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  1. Congrats Ser Duck. Was great dueling you back in the day.
  2. Kennon said: Braz! Good to see you! Well met ser. Let all know the correlation between my peeking in and Bruno's return to the throne. That is all.
  3. One pokes his head into the bit stream and sees there's some sort of tourney going on. Good luck in the second half.
  4. Stag Lord said: THat last was an awesome post, Chris. You are missed. And whatever did happen to the squirrel? Never met him - but heard the story somewhere. How are the triplets, BTW? Coming from you good ser, it is high praise. I am honored that a scholar like you recognizes the reference. The squirrel to whom I refer is a she: Feast For Hos, the scourge of the high seas of Indiana. The nickname refers to the pose I observed her in while in a state of thoughtful repose at Origins many moons ago. I have been in a state of ludite-esk retreat for a couple of years while attending to new brazspawn. I have been woefully inattentive to my friends as a result and cannot give a good report on the well-being of our beloved triplets. My recent lurking has been a poor attempt to connect again.
  5. Maester_LUke said: The Red Woman said: thebraz said: And like that he's gone… That's what he said the last time…. Miss you, Brazasaurus! Doesn't he deserve a "Rex?" Even if it's only for tequila-swilling squirrels? I always thought of myself more as a Brazasaurus at Colonus. Where is that squirrel these days?
  6. Congrats Sir Duck. I remember your prowess from my CPA days. God Speed.
  7. They just didn't know you were a ringer with a bit of rust. Now if I'd entered … there'd be more wins for others. Back to the Wall for me.
  8. Past tense. And posting just "past tense" is too short.
  9. Me too. ~I had this fashion shoot down in Brazil and had to shave it.
  10. All the best to the recent winners and other claimants of the throne who have yet to test their skills in the tournament crucible. Peace, Braz
  11. Your report really makes me wish I could have swung the trip this year. We'll see on next.
  12. FATMOUSE said: 8. Jonathan Benton (longclaw) 9. Kevin McCoy (kpmccoy21) Heard from my friend Mr. McCoy he fell in a great match to Senor Benton. Congrats to Kev for the top 16 and best of luck to longclaw in top 8.
  13. finitesquarewell said: :-O ! and we couldn't get you to come down to DC for ours?? :-P Simple calculus: weekend when I have my daughter & 2hr+ trip vs. weekend without and 1.3hr trip.
  14. In other news thebraz showed up to the DE regional and took 4th after getting punked by Jerry's Martel deck twice.
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