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  1. Just so you know, the forum is back online. http://www.darkreign.org/forum The main site is still down, but I was informed that the content will be put up--and properly credited to the respective authors--as soon as it is possible for a limited number of hands to do it. Also, I came off a little bit terse in that initial reply, so apologies, CountZero.
  2. I posted a response to this question on RPG.net earlier tonight. The link was: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?675399-What-happened-to-Darkreign40k The last time that I posted here the forum software was somewhat… wonky. As such I hope that the link works just fine for those that are interested. It might be a slightly more, well, realiable source of infromation. @Angel of Death I can't get in anymore, anyone know what up It is my understanding that the forums are going to be the first thing to come back, thus returning the "actual play" functionality. After that they're going to explore the content that was available on the so-called "main site." The goal is, I understand, to make it all available but they're also dealing with the transition from two different CMS options (Joomla and Drupal). @Count Zero While I understand there were indeed some legal shenanigans, at least on the same order as the recent commentaries with regards to GW IP copyright ("Space Marines?") , to suggest that the material was "stolen whole cloth" is at the very least misinformed. Derivative, for sure, but it's pretty hard to claim plagiarism when material (and discussion) shows up before the "official" materials. As to "published materials" one finds oneself into the territory as to the originality of the setting material itself. YMOV
  3. I'm still drooling about the potential of Notion Ink's Adam. If only I were a sales rep! Kage
  4. Doombot said: I love the "I am wolf man rawr" part of the saga. Amen. Kage
  5. Wait, wait... Let me bask in the glory of affirmation. iPad sucks? Yeah! Is anyone having this trouble on an Android device? Kage
  6. Hellebore said: Yes, the current 'devestator to assault to tactical' progression was an invention of Matt Ward's and completely flies in the face of 20 years of established marine background. ... Finally, space marines don't generally spend very long as scouts. If they're recruited around 12 they're generally going to have ~8 years as a scout as the Black Carapace is granted to them around 18 years of age: web.archive.org/web/20080410234936/uk.games-workshop.com/spacemarines/initiation/4/ It's possible that they run around with the black carapace in their bodies as well as all their geneseed and progenoids for decades after this, but doubtful. There are easy solutions to both of these. You're kind of SoL if you're one of those people that think that any divergence from the most recent 'fluff' is punishable by death or, perhaps, by being publically ostracised. On the other hand, the Marine is in the Deathwatch and thus has the experience already to have determined that they're going to specialise into one of the tactical types. For Normal Marines, just dump the separation until Rank 4 where you allow the Marine the choice to specialise and adopt lenses based upon merit (e.g. Chaplain, Apothecary, though obviously not for Techmarines). As to the second point, there is some latitude if you want. That is, the idea of "getting used to" the zygotes, or the idea that the black carapace might take a bit more time than simple implantation to "mature." YMMV, of course, but I'm going to go back to lurking. Merry Crimble. Kage
  7. ItsUncertainWho said: Most of the trained starting skills could be dropped to basic and require purchase. While there are certainly some dodgy skills in there that only arguably model a Marine, why would you do this? Kage
  8. Fenrisnorth said: Also, what books would I need to pick up to get stats for Orks and Eldar? I can only answer this bit, but for the Eldar you might want to check out Creatures Anathema (DH) and Lure of the Expanse (RT). For Orks you might want to check out Into the Storm, in which Nathan Dowdell seemed to do a pretty good job of balancing limited space with a good "How to roleplay" section. Not sure if that's what you're interested in, but there we go. Kage
  9. From what I can tell of what the mechanics are attempting to emulate, you can pretty much use them as is despite the possible "wonkiness" of the 'fluff' about the veteran status of the Marines. Don't give them Deathwatch Training and, depending on your thoughts on the subject, tone down Unarmed Master to Unarmed Warrior and then allow that to be purchased at a later level. You would have to significantly revise the game concepts if you were going to go with the 'fluff' that suggests the Tactical Marine is at the "end of the line" of advancement as a Battle Brother moves up the experience levels, e.g. starts off as Devastator Marine, then goes to Assault and finally Tactical Marine. If you stick with Deathwatch's variant then you're good to go on this as well. Another "veteran" problem would be that Apothecaries wouldn't really exist as a starting option, but would be a "path fork" option later on down the Marines' career. Same with Chaplain. Librarians are going to be a somewhat more thorny issue since I otherwise like KommisarK's suggestion of removing the "special ability" and making them available for purchase later on down the road. As with KommisarK's commentary, a reduction to the attributes would seem to in keeping. Of course, that doesn't sound like you're removing a lot to turn the veteran Marine into one of their lesser brethren so... yeah. Kage
  10. BrotherHostower said: to Kage: A video and Deathwatch? There's far more than that that give Marines a personality, dozens of novels Forgive me, I jumped over a huge amount of argument in what was otherwise a throw-away comment. I was referencing the age-'ole debate of "(controlled) psycopathic killer" vs. the "noble knight" approach, which despite the influx of the newer novels, particularly the Horus Heresy ones, is going to continue to go on. Merrett's video speech was... well, it probably didn't quite achieve what he thought it did. Anyway, that was all. On, and incidentally, it wasn't a reference to an absence of personality though that is a common argument that is made. I will, however, leave such topics for other forums. Kage
  11. Fenrisnorth said: I think people are having trouble getting out of tabletop mindsets, not because it's hard to, but because they don't think they CAN! Not I. I haven't played the tabletop wargame since the late 80s or very early 90s. As to the question of the psychology of Space Marines? A video and Deathwatch are not going to change the minds of some and, to be fair, why should it? Kage
  12. Though you might want to go and read the entries on Techmarines, though. While their loyalties are to the Chapter, their personal loyalty leans more towards the machines. Kage
  13. The Astartes is made first. When they have been raised to full Battle Brother they are sent to the forges of Mars. Kage
  14. Just thought that I would note that there are a number of active games over on Dark Reign for those interested. I believe there are also a number of games active on RPOL. Kage
  15. ak-73 said: Kage2020 said: Heh, as soon as I have a decent version of Space Marines and Techmarines, I might do that. I've just got more of an uphill struggle than most. Kage Ah, that sounds like a cheap cop-out (just teasing). A mini-idea about a situation/setting/challenge isn't so much dependent on that. Alex Actually, on my own behalf I think you're wrong. Getting the appropriate "feel" for a given Marine (or whatever) is a good thing. In this case I'm spending my time trying to figure out how the Adeptus Mechanicus would work. Kind of sad that I'm stuck with the last "class" but there we go. Kage
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