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  1. The Northmen are here! New (version 2) document features rules about the infamous and feared barbaric and nomad cultures living in the northern parts of the Warhammer World: the Norse, the Kurgan and the Hung. Rules include: Character Rules for each three tribes (and also one extra culture: The Tribes of Skaramor) Career rules and ideas. This also includes career cards. Remember, that these careers are same as in my Norsca Project, but include some extra. Document gives more rules and ideas what careers to use with Northmen and different tribes. Career rules for Champions of Chaos (Chaos Warriors and Chaos Sorcerers) and simple rules for Rewards of Chaos. And finally - Summoning Rules for WFRP3. Document also features heretical rules for Bloodspeakers - Khornate demagogues and priests, that have mystical powers. But, they are not spellcasters! They have different types of powers fueled by mutation. These rules finally give option how those dedicated to Khorne could summon Daemons of Khorne. Rule ideas for these powers are combined using various sources (Warhammer 40.000, Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy: The End Times). You can find links to documents from my site Kalevala Hammer and from this link: http://www.kalevalahammer.com/2018/01/northmen-wfrp3-rules-v20.html Enjoy!
  2. Trust me - possible WFRP3 edition-flame-war-things were NOTHING compared to time, when SoC and WFRP2 came (they came pretty much same time) SoC really was "shock-to-the-system". Yes, it is true there are time to time various flame-wars, especially edition based. And - it is true, that some people don't usually separate the game mechanics and the setting in these matters. Others just dislike both equally. Off course people can dislike or like either way and with any edition. But, if you do not like the game mechanics, the new edition can still provide wealthy setting info... and so on. And if you do not like the setting, others may still enjoy it. In ones own games it can be changed to ones needs and likes... Yet, even after all these flame-wars, I still encourage people to join that forum. It's good to have all the fans under same roof. It is good to have new people there too.
  3. No doubt, that there is a license for AoS too. But, are both licenses available now (or not available, if they are purchased)? I don't know what kind of real RPG can there be from AoS. And as with many other games (Mordheim, Vermintied, Man O' War, Blood Bowl, Total War: Warhammer) the Old Warhammer World is much more interesting license... I also have Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. on my WFRP downloads in DriveThru...
  4. If both Old Warhammer World and Age of Sigmar licenses are sold, this is great. New game keeps good Old Warhammer World alive and will bring new fans (I don't personally care about AoS license). Fans from various editions always hope, that the new system would be as similar as their favorite version (or new improved version). But, if there will be a new producer, it probably won't be. It is possible, that it could be pretty similar, but in case of WFRP3 (all the cards, special dice and other stuff) - well, huge change that it will not be very similar. And pretty good change that game mechanics are totally new system. As Ceodryn said - hopefully it will not take years to finalize the new rules and we get new sourcebooks, fluff, adventures finally. Everyone can continue play the game with system they like. Like for example Zweihänder...
  5. Thank you very much. I think we used to have signatures here, but something changed I had my links there... But, either way - as you know my site, all is well.
