benefit from an index and a game masters screen. Hopefully something of that nature will be coming in the future.
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