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  1. Nope, I never check in. Sad to say, my life's finally caught up with meh
  2. Card_Breaker said: ...That just leaves me with the need for Arceus and Celebi. THERE'S A CELEBI?!?!?! Btw, other then the GameStop Arceus promotion that happened some time ago, has there been any other way to get Arceus in North America? For instance, has the Azure Flute been officially released yet?
  3. Ask all the top playes you see 'What is your favorite Unhinged/Unglued card, and why?" Their answers may let you differenciate between the players that are having fun, and the "real" players This is the extent of my M:tG knowledge lol Good luck with it! have some fun! Get some TCG groupies!
  4. I AM GOING TO DIE i want this game...SOOO badly. oh, and the poke-walker was the most genius social networking invention since the internet. I've already made 5 new associations by seeing people walking around with em. i almost want to say I want it as much as the game itself
  5. ^ sounnds like Gatorade, but thicker < watchin Danny Phantom v toast, when done correctly, can fix your entire day!
  6. SHHHHH quiet you BABOONS. I'm building my freakin atom smasher in the corner over here...can't quite do that with all this BACKGROUND NoISE
  7. ^ Sacrifice? Again? Already! dammit...umm... < *runs to get something* v Will this old Pokemon: The 1st Movie VHS suffice?
  8. ^ i AM present. that better be good enough < it feels kinda good when I dislocate my shoulder, then relocate it v Up, up, down down, left, right, left, right, B, A, START
  9. WayToTheDawn said: If we can't vote for our own stuff, then Devilmonkey's Pride Lands cards are pretty cool. I made Pride Lands cards? I remember an old Mufasa... Mine right now are: Sora (Anti-Form) Player/Dark/FC Level 1, 8 ATK, 0 Magic Whenever an opponent attempts to play a Form Change Card you may place this card with two counters on top of their player card instead. Discard all equipment attached to this card. This card cannot play Equipment Cards, Attack Cards, Magic Cards, or Magic/Friend Cards. At the end of your opponent's discard phase remove a counter from this card and when there are no more counters remove "Sora (Anti-Form)" from play. ~WayToTheDawn Kerchak lvl4 [Deep Jungle] Friend +8/0 [Limit 2] If this card was used in a challenge and you win, your opponent skips their Action phase - That's it atm. near 20 pages of cards gets...tiresome lol
  10. Xigbar - 11 Lexaeus - 20 +1 Larxene -14 -1 Roxas -14 Xion - 10 Stop....HAMMERTIME
  11. #1.1 Taco's from Taco Bell are NOT actually taco's, merely a cheap American imitation. And Taco's from JitB...don't get me wrong, they're delicious (even more so if grease is a staple of your diet) but the man who looked up them and named them "taco's" was obviously blind. #1.b REAL taco's must be obtained from what we in Cali call "Taco Trucks". They may not look it, but the best taco's in the world can be obtained from them #7 You should get the Heartless symbol tatooed on your left chest. In my current "dead' state, thats the best I got #485 Today, I went to one of my favorite card shops. You know what I found? Chuck Norris had visited it. How did I know? They marked out the spots inside the store where his feet had first touched the floor. These being the only spots still left in-tact, of course.
  12. ^ mmmmehbeh peanut-butter and bananna with honey is wierder < should be typing up my Bio project, which is due on Tuesday v wakawakawakawakawakawakawakawaka
  14. Just from the hand. This is of course assuming we use FFG logic However, this gives me an idea...
  15. Yes, they would be blocked. I remember the time when getting a Wizard out meant it was IMPOSSIBLE to gain HP other than playing worlds
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