  6. I have few rules too on my site. And some other info too This including tons of links.
  7. New rune rules to expand rules what we all ready have. Also I have separated my Rune Document for each edition: New runes (both Master and normal). Also runes will feature the multiple rune rule, that was used in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition: Dwarfs. Anvil of Doom rules Holy Rune Items rule (inspired by Gotrek's Axe) Mighty Rune Artefact rule (inspired by items like Ghal Maraz, with way too much runes) Bestiary: Rune Guardian Kalevalahammer - Rune Expansion
  8. I do get your point. "Give some ideas, not just reasons why you don't like it". Please understand, that we are not tryin here to weaken your creativity about Age of Sigmar. Like I said - there is possibility. But, I think people here are making valid points, why it's not so interesting. I think everyones mind, who playes RPGs, is somewhat creative. I think we could easily create Age of Sigmar more better setting, if we really put our minds into it. But, is it really worth spending time? That's the problem. If it survives next 20 years, gets 100 more novels and probably 10 versions, it could be much more richer setting. But, will it survive? Will it last? How long will it take to develope that? If we create rich setting fan-based, will it be just crushed by official background in the next version? It would really help if there would some official stuff to support this. Some detailed maps and information about some "world" and it's people. Something to start with. Again, I still don't know will anything make it as interesting as the old one. I mean dimensional travel, Sigmarines teleporting to world to save it from Greenskins... Well, it is not really same as Bretonnian knights charging from the hills to help their peasant (who do not even like them). One idea - Strike to Stun forum. You could ask, if the forum would create permanent Age of Sigmar topic. Try to get more ideas there. I know there are alot of old school WFRP people there, who do not like AoS (like me). But, still... If this is just one topic here, eventually it disappears. P.S. And yes - I have tried to create new fantasy settings. Actually many times. Some I have worked longer, others not so long. I always taught I had some good idea, to carry the setting. But everytime, after tiring process, I have abandoned those worlds, because they were just not that good. And returned to something that is already ready - Like Warhammer.
  9. Ok, lets say these infinity realms have actual normal folk... those farmers, commoners, tradesmen, merchants, nobility. Let's say they have politics, entertainment, intrigue, countries, rulers, own wars... WHEN DO WE GET THAT INFO? The realms could be working interesting worlds, but it just seems, that GW is not really interested of creating that. Age of Sigmars just seems more worlds of Infinity War. And this war is fought by epic-level characters/creatures. I kind of get the idea, that the realms were pretty nice places, until the war started. And now all these beings are fighting The-End-War again. Truth is, that there is potential. There is possibility to create your own. But, really, when speaking about Warhammer - I would say most fans have started of playing Warhammer because of the rich setting. Old World. It is just so interesting fantasy world, with huge amount of details and history created by decades of real life and many writers. It has interesting nations, problems, wars, rulers, races, real-life feeling... If I wanted to create my own world, well I can do that, any day, without Age of Sigmar. If I wanted create my own world. But, I don't really want. I like Old Warhammer world. I also think that the epic-level and higher fantasy-level of Age of Sigmar is just little too much for many Old Warhammer fans. Remember, that many of them argue about the level of former setting (is it low, moderate...).
  10. Old topic has come back. There are great articles and WFRP2 rules, about Gnomes in the Warpstone Magazine Issue 30.
  11. It's interesting that this game mechanics discussion started now. At the moment the biggest problem the entire Warhammer Fantasy setting faces is THE END. The Old World has been destroyed, and GW has moved on. So, who ever gets the license, and is interested to build new system, may not anymore do new version of Old World, what ever system that company might use... Fans have now change to choose to use any one of the three official systems. WFRP1 and WFRP2 (and their fan-works) are probably more easily available, because they are traditional book-based and this way in PDF format also. WFRP3 has couple of major problems - special dice, markers and especially those cards. One day those may not be available anymore. But all should also remember new unofficial system - ZWEIHANDER (mentioned before). Either way, what ever game mechanics you like, this entire setting is now officially over. So, its only us, fans, that keep the Old Warhammer alive.
  12. My reason is/was that if you look at the characteristics in Heroe's Call you usually get fortune die bonus to either one skill or couple of skills, with limitations/restrictions (like when in somewhere or against something). That's my reason. Now, its totally different thing are different characteristics really balanced with each other. In my opinion - not. And each and every regional profile could have used maybe one more bonus, to give more possibilities for different variations and combinations. But, this should have been taught in the very beginning of the system, which is one of the things I find missing - these regional and national characteristics should have been given to each nation of the Old World. But, I think this Gospodar-profile is really good. Giving it more balanced characteristics, yet unique set.
