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  1. Caliban

    Nekrovirus Ground Forces

    Thank you!
  2. Caliban

    Nekrovirus Ground Forces

    Hey, Can anyone provide a link to the designer’s ruling on Nekrovirus ground forces not counting towards fleet supply when used as ships? This caused a disagreement in our last game.
  3. Caliban


    Right on. I can't try mine out until 1/20.
  4. Caliban


    I modified an old D&D initiative tracker I don't use any more (We use an index card system). I found the image on Google, printed it, and glued it on. Then I used a label maker for the headings. The little plates are all magnetic, so I can write in player names and move things around as needed. To get it to stand, I affixed 8 or 9 plastic stands I had that I use for cardboard miniatures. I think I can probably make more use of the field with the phases, but nothing has occurred to me yet.
  5. Caliban

    Advice for new players?

    Whatever else is happening, pay attention to your Command Counters.
  6. Caliban

    who is winner?

    You can obtain victory points during the Action Phase in certain circumstances. Don’t the rules say victory is declared as soon as 10 is reached? I’ll check after I post this. In the original example, I think it would be a matter of who could get the best initiative during the Strategy Phase. So, whoever was first to select a strategy card would win, or if the Winnu were involved, they would win automatically. Edit: I checked. Per the deluxe rule book, page 20, the game ends immediately when one player reaches 10 vp. Ties go to initiative order, which means the tied player first in the initiative order (which is still in effect during the Assembly Phase) is the winner.
  7. Caliban


    I made this in an attempt to help organize play:
  8. Caliban


    Thanks! One of the groups I play with definitely falls into the “old school” category. I still have all my TI3 stuff, so yeah, adding artifacts back in might be a good idea. We’ll be playing again this month, but with the newer players. I plan to try out some of the suggestions.
  9. Caliban


    Hmmm. I like the idea of an initiative counter. I was also thinking it may be a good idea to disallow secret meetings. We do have fun, which is why we keep playing. Not finishing the games and getting a clear winner after so many hours is the only really frustrating part.
  10. Caliban


    Hello, I just wanted to share/receive some thoughts about negotiations that occur during a game. I’ve played about 25 games so far, two of which have been 4e. My groups seem to be on the extreme end of play time, with most of our games ending before final victory after 16 hours due to exhaustion. There have been some exceptions, but not many. My first game playing 4e was with an experienced group and we finished the game in 10 hours. Still long, but doable and within our expectations for Twilight Imperium. However, the second game was with a less experienced group, but everyone had played 3e at least a few times. Once again, we stopped with the winner at 7 vp after 14 hours because children were about to wake up. My hopes for a smoother experience with 4e were dashed. To finally get to the point, I reflected on the delays. Some of it is that we like to drink, smoke and eat during a 10+ hour game. Part of the delay is we like to talk and visit as we don’t get to see each other too often. But by far, the biggest delays seem to come from negotiations. Players sneaking off to make deals, a half hour of cajoling and threats just so someone can take their turn, experienced players trying to convince newer players they’re making a bad move (sometimes true, sometimes just a move that affects the arguing player), exhortations about someone being in the lead and who should be attacked instead, etc. Though encouraged by the rules and often a fun part of the game, this seems to stretch game time to unmanageable lengths. Do others experience this? Is it other things that stretch out game time? How do others handle player interaction, interrupting turns, etc.? Thanks!
  11. Caliban

    Game mat

    According to the CoolStuffInc website, January, 2018.