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  1. So FFG did have the license; I bet they spent a great deal of time chuckling at our expense and saying, "hm, they seem to like they idea of us doing SW boardgames."

    So, I have to say the idea of FFG doing boardgames of the major conflicts and such would be awesome, or seeing SW frame ups of games like Runequest, Arkham Horror, Twilight Imperium, WoW Adventure game, ect.

    I really hope that the RPG neither suffers from the mechanical complexity of the WH40K games or the fiddly bits of the Warhammer FRPG 3rd ed. boxed set. I would like to see something like a cross between Star Wars Saga Edition and the West End Games D6 game.

  2. I've noticed that if the player writes down all the rules that pertain to his character on the back of thier character sheet, it quickly becomes second nature. Haveing the player of the Psychic in the group I run write down the rules for his powers, and the combat modifiers, speeds things along nicely. If you have an archer, they should write down the ranged combat modifiers on their sheet. This minimizes time spent thumbing through the book, a feat made more difficult by the book not haveing an index. It also eases the burden on the GM, so he has to keep track of fewer rules in his/her precious noggin, making more room in their brain meats for plot.

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