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  1. No, the battle ends in a stalemate because neither player has units at the planet at the beginning of a combat turn. See p27. of the rules reference guide. If this is the first planet then it will be discarded, and battle abilities will not be triggered.
  2. So can Ambush platform Deploy Shadowsun's Stealth Cadre? Because that one has never been clear to me.
  3. If you read the rules on deck construction, on page 15 of the learn to play guide, that should answer your questions.
  4. However you can still use the Ork Kannon to deal damage to Zogworts Runtherders to generate Snotlings.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/tacsquad/status/584880046063669248
  6. Can you use cards/abilities to ready cards that are already ready, or exhaust cards that are already exhausted?
  7. It says "randomly determine which player gets initiative". One player passing initiative is not random, in casual play it would be fine, in tournament play it would be calculated. The random part means to me that whichever player is chosen gets the initiative whether they want it or not. Personally I feel either a coin flip or an odds/evens dice roll are the best methods to determine the random player.
  8. Not without contradicting their own rulebook . This is likely an extremely common mistake so don't be surprised if most people you play against believe the way the TO did.
  9. P5. of the Learn to Play Guide: 4) Determine Initiative. Randomly determine which player starts the game with the initiative token, and set it in front of that player. I'm assuming when you say "Winner determines initiative" that you had a dice roll/coin toss etc. and the winner of that then chose the initiative for the first turn of the game? That is a common way to determine first or second in games such as Magic, but in this case disagrees with the LtP Guide. Edit: Xraysteve beat me to it.
  10. @WonderWaaagh How would you say Fire Warrior Elite interacts with The Shining Blade? Interupt: When attached unit declares an attack, declare that attack against an enemy unit at an adjacent planet instead.
  11. @WonderWAAAGH I agree with you the wording on the Fire Warrior is unclear, which makes when it triggers ambiguous. The only other argument I can make for the timing of the interrupt is that it specifies "a unit you control at this planet", which technically wouldn't be determined until the declare defender step, at which point the Fire Warrior has already died because Kugath triggers during the declare attacker step. Would you agree?
  12. I was watching a game on Youtube when the following situation came up There is a Kugath with damage on one side, a fire warrior elite on the other side with 4 damage on, and another Tau unit at the planet. They ruled in the video that Kugath had to attack the fire warrior elite even if he moved damage to it, which I disagree with. Kugath: When this Warlord is declared as an attacker, move 1 damage from this Warlord to another unit at the same planet. Fire Warrior Elite: When an enemy unit would declare an attack against a unit you control at this planet, declare this unit as the defender instead. When does Fire Warrior Elite's ability trigger, and does it even matter? Steps to attacking Declare Attacker Declare Defender Deal Damage Kugath triggers on being declared as an attacker, at which point he could move the damage to the fire warrior elite, killing it. So either Fire Warrior Elite triggers when a different unit is declared as a defender to move the attack (at this point it is dead and so couldn't react), or it declares upon declaring the attacker to force the attack (but since it dies during the declare attacker step it is no longer a legal target of an attack, so Kugath is free to declare a different defender). Am I correct in this?
  13. So can Shadowsun's Stealth Cadre be reduced/deployed by Ambush Platform?
  14. So personally I find the wording on this misleading then. I feel discard should exclusively be hand or deck. If he read sacrifice then that would be clearer, but thankyou for the responses.
  15. Forced Reaction: After the Deploy Phase begins, pay 1R or discard this unit. Am I correct in thinking that this reaction triggers while the card is in your hand, and once it is on the battlefield it has no effect unless it is put back in your hand?
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