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  1. Ty for the answer. Now I know the english name. But my dubts remain: Can I stay still with this power? I would argue for a no Can I walk on the ceilings my head down?
  2. You have three things that limit the level of your creature: 1: The level you cast the spell 2: The level of your wizard 3: The number of creatures that are so created So, yes every time you cast the spell the creatures you create are weaker, but there are more of them
  3. Hi all, I'm Pelmir, not a new user of the forum but a not-so-much-using one. The question is stupid but I can't figure it out. There is a power of ki (not sure the real name, I've not the english book) that allows you to move on water and walls as if you have no weight. I've a double sort of doubt: 1 - Can you actually walk up-down, like on a ceiling? 2 - Have you to move to have the power work? Can you stay still? Can you stay still on the ceiling? Can you simply walk or have you to move to a run speed/maximum move speed? Thank you Beg your pardon if my english is not so good
  4. Yup ie a fireball it's a magical evocation of mundane fire, so damage barrier applies
  5. It was Elijhared who gave them to him (something I read on the spanish forum) In Gaia II there is the story of the breach of the heavens (I don't really remember the english name) and we can do the hypothesis that Elijhared isn't dead, BUT I think AS himself said that she will not interfere with Gaia history no more.
  6. I always read it as you can hold yuor turn and declare you want to use it before dices roll. To explain: you can't interrupt a charge because the character charging means that the player has rolled the dices for the action 'charge attack' but you can interrupt an attack from an opponent whtih which you already are in melee because the player has not yet rolled his dice
  7. you're welcome. Tell us what your gm ruled please, one more opinion
  8. I'm not too sure but I will rule that yes, it would fade after a day: tje reason of that spell being active in the first place is the node power and not your gnosis, so i would stick to node rules.
  9. Nurddude is right and for he other question the answer is no. He can use his boni on the skills he likes without the problem of having invested DP in five of them- The only restriction is with the "knowledge skills", you have to invest DP to benefit of every other bonus you possibly have
  10. You're welcome. I was longing too for this book. True be told I really long for every Anima background book.
  11. Core-exxet wise you can use your "stealthiness" skill in combat.
  12. http://www.edgeent.com/v2/edge_tienda_detalle.asp?etidi=2297 translated for not hispanophone, sorry for my mistakes neither english nor spanish are my mother language What would we see looking behind the mirror? What would we understand knowing how to open the eyes? I often ask myself these questions, and as ever, I still can not answer. That day, seven hundred years ago, we lost our world for the second time and henceforth we wonder without direction, as lost children, roaming in a mere fragment of what we once had and that in our arrogance we called as our. There was a time in which the world was nothing more than a frail dream. And as always happens... in the end the time of waking up has come. Welcome to Gaia Enter in Eurakia and the intereigns, worlds full of adventures, secrets and intrigues that await to be disclosed. Dive in a land of adventures and fantasy where the man live with the most incredible creatures without knowing it. Gaya: beyond the mirror is the second Anima's campaign setting, a book written to join together the most famous eastern fantasy sagas and the classical role playing game spirit. In the book you'll find all of this and much more: A new world to discover: a whole continent and all of Gaia most important islands are described in detail for you to know the geography, the cities and inhabitants lifestyles. A colour map of all Eurakia and another one of its nations are included. The intereigns: A detailed approach to the in-between worlds that are over the human kingdoms. All the outstanding historical and lifestyle aspects are described as well as the distinctive features. Other Gaia Tales: A compilation of histories and tales that relate some of the most important events of Eurakia, as well as a lot of the events that happened in the last centuries without mankind knowing it. Religion: Explore the new continent myths and mores, from the traditional cult of seasons to the horrific cult of the Abyss Old Gods. And much more: find new organisations and forgotten races, as the Dragon Sons or the Turak, Gaia economy working or the cultures of those who walked with the human race.
  13. I, as a game master, would forbid something similar to happen. Furthemore you HAVE to follow the rules on the creation of beings of chapter 26, this means that the game master can choice how to invest DP up to a 50% of the total
  14. I don't use no more the base version so I may say stupid things but does a system like base / base+5 / base+10 / base+15 work for you? Or base / base+5 / base+15 / base+30
  15. I didn't mean that Bill Gates is already dead, I mean that he would be an excellent incarnation. Laika, the first living being in the space, the she-dog had a really tragical end and she was quite famous in the cold war period.
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