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  1. Car Wars - the right of way goes to the biggest guns. ...and did I forget to mention that I'll do the miniatures in LEGO?
  2. FFG Star Wars (and WFRP before it) are solid systems - I can't see this as anything but a good thing that they're going to develop the system for other backgrounds.
  3. Thanks for those! Just a couple more needed, now. Didn't the Order66 guys over at d20Radio do a bunch of these?
  4. ...that are not the ones in the Beginner Game box. I'm running a con game and am just looking for a good standard mix of characters. Any pointers?
  5. Fabulous crawl - I'm looking forward to listening to the sessions!
  6. Chapters 1 & 2 are up - illustrated by Nacho... http://www.scholaprogenium.com/fiction.html Comments and (constructive) criticism welcome!
  7. I'd put the odds at almost 100% - as the games are separate, players of the second (and eventually third) games will need tokens, maps, etc.
  8. The short answer is "yes," you do mostly come up with your own ideas for the use of advantage and threat. I find that having the players come up with their own "effect" ideas, which I can modify or scale slightly to make more appropriate really gets them engaged in the game. You can do this in combat too - there's no reason not to depart from the RAW effects if they add to the story or are cinematic. Have fun with it!
  9. Thanks for the story - it's clear you've put significant effort into this!
  10. For Triumph and Despair results in general, it's easiest for me to think "What is the best or worst possible thing that could happen here?" Sometimes the "best possible" thing is pretty amazing, and other times it's just good.
  11. I'm inclined to agree with previous posts. There's already a mechanic in place that allows players to get additional XP: Obligation. What makes you want to go a different route?
  12. Interesting idea. A couple things you might think about: Who or what corrupted him to the Dark Side, and why is the jewel an embodiment of that corruption? It sounds as if Syldrick was conflicted as opposed to truly "dark." The "evil force" sounds much more intriguing and worth your time to develop. A jewel would not likely shatter into coin-like shapes. Would it be better to make them shards, or did something forge the discs? How did it shatter? Wouldn't dividing the jewel also reduce its potency? You refer to the "Coin of Syldrick," and I think this would be much more interesting as a unique item. The game effect would be more interesting if it involved Force Dice as opposed to a simple difficulty increase. Some sort of deceptive benefit would be more in keeping with the Dark Side. Likewise, the benefit to Dark Side users might also involve Force Dice, and be unreliable or tied to betrayal, as that's the theme of the item. I look forward to seeing what you do with this.
  13. As someone who has dealt with the vagaries of international shipping professionally in the past, it doesn't surprise me that we occasionally have to wait while a shipment is delayed. It surprises me that they get it right most of the time! Seriously, when your freight is one container amongst thousands, it boggles the mind how many things can cause delays. That's why those few boxes that were airfreighted to GenCon were so special!
  14. While anything you do here is going to be a house rule of sorts, I'd say that the 4-hour guidline is a pretty good one. Even in marathon 8+ hour sessions, the's usually a point after the resolution of some issue where everyone breaks for food, bio-breaks, and other outside-the-game replenishment. I'd say treat those as your "session" breaks as well.
  15. I agree with FangGrip - the game is a story about your PCs and how they overcome the challenges set before them. If the NPCs are solving the problems, it tends not to be as rewarding. If there's a critical skill missing, then make an NPC available if requested by your players - that way even if the NPC makes the roll, it's still the players that thought to use them.
  16. OK, if the basic premise is "Ghost Ship" (even if the eventual reason is the assassin droid), then it would be more fine to really embrace that. Make it very spooky and creepy. I agree with others that a super star destroyer is just a bit too large - even a regular star destroyer would be pushing it in my mind. However, a big freighter or a "cruise ship" might be just the ticket. If your assassin droid has really gone haywire, then he may be acting VERY erratically, which is a good excuse for lots of creepy scenes: cut cooling conduits spew mist through a corridor in which legless, lobotomized protocol droids spew babel while crawling across the ceilings; a sluice of red seeps from a garbage masher (hey, the crew had to go somewhere...); and so forth. The droid itself can take the odd potshot (or leave a deadly trap) every few scenes to keep the players nervous. Have fun with it - I look forward to hearing how it works out for you.
  17. ...and you've got the Drall from the upcoming Suns of Fortune book.
  18. Hmmmm. That was not my take on his comments. It seemed to me that while that might have been Han's situation for the movies, Obligation and Duty are very different mechanics that can coexist side by side. They could increase or decrease independently.
  19. I can say from personal experience that using Star Wars LEGOs as miniatures for the RPG is very fun!...and as pointed out above, you can get them quite economically on the secondary market.
  20. You can find a wealth of free and low-cost options at the Cartographer's Guild: http://www.cartographersguild.com/content/ ...without any questionable content!
  21. A minor point, but Selonians are really a combination of traits of much of the Mustelidae family, which also includes otters, badgers, and wolverines.I'm looking forward to playing one!
  22. If your question is simply "Can a GM use the X-Wing Miniatures Game as a substitute for the space combat rules?" then the answer is yes. However, translating the RPG stats over to the miniatures game takes some skill and subtlety. As opposed to using one of the cards from the miniatures game, I'd suggest creating a custom cards based upon your PC's skills and their ship. Challenging, but also rewarding - and it also looks smashing on the table!
  23. In this post is a deliferate mistike... I wouldn't sweat the typo too much. Darkstryder should adapt fairly easily to AoR, though IIRC the players are all fairly senior, officers and such. You could either start your players with more experience to reflect this seniority, or you could start them as lower level folks (having some of the initial big decisions handled by NPCs) and have them progress into more senior roles as their characters develop. I look forward to hearing how it goes!
  24. I'll add by 2 credits to Khalayne's input: 1) As above, players can make any choice they wish. As a GM you show them the cost or consequences of their actions. If they end up killing innocents, everyone from the local law to the general populace will quickly turn against them, or it might result in a bounty on their head (Obligation). 2) Yes, you can (and often must, regardless of your SW knowledge) make things up on the fly. The key is to keep the Star Wars feel in anything you make up. In other words, call it a XJ-38 Sand Speeder and not a Megacorp Hovercraft. If you keep the Star Wars feel, your players will never notice. 3) Yes, and yes. This is encouraged. If you see a possible plot hook that's cool and ties into the background of one of the characters - go for it. They'll have more fun and you'll have more fun. 4) Not really, especially with this system. The story can be mostly in your head, though some GM's like to have copious notes about the plot - or use published adventures as their "notes." Keeping a few key adversaries tabbed in your rulebook prevents you from having to keep too many notes there. Other than basic housekeeping (initiative order, etc.) just jot down a note or two as ideas for furthering the plot occur to you. 5) If you're in the middle of a combat or scene where position is important, then take a picture of the table. We assign one player the job of taking notes during the session, which is then appended to a Google Doc. This not only keeps track of where we are, but also is VERY entertaining. 6) Tricks? Ham it up. Be overly animated. Use accents. Use body language. All of this will make your NPCs memorable. Challenge your players. Make sure that they feel the risk and feel they their successes (and failures) are close, hard-fought battles. Enjoy! GMing is fun.
  25. If it follows the pattern of the last Beta, they will be sold in retail stores as well. ...and if anything, selling copies at GenCon rewards the fans as opposed to disenfranchising them. Manufacturers have been rushing a few cases of new products to "the big con" for decades. It's part of what makes conventions of that scale exciting.
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