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  1. FYI, there's plenty of speculation about this expansion on BGG, including some pics from GenCon which show the board and many components in detail. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1219639/mountains-madness-speculation
  2. Yes I already started pestering Thelric about this on BGG too ... he says he's looking into it
  3. Lovecraft himself drew a map of Arkham: http://www.cthulhufiles.com/arkham.htm It's hard to reconcile it with the game board though: many of the same locations are marked, but not really in the same configuration.
  4. Spiog said: I can't open the 'Expedition Boards' or 'Card Decks' eon files in Strange eons (2.1) all I get is a little hat symbol in the preview pane? - Which 'preview pane' do you mean? - I made those files with Strange Eons 3, so maybe they're not back-compatible? Try upgrading SE, version 3305 is available. - Maybe the deck files can't locate the other .eon files that they are supposed to contain? (Though usually it can handle that; it just asks you where the files are.) Really it sounds like a Strange Eons problem, you could ask Thelric on the Strange Eons thread.
  5. Awww, thanks! Now I have to be modest and point out the flaws in my own item. Using one ability "as another" can make other effects quite ambiguous! Is it still a "fight check", or does it now count as a "sneak check" - and in either case is it still a "combat check"? I have no idea really… it will have to be left up to the players to resolve the inevitable rules problems. There's also the problem that what the .22 Automatic really does - rather than make you stealthier - is to allow you to be better at Horror checks! Because you can max out your Will without losing fight dice. Plus it's pretty illogical anyway, because in Arkham Horror you can't accomplish things stealthily by actually fighting a monster; the only way to be stealthy is to evade the monsters completely. SO really it is very illogical…
  6. suicidepuppet said: after that last email you just seemed kinda burned out on the whole scene Oh, did I? Sorry! Although tbh I don't play Arkham as much as I used to, which is why this expansion hasn't had much playtesting. The expansion is also a sort of "mixed bag" of every bit of custom content I had left over. (Many of the ideas were left over from that unfinished "Arkham Underground" expansion that we brainstormed on the forums, if anyone remembers that). So I wouldn't get your hopes up that I would ever do any more custom content after this, but I suppose you never know…
  7. Can't say I agree there, Tibs. JustinAlexander is quoting the wording accurately; you can search, you just won't find nuthin'. In any case, obviously, costs are paid before effects take place; and once you've paid yer dollar, you've got to finish resolving the ability - you only stop when you get to the bit you can't do, namely taking the card (because it ain't there). Re: Nightgaunt etc: is the distinction perhaps that fighting a monster ends your movement but does not end the movement phase? Just a thought.
  8. It's called 'The Door To Saturn'. Just, y'know, FYI.
  9. I think that's what the FAQ means anyway. The item card says "discard" twice in its text (iirc); now the FAQ has corrected it so that you only discard if you pass the check. I guess the first instance of the word 'discard' was (and always has been) a typo.
  10. Hehehehe… so we're now even more confused about how that Kane ability than we were before!
  11. Not bad at all… though I'd suggest making the Sanity/Will situation a bit less extreme… 4 San / 6 Stam, and maybe adjust the skill track so he's got 2-5 Fight and 1-4 Will instead. (A character who starts with a random ally is going to be "customized" a bit by that ally's bonuses, so it's probably best to err on the side of the character not having very extreme stats to start with. The Expedition Leader has ALL stats 1-4…) Being 'delayed' is not very common, so I'd make the Personal Story 'fail' condition harsher: if he fails the story, just take the sword off him; return it to the box. (Also: the Personal Story conditions say "Gloy" where it should say "Glory".)
  12. Me too! Or rather: I think it'd be better than more expansions for this edition. But then, I've thought that since Innsmouth Horror came out. It does feel like they've run out of ways to expand the game as it is.
  13. Tbh mate it sounds like you care about it a lot more than I do…
  14. I'm glad y'all like the AO idea, but I did already post that one a while ago; it's on the AO thread already, go give it a try! What I'm trying to do now is re-use the ability as the basis of a mini "expedition board". (It kinda represents there being a limit to how much knowledge you can gain in Arkham, and you need to go and explore places.) The idea is that any clue that is discarded or spent, for any reason, is "lost" rather than being put back in the supply; then you have to go and have encounters on the Expedition board; some of the Expedition encounters will give you the chance to restore all the lost clues, or half the lost clues, or a fixed number, etc, etc, but of course the encounters are difficult and dangerous. The other rule I have in mind is that if every clue in the game ends up in the "lost" pile, the ancient one awakens; so even if you think you can manage without Clue tokens, you can't afford to let the supply get emptied out.
  15. Sure, great! I'd do the same thing myself but I've not got a regular player group nearby at the moment. Those ideas for the AO aren't bad, though I'm not that keen on rebalancing the ability by making the AO do something nice for the players - that goes against the theme a bit! Tbh I plan to recycle the ability on to something different (a herald or some other custom content type) anyway, so the question may not arise.
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