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  1. Can an infestation marker be placed in a location more than once? In other words, can a location contain multiple infestation markers? Thanks, in advance. --JP
  2. Thank you. Plenty of enemies in this one. Nice way to avoid getting cornered. --JP
  3. For this scenario, "Jazz" gains: => Move to a Miskatonic location up to 3 connections away. Would I have to move through each location in between? Or could I just move the investigator directly to the chosen location? The ability on "Jazz" does not have the word "Move" in bold text. Any rules citations would be appreciated. Thanks! --JP
  4. Thank you, zeezeeman.... I am a little less low-tech now. --JP
  5. I got the file from the FFG Arkham LCG page picturing the Taboo cards with updated text. Anyone know what method to use to print them out at the standard card size? I tried to print the file as-is, but the cards printed out at full page size. I am low-tech, apologies in advance. --JP
  6. Thanks for the insights. It's an edge case, to be sure, but appreciate the reeponses.
  7. Mr Peabody starts the game out of play. Once he is in your play area, where does he go when he is defeated? The Encounter discard pile or returned to "out of play"? If to the Encounter discard pile, how does it work if you draw him again? Tried to search RRG and current FAQ, but couldn't find a clear answer. No opinions, please... if you could cite a rules reference, that would be great (and also help me learn the game better) Thank you and hope everyone is staying safe. --JP
  8. As an update, our group at my FLGS has gotten through 4 missions without issue. A kind staff member at Asmodee has offered to be on standby during our sessions in order to provide a code to download the campaign. It looks like the app updated last night. The last update deleted my app purchase. This one did not...at least not today. (Fingers crossed))
  9. Issues keep piling up....or at least repeating. I run the app exclusively on an android tablet (up to date OS) Went to my FLGS yesterday to play the new campaign (that charged me twice and then disappeared... for which FFG sent me a code for a free download which actually showed the campaign as available and playable) and the Ember Crown showed that I could but it for $6.99....again. The campaign, for the 3rd time... disappeared. It shows in my Google App purchases 3 times. The fact that this campaign keeps disappearing is infuriating. Trying to build up some excitement at my FLGS and the software failures are killing it. To be fair, FFG sent _another_ code for a free download... but without a root cause, I can't really proceed to a campaign at the store. This situation is making it really difficult to like this game...and I REALLY want to like it. (I have deleted and re-downloaded the app several times...other than losing saved games, no change.) I hope others experience less trouble.
  10. Home page, click "more" at the banner head. Choose customer service. There are a number of options from there.
  11. I received a reply from FFG today. They said that the issues were at a 3rd party to resolve. In the meantime, I was supplied a code for a "free" download that I already paid twice for. The free download worked through Google play. The campaign shows as available on my tablet, but not my phone (which uses the same Google account). At least they reached out and tried tovoffer an immediate fix. Let's hope the "3rd party" gets their collective stuff together. Just wanted to update, in case others were having the same issue
  12. Staelwulf, thanks for the comment. I agree with you and understand that stuff happens. Am certainly willing to accept "bugs". I have reported them in accordance with the guidelines on this website. It's being ignored by FFG customer service and the fact that game breaking/ending failures occur a few turns into the first mission. I can understand bugs deeper into a campaign when massive amounts of variety creep in. What I am experiencing is just sloppy workmanship and disregard for the transaction I entered into in good faith. I've not had issue with Mom2, Imperial Assault, Descent or even Xcom. Just this game...and I really _want_ to like it. Your mileage may vary, of course (not sarcasm - it seems a number of people do not have issues and I wish them well.)
  13. I don't mind a "bug". They happen. A catastrophic failure of the program that causes it to cease functioning after 4 turns into the first mission that consistently repeats itself after a second play. A delete app and and re-download that erases existing saved games..only to fail catastrophically in a completely different way is not a "bug". A purchase from the app store that double charges....and then erases your purchase...after downloading an FFG sanctioned update is not a "bug". Ignoring 3 messages to customer service is not a "bug". It's a continuation of disregard for a long time customer. I realize you don't want to read this, and you certainly can't fix it, Hannibal_pjv, but you don't have to minimize my frustration and anger at having money effectively stolen from me. I vent here because FFG customer service will not respond beyond an auto-generated email. And maybe, I can save someone the same trouble by having them reconsider a potential purchase.
  14. I appreciate the comment... However, "never play on parch day" seems to make the issue _my_ fault. I didn't purchase the game to have to determine what day I can play it. Regardless, the patch made the situation worse. The entire campaign has not functioned since I paid for it the day it came out. So, I can't actually play it on any day. Thank you for the reference to my Google play store account. Seems I was charged for the campaign on 1 August _and_ 2 August. So, $100 game, $15 expansion, $7 campaign....$7 again..for the same campaign... And it doesn't work. The advice to "wait a few weeks" so they can fix the bugs??? Really? Take my money now for a game to play in a few weeks? (And double charge me!!) If FFG wanted to run this as a Kickstarter campaign, they should have at least announced it that way. Caveat Emptor
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