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  1. Thank you for submitting the questions listed above. I am very curious to know the answers. For now, it's the only unanswered question I have. I wonder how they did it in the playtest?
  2. I've seen the phrase used on a number cards. What exactly does it mean? Does a player put the card in their hand? Do they put it into play in their play area? For instance, the Miskatonic Museum card #122 on the reverse states to "Take control" of another card. The card was set aside, out of play at game start. Is it added to a player's hand (and then played and paid for)? Or does it go into a player's play area? Just not sure how the "Take control" applies. Any rules reference would be very helpful.
  3. thank you for the replies and the rules references
  4. yes, I realize TOME is a keyword on certain assets. My question is about what TOMES to count? in hand? in asset play area? in discard pile? in deck? She gets to draw cards based on the # of TOMEs she controls. What are the TOMEs that are "controlled"?
  5. New to the game - could not find this by searching the forum. Daisy's Elder Sign effect reads: "+0. If you succeed, draw 1 card for each TOME you control." per RRG: "A player controls the cards located in his or her out-of-play game areas (such as hand, deck, discard pile). (Oddly, this definition does not include cards in your Play Area?? ie - Assets played). SO..... how many TOMEs would Daisy control for her Elder Sign effect? Assets played? All Tomes she included in her deck, except Tomes in her assets area? Just trying to be clear on definitions of terms and this is throwing me.
  6. The second sentence is not exactly correct. Movement points gained by a special action must immediately be spent during that action, even if gained during your activation.
  7. Anyone else having trouble printing this out? Products, Imperial Assault, Tournament Resources, Imperial Assault Sign Up Sheet
  8. I've noticed that, as well. It happens when you (re) load a saved game. All you need to do is close the window and re-open it. Your fame will magically return.
  9. a big surprise, at least to my daughter and I, was DVs "brutality" - it effects _every_ adjacent figure, not just 2.... ouch.
  10. The rules mention using Fame as a sort of score to measure how well you've done at campaign end. (I know there are other purposes for Fame in the app.) Our campaign finished, but we could not find a way to access our final Fame count. Has anyone been able to see their final Fame count? Did we miss something? If not, I may add a request for it.
  11. Ok. The app officially tells when to upgrade.
  12. Has anyone else noticed this: page 12 "Supply Cards and Medpacs": A hero can use a medpac when it performs a rest action, and an ally figure can use a medpac as an action. Looks like those Rebel Troopers (and others) can raid the first aid kits to survive - not sure it's the optimal use all the time, but there may be an occasion when it makes sense.
  13. The LotA rules hint at gaining elite versions for allies that survive a mission. Has anyone gotten this by way of the app declaring the elite status or is it something that the players simply do on their own if the allies survive?
  14. Tvboy, am inclined to agree with you the Stun and Bleed rules are fully changed in LotA. Page 10 of the rules, "Conditions" states that: "Note that effects of some conditions have changed as described in Appendix 1 on page 21."
  15. Regardless of the method it is promulgated, faq/errata is needed. Must be the season for perfume, whether my own or what gets sprayed in here.
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