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  1. only game i remember right now would be: gambler, virus, dictator - gambler wins solo
  2. thanks for the input ! i guess we will have to wait for some official faq....
  3. i almost played this game in essen last year... almost couldn't find the time... i am very interested in this one!
  4. so now there are two different opinions how do the other people in here handle the flare?
  5. what about the 'wild' destiny card ? it says any other player on the card, but the explanation in the rules on page 7 states : 'if the drawn card is a wild, the offense may have an encounter with any player of his or her choice.for this encounter, the chosen player is the defense. the encounter must take place in the chosen player's home system' sounds like you could use a wild destiny card to target a planet in your own system... maybe... the word other is missing!?! is that a oversight in the rules? i assume the text printed on the card takes precedence but i am not sure. edit: reading the text of the rules again, it seems pretty clear that you can not use the 'wild' destiny card to reclaim planets of your own system. you can not be the offense and defense at the same time... and if you pick someone else as the defense the encounter will take place in their system...
  6. i have a question regarding the mind flare. i know there was a typo regarding the player (it should be any player instead of main player only) and the phase (again should ba 'any phase' instead of alliance). i was wondering about the effect of the wild flare though. for reference: "whenever another player draws a card from the deck, you may draw it instead, look at it, and then give it to him or her." lets suppose someone wants to draw a card and i reveal this flare in response. now i get to look at his card and then he gets to put it in his hand. what if he draws a secound card ? do i still get to look at it (i assume yes)? what if another player draws a card in the same phase? it says 'another player' on the flare... do i pick a player or could i look at any players draws? what if the player (or any player for that matter) draws a card in a later phase? does the effect of the flare last the entire encounter? something else that i came across : when the looser is involved as a main player in an encounter and declares an upset, is any compensation drawn if one of the players played a negotiate card (i assume no, as the person who played the N card did not loose any ships...)? for the record: big thumbs up for the speed update of the forums!!
  7. i have developed the habit of throwing out each and every insert whenever i open a new game. custom storage solutions are not only practical, they are FUN
  8. the special destinies say *other than you* so that answers itself but the wild also says any OTHER player so i am not sure on that (the explanation in the rulebook says any player without the word other...) 5) the gambler says *do not use with sorcerer* how is this implemented? do you remove one of the flares if you want toi play with the other (at the start when determinating the alien powers of the players)? 6) can you ally with either offence or defense if you are a bystander (someone who allready has a colony on the contested planet)? the rules give no info on this. minor nitpick: just noticed a spelling error on the reserve alien flavor text *bcame* thak you for the quick reply !!! i will be back for more ...
  9. first: great game! we have a blast and i would like to congratulate you on an awesomw product!!! we did run into several rules issues though and i would like to start a thread regarding them. (i have not not played any previous editions and english is not my first language, sorry if the answers are obvious to you guys...) 1) is there a maximum number of cards you can have in your hand (i assume no)? what happens when a player has to draw a card but can not? we just played a game with the kaikaze and he had close to 40 cards in his hand (he had some moebius tubes) and we almost ran out of encounter cards! are we doing something wrong? 2) what if the *hate* has 1 or 0 cards in hand at the start of his turn? discard first and then draw 8 or the other way around? 3) what if the looser declares an upset and one player has to play a negotiate? are compansations payed? who will get them? 4) can i use a special or wild card to attack players in my own system? what if i draw a special and i am the player in questiuon? can i discard the card and draw again as with a normal card of my own color? there are more questions but we want to get back to playing... i will come back to post the rest in a bit. than you for the help!
  10. i thought the sole purpose of the genesis planet was to ensure that you have access to your power even if you did loose 3 planets why would you want to build one otherwise anyway?
  11. GamerAtom said: well, when I pre-ordered it from my online store, I was charged $49.95 CAD..but today, the store says it's $71.95 CAD. So, i really don't know. i would like to get it soon though so I hope it's back from the printers and shipping soon. you got a good deal then
  12. moekel

    Solo rules?

    as always head to boardgamegeek for rules/variants of any kind...
  13. not sure this would qualify as serious feedback but your system sure sounds interesting ! would love to try this out some time...
  14. sounds interesting! i have to get a testgame going sometime....
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