  13. I really like this one. Was looking at Hero's Call and Something Rotten in Kislev. This character certainly would be a Gospodar and he is keen on playing with the accent. I'm going to remove the Weapon Skill and replace it with Guile, based on the inclination to deceit referenced in SRiK. Just curious on your choice of the "or". Neither of the first two abilities seems terrible strong when compared to the other Reikland provinces. Cheers. I would say Northerners is balanced enough. It is actually "little" better than the one found from the Nordland Characters. But yes, the second one, about alcohol, is kind of weak. Just kind of "traditional" Kislev thing I wanted to add. With Ungol there could have been even more variations and options, from Fighters Against Chaos to Monster Slaying. But, with Gospodar the options are more difficult. Maybe it could be changed to something like this: Good Stamina: Gospodar add one fortune point all Resilience checks and two fortune points to any tests related to alcohol.
  14. I'll add few details to Valhall's idea. These bonuses are taken or inspired by Hero's Call stats: Ungol Poor: During character creation, it costs 3 creation points for a Ungol to start as comfortable, and 4 to start as affluent. Northerners: Two fewer KK misfortune dice are added to a Northman’s dice pool any effects from cold, wind or bad weather. You may add K fortune die for any Environmental Damage checks against cold, because familiarity to cold. The Children of Taiga: During character creation (before investing any creation points), a Ungol character may train one of the following basic skills for free – Nature Lore, Ride, Observation or Weapon Skill. Riders of the Oblast: The Ungol add K fortune die to any check made to handle a riding animal or drive wagon. Also Melee Attack actions when mounted gain this bonus and opponents add K misfortune die to Melee Attacks unless armed with a spear, lance, or similar. Creation Points: 20 Wound Threshold: 9 + Toughness rating Corruption Threshold: 5 + Toughness rating Native Language: Kislevarin Gospodars Northerners: Two fewer KK misfortune dice are added to a Northman’s dice pool any effects from cold, wind or bad weather. You may add K fortune die for any Environmental Damage checks against cold, because familiarity to cold. Consume Alcohol: Gospodar add K fortune die to any alcohol related checks. OR The Children of Taiga: During character creation (before investing any creation points), a Gospodar character may train one of the following basic skills for free – Nature Lore, Ride, Observation or Weapon Skill. Creation Points: 25 Wound Threshold: 9 + Toughness rating Corruption Threshold: 5 + Toughness rating Native Language: Kislevarin
  15. Well, you have to remember that many witch-hunters may not even give options. They hear about witch and that's it - burn baby, burn. Imperial College Wizards and Clerics might give more options, and speak reason to Witch-hunters, if they come together. Also experienced Hedge-Wizards might easily be tainted by dark magic, even mutated (as mentioned - insane too). Could even be necromancer or follower of the dark gods. It might be difficult to hide these facts, even if they try. Hedgewise, born and raised in the wilderness, who has learned the old ways from the elders. One who continues Old Faith (or something), might have difficulties to "sell" their religion and fate. And even there is nothing wrong in their hermetic ways, a Witch-hunter may not see this the same way...
  16. People seem to have negative experiences with Stromdorf - I'll give a good experience here. I did like it. We had fun playing it. Yes - I did spice it up. I like to do that, to create more - "custom experience" to players involved. Offcourse spicing depends how much the original adventure gives you possibilities. For example - Beastman part played much bigger role. Before the ending huge Beastman Horde attacks Stromdorf, inspired by Foaldeath to do that. Maybe the weak and strong point in that campaign is, that it tries to be small campaign. There are number of different plots going on, which try to create some kind of continuous plot. But, either way - we did like it.
  17. Well, he is one of the original designers of WFRP. What are his opinions about The End Times and the end of Warhammer world we all have known and loved? Pretty sure (hopefully) he didn't like that move - so, if he could have designed that event, what would have happened then?
