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  1. Sadly, real life had to bump me someplace else. My buddy and I will be there next Thursday with our decks...Hope to meet ya all then.
  2. I will show up with my Chaos deck at Great Escape tomorrow at around 6:30..
  3. Did ya get my E-mail? Talk to ya soon hopefully.
  4. Yeah, Davis is very close...I live in South Sac and Davis is only twenty minutes away...
  5. Any players in the Sactown area?? My friend and I play once or twice a week and are looking for new opponents. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, the rules are pretty clear on this one. I don't see why they need to be amended...It certainly does not make Chaos weak...sheesh.
  7. OKAY...got it. So the Vile Sorceress -would- bust through Toughness, right, since the -1 HP is not technically damage? Thanks for clearing up the first point btw
  8. I am still confused about this question. Pg. 7 of the rulebook under Hitpoints "The amount of damage a unit can take. If a unit has as many damage tokens as it has hit points, that unit is destroyed and placed in it's owner's discard pile." The way I read this is even if a unit is at say zero or negative one hit points from card effects, the unit is not destroyed until it receives a damage token, right?
  9. True, true...But Trent Dixon also has the added complication of having to be the only character at a story for his ability to kick in. I certainly see the rational of comparing the two cards...but in the end they are two separate cards, and may have two different applications, ya know? I do think this is a valid question that needs to be clarified, because The Captain is used extensively in our play group.
  10. Anyone in SacTown wanting to get together and play?
  11. The rules for Y'Golonac are quite clear. "Pay 1 to choose and ready a character. That character MUST commit to the same story a Y'Golonac, if able." So yeah, IF the character Y'Golnac readies belongs to the player to your left (per the multi-player rules) an intercept happens, regardless of whether it is wanted or not... Y'Golonac trumps free will...that's how he rolls The "MUST commit" in Y'Golnac's text is the important thing.. So your friend is right, hope that helps.
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