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  1. Shnik said:

    I'll go against the trend here, but I wouldn't buy it even for 10$.  I find the luck factor to be way too high.  A Euro game with luck?  Kind of defeats the purpose.


    For me this is not a game of luck as much as a game of risk. And it's a game well worth the full price! For 10$ I would grab as many copies as I would be able to carry! gui%C3%B1o.gif

  2. Mapache said:

     I don't really understand why they bothered with the "basic" rules.  Gold as currency for future auctions is not complicated at all to any audience that's already played games before.  I guess it's there for the completely-new-to-board-gaming crowd, but my group has never bothered playing without the gold auctions even the first time around.


    I very much agree: I see no reason at all not to play the full game. The full game is not significantly more complicated and adds some depth to the game.

  3. I have played the game a few times with my 6 year old. English is not his first language but learning the cards didn't take him long. You can even play the game as a two player game to learn your kid the game and since it is a cooperative game giving suggestions won't be any problem. After one or two games my boy was able to explain the rules to another adult that hadn't tried the game before. I see no good reason not to try it with your kid!

  4. icyewolf said:

    This might be a dumb question. But is the external hatch only Room #5? Or would you count the ones below as well?


    The sub has three exterior hatches! I find the question relevant since sentences in the rules like: "A gnome may only leave the sub if the exterior hatch leading from the sub is first opened." (p. 10) seems to indicate that only one hatch exist. If you read on however, you will no longer have any doubts since the text reads: "Gnomes returning to the sub may enter through any external hatch, not just the one they used to leave." (Ibid.)

  5. bruno faidutti said:

     Yes, one fix removes both timed missile launches. This means that there's no real difference between placing the second one and not placing it.


    That makes perfectly sense since performing the Fix Oxygen Pumps action or the Fix Engine action both reset the associated track and removes the token. Thanks for the clarification!

  6. Two of your Timed Destruction tokens have the "Asphyxiated!" symbol on one side and "Missile Launched!" on the other side. That makes it possible to have two tokens in play at the same time. For me the interesting question is whether I will be able to remove both of them with one Stop Missile Launch action if I have not passed any of the tokens on the Time Track when my attempt is being made.

  7. I have played Red November a few times with 5 players and only once as a two player game. You can play it as a two player game without any mods but it seems to get a lot easier. As a two player game a lot of the tension is lost and it significantly reduces the fun-factor of the game.

  8. I think Red November is a very nice little gem, but I found the rules really hard to fully understand. And that is a shame, since the mechanics of this game are quite simple as soon as you get hold on them. If you find the rulebook as cumbersome as I did, I can recommend a few links that might ease your journey to fully understand the rules.


    At BoardGameGeek Orin Bishop has made a fine little review in which he explains the rules:



    Eric Herman have made a video review in which he almost get the rules right. In the third part of the review he makes a walkthrough of a turn, that shows how simple the game is:


  9. Master of R'lyeh said:

    Is it any fun, the art looks amazing.  If I get it should I grab all the expansion (they are on sale, so why not).  I play call of cthulhu can magic does it share any similar mechanics.  Any info/opinions  one might have please share with me so I can make a decision before the sale is over.  Thanks in advanced.

    The artwork IS amazing, IMHO. I think it is a great game. I do know a couple of people that have played a lot of MtG, that have been a bit disappointed since it is a different game experience. You don't need to get all the expansions, though I do recommend that you grab at least a few to get some variety. If the price is right you should indeed grab them all.

  10. There have been a number of promo cards for Blue Moon: Windgeister, Erdgeister, Wassergeister, Feuergeister, Seemond - Kapazität 1and maybe even more. I have only been so lucky to stumble upon the english promo card Earthspirit in  two of the expansions (The Pillar and Emissaries & Inquisitors: Allies). Will any of the other promo cards be made publicly available? Please!  happy.gif

  11. As a rule of thumb I like to be able to read the rules for a game before deciding to purchase. As a boardgame addict I don't need any more games I don't wan't to play after the first try. This title seems really promising so why hesitate to publish the rules if the game is already in the printer?

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