  18. Hi, Something for the Christmas - A new Norsca Map version 2.5. It features number of new places found from various novels, The End Times -campaign and also some fan-stuff. Those new places could be hard to find from the map, but they are there Map itself features large area covering Norsca, Chaos Wastes shoreline, Albion, northern Bretonnia, northern Wasteland, northern Empire, most of Kislev, Troll Country and High Pass. Then something to read - The Tribes of Chaos: The Ysgrimlinga (as penned down by Brother Reichart Kriegvulf of Salzenmund). Great story/record about one of the most feared Norse tribe, that are part of the Aesling high tribe. Author is another huge Norsca-fan Kolsveinn. You can find both of these from my site Kalevala Hammer (and alot more). Also remember to visit my site time to time. I'll try to keep up with any news related to Warhammer and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (fan-based, Zweihänder RPG, novels, games...etc.). Let's try to keep good old Warhammer alive! And next year there will be, finally, a new version of Norsca: The Grim North of Perilous Adventure...
  19. As The End Times destroyed the Warhammer World, I started to thing about various dates in the Warhammer history, that could be interesting ages to set up a campaign. "Age of corrupted Mordheim" is one of them. But, your question about the background fluff is good one - I'm also interested is there some online source with more info that I have not yet discovered? Little background: The warpstone meteorite hits the city either 1999 or 2000 IC (different sources have different years, but it seems to happen New Years Eve). And I think the games start just after that... And it was Magnus the Pios who ordered the burning of this place. Well, that would probably happen around 2300 then (before or after the Great War Against Chaos). So, that leaves couple of centuries of timeline with corrupted Mordheim. Centuries which themselves are pretty interesting as the Wars of the Vampire Counts start pretty soon after the destruction of the Mordheim. There isn't really much info about Mordheim in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. You should try to find more info about the original Mordheim skirmish game. It has fan-base, that might have created more fan-based background info too. But truth is - I have also found more warband info. Here is some links, that might help: http://www.mordheimer.com/articles/introduction.htm Wikipedia Also, I'm pretty sure White Dwarf magazines, from the time when Mordheim came out, might have had some good info. And then you could try to find Town Cryer issues online.
  20. or Tome of Corruption? http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/64191/Warhammer-Fantasy-Roleplay-2nd-Edition-Children-of-the-Horned-Rat http://rpg.drivethrurpg.com/product/64190/Warhammer-Fantasy-Roleplay-2nd-Edition-Tome-of-Corruption?src=also_purchased&filters=0_2200_0_0_0&manufacturers_id=6
  21. Even also this forum should serve all the fans for ideas - You might want to try http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/. Well, your ideas to heal mutation are pretty hard (if not impossible): 1) This is good one. I like it. But hard - long (perilous) journey, not to mention to go all the way through dungeons. But, why would Slaanesh altar heal mutation? I would say, that one is pretty corrupt and might cause another one. Offcourse if your idea is that they destroy the altar - that should be done in the name of some God and with priest. But, would mutation be healed automaticly... 2) Slaanesh monolith. Well, some captured cultist could tell where to find it, and it could be closer (for example in Norsca). But again - Slaanesh monolith will cause more mutations. Monoliths are VERY corrupting. 3) huh - nasty. Revisions to those: 1) Maybe the cure is long lost Valayas altar? With lost healing runes, that must be activated with runesmith. 2) Shallya related holy place (spring, clearing, tree...what ever). But, this should be in some difficult place (like deep inside Norsca, Southlands jungles...). And there is only a story about that place, but offcourse characters manage to hear about some person, who knows about this place. That could be adventure itself. Another option: Similar thing, but with some Elven God, like Isha. And characters must find their way inside Elven Kingdoms. Well, this is tricky too, but maybe they must do some mission. 3) Some ingredient taken from the Daemon, like heart. But then you should need some special ritual and maybe some special place and people (shallyans, daemonologist...etc).
  22. Some problems with Web Picasa (if anyone wondered low resolution of pictures). Now, its Google Photos. Check the Nuln -page from my site. All the maps have now Download links, that should take you to Google Photos, where you are able to download full resolution picture.
  23. Even The End Times has destroyed the old Warhammer world, let's try to keep it alive. I have updated my Nuln maps (version 2.1). There are some new locations from couple of new sources and then some changes to the old ones. You can find all the information about the changes and a link to the maps from my site Kalevala Hammer.
