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  1. Thank You very much me and one of my players where saying yes we can use it and the others where unsure thanks for clearing this to us
  2. Hello guys Last night we run into a very big trouble playing Road to Legend, as the overlord i bought Big Trouble card, and the Heroes have the guide, what happen if they choose a trail with only 1 dice to roll and they choose to roll 1 dice (rolling 0 dice effectively) and i decide to use the big trouble card to let them have an automatic encounter? can i use the card if they roll 0 dice or i cannot use it because they roll no dice? let us know thanks
  3. hello guys we have a question for the anti matter, does the allies of the anti matter enemy subtract from anti matter enemy total? thanks in advance
  4. Steve-O said: Yes, he can. The Stun effect forces you to only take one half action instead of a full action and explicitly forbids you from doing anything that requires you to declare one of the four standard actions (except you're allowed to use your half action to place an order if you want.) This is the only restriction, and fortunately for the heroes, spending fatigue to gain MPs does not require the declaration of any particular action. so the hero can declare an attack and then move spending fatigue? (this will mean like a little battle action to me)
  5. can a stunned hero use fatigue for movement points? let us know as soon as possible thanks in advance
  6. hello guys we have a few question about talisman when a character die it will begin on his next turn with a new character, but if a character arrive at the alternative ending(eagle king) the player cannot draw anymore a character and is out of the game, is this right? what happen if a player have a dragonfire wand? can he use it against the eagle king killing it immediatly and win the game? Let us know and Happy new Year
  7. thanks for your response, we have another question can a hero pass the ring of quickness with his free movement point to another hero and then the other hero can activate and using the ring of quickness? this way it can end in a chain reaction, is this correct?
  8. hello guys can i play (i have 3 treachery) in an outdoor encounter a spawn card?, if i play a spawn card can i place them on the map or need i to place them outdoor like the reinforced lieutnants monster? let us know and thanks in advance
  9. hello guys can i play (i have 3 treachery) in an outdoor encounter a spawn card?, if i play a spawn card can i place them on the map or need i to place them outdoor like the reinforced lieutnants monster? let us know and thanks in advance
  10. The Warp said: twas a typo. You have the right number of hazards. thanks
  11. Hello guys i just have a little question about the hazards in the CC expansion in the rulebook it is listed that there are inside 29 hazard cards but on the expansion only 28 cards are present, is this a rulebook misprint or just i got a bad copy of the game? let me know thanks
  12. hello can a monster resurrected by a necromancer (with the necromancy card ) open doors and chests? let us know thanks
  13. Hello Guys we have a few questions on some rules 1) if a character start his movement on the ruins/crags space can he enter the dungeon/highlands board? 2) in the final combat between a character and the dungeon lord/eagle king can he use spells, followers and weapons like swords/psionic blast/unicorn or absolutely no weapons/magic/followers allowed? 3) if a character land on the sentinel/portal of power spaces with exact movement can he try to defeat the sentinel/open the portal or he must have at least another movement point to go to the other side? that's all for now, thanks in advance for your responses
  14. Steve-O said: I think the game is reasonably well balanced with all expansions in, at least. I thought the same before Tomb of Ice came out, though, and that one is widely purported to "help the heroes." There are two issues that can skew the perception of how well the game is balanced - first of all, the heroes are almost entirely generated at random - random hero cards, random skills, random treasures. A very lucky combination of these factors can provide a hero party that will easily trounce the Overlord on most quests. A very unlucky combination will have great difficulty. An average draw will produce average results (go figure.) The kind of draw you get when newbies are first playing can strongly colour their opinion of how the game is "balanced." Especially if the group is going for a more "RPG flavour" and therefore keeps the same heroes from quest to quest instead of drawing new ones each time (technically, you're supposed to draw new ones each time, btw.) Using the "draw 3 choose 1" for the hero cards has proven, at least in our group, to provide a better chance of average to above-average hero combinations and therefore keep the game competitive, if not slightly in the heroes' favour. But we have fun with that mix, so that's good enough for us. The other issue that can colour a newbie's opinion of the game is that there are a number of things which might seem intuitive to do in a high fantasy dungeon crawl which are likely to get the hero party killed in Descent. Trying to kill every monster the OL spawns anywhere on the map, for example. Or going out of your way to grab one measly healing potion that you can probably do without. The dungeon is the OL's turf. Every turn you spend in there is another turn he gets threat, and therefore grows stronger. Based on the kinds of questions I see newbies asking, especially pertaining to "game balance," it is my belief that a lot of people start playing this game thinking that the heroes are entitled to win the day, first time, every time, and if that doesn't happen, something must be "wrong." Some people like to play this game like it's an RPG and the OL is a GM. Others like to play it like it's a board game and just follow the rules. You can play it however you prefer, but you need to recognize that the way the rules are written, the OL is given a fair shot at winning. This is objectively true, whether your group wants it to be or not. I'm not going to tell you how your group should play the game, I'm just saying these are things to be aware of. Try playing several games with new and different hero mixes each time and people should start to get a better handle on what is or isn't balanced about this game. and what about RTL? is it balanced or unbalanced playing it with all the expansions?
  15. Parathion said: They can declare to flee only when they are all in Tamalir (either killed or via a glyph), and the party marker moves there if they do so. sorry i meant when they exit not fleeing(if they exit via portal on 3rd level and there is a dead member waiting on tamalir temple where they exit?)
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