  24. I also doubt this forum will survive. I also think its more "when"... Strike to Stun is still the best community to move on. It is the Warhammer society that actually keeps the old warhammer (now destroyed by The End Times) alive. Since the coming of WFRP2, the RPG society has lost few times ALL the stuff of official forums. Well, maybe not all the stuff, because some have lived in various sites still living. It's sad to lose all the links and old topics. There is always stuff there that is not found anymore, because people that might have created them are not anymore active...etc. It would be better if people would have stabile sites, where all the information / fan-stuff could be collected and found. I know that not everyone wants to create sites/blogs just to share their files, but other possibility is to ask those with stabile sites to host them. Either way - Might be good to think about moving any useful fan-stuff to StS for example and move any good topics there...
  25. I try to stay positive in this fast review of them all. If you put aside the stupid plots and most superhuman things (incarnates)...etc. Good things in every book are: Some plots Background information, including many personel Good information about various armies & races, with pictures, descriptions, pictures, details (lost of details)... Overal, all the books are pretty nice looking. Graphics are good, pictures are pretty, and - this is very rare - some books actually have good maps in them. Books: Nagash, part I: Well, haven't we been waiting for this to happen? I think this first books is the best one. so far the plot is good. Ok, Kislev gets crushed on the way, Bretonnia is really bad shape, but the only really stupid thing is, that the Skaven just take over Estalia and Tilea just like that (later we know they also invade all the Dwarfen kingdoms AND Lustria. So, this is - well, little too much for the rats to handle, I think). Civil-war of Bretonnia is good possibility for various Game of Thrones -style of campaings in Bretonnia. War is short, but it divides the land. Later on the Undead armies of Arkhan the Black harash the land... Plot to resurrect the Nagash and the journey Arkhan and Mannfred must make to collect the missing ingredients is good. Return of Nagash gives pretty good possibilities for campaings against the Undead. If you just take away the almost God like presence Nagash has now. I think the war in the north and the Auric Bastion is good background too. Return of Vlad and the fall of Balthasar Gelt. And then at the end there is ALOT of battles in the Nehekhara and details about the Tomb Kings. Nice info, not really needed. ...oh, and lets not forget the return of Drachenfels... Glottkin, part 2: This is the part where it all goes just little too far. Great invasion of northmen divided in three armies. They manage to take Talabheim, Marienburg and finally also lay siege of Altdorf. Idea is good, but to attack three major cities (and Carroburg on the way)... HOW MANY MARAUDERS ARE THERE?! I mean tens of thousands probably would lay weeks, even months of siege against these Marienburg and Talabheim, not to mention would they have enough personel to attack Altdorf after this? argh... If there had been only one attack force pushing through the Empire towards Altdorf, this would have been more logical and better plot. Still, I like the plot. I like the northmen and I love the Norse (my thing). This book gives much information about their forces (those dedicated to Nurgle). Book gives nice background for waiting of the scary invading army and the Enemy Within style of plots in the city, before the great siege. It also has few nice maps, including new map of Altdorf (big one, with details). Khaine, part 3: Elves, elves, more elves... This is Ulthuan fluff. Dark Elves come, war starts, and then there is civil-war. This is it. If you like to build something in Ulthuan and play Elven campaing, this provides good deal of details, information about characters...etc. Thanquol, part 4: Skaven book has number of different plots going on all over the world. Most of them I dont like (like the fall of SOOO many kingdoms). How many rats are they? And can they really do this? I dont like what happens in the book, but it still has much information about the Skaven clans (even the smallest), their important personel, different forces and finally the dreaded Verminlords (Skaven daemons). But, book also has details of Lizardmen and Lustria (with maps). AND Dwarfs, especially Karak Eight Peaks (with maps). Stories in the book also include the fall Karak Kadrin (argh) and the fall of Middenheim (this too)... Nuln. New info about Nuln - Jeah. But, then it falls too... Archaon, part 5: This is a big book. It has much information, but overal, it is just the end game. Everyone surviving, attack each other and we see who wins. But who really cares, because the world is destroyed... This is probably the worst book.
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