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  1. Wow ! Sounds great. May I post this on my website as a variant ? Bruno
  2. I almost never put tie-breakers in my games, but if you want one here you can choose the number of points due to the destiny card.
  3. You can see the map on my website : http://www.faidutti.com/index.php?Module=mesjeux&id=669&fichier=582
  4. You can read a short and nice review there :
  5. Isla Dorada was one of the hits at the Essen game fair. The first session report on the Boardgamegeek is not only enthusiastic, it also gives a good idea of how the game is played : www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/578266/first-impression-4-players
  6. It's interesting that I found this trend just after rewriting the short presentation of the game on my website and making a (boastful) comparison with Ticket to Ride..
  7. If the Bishop is dead, he's no bishop any more and isn't protected from the Warlord.
  8. Yes, Green can build both the colony and the factory in the same rund if he has the resources needed.
  9. bruno faidutti


    You can go in deep space from any system with any movement card.
  10. We did indeed miss this possibility. I'd say that, if such a situation arose, you could claim the victory for the 42 points, because it's hard enough to land exactly on 42 and I've seen very few games won this way.
  11. I never put tie breaker in my games unless the publisher strongly insists. Nexus asked for it, but didn't really insist when Serge and I answered that we don't like tie breakers. A tie is just a tie, two or more winners.
  12. Though my name is Italian indeed, I am not. On the other hand, Ad Astra's main publisher, Nexus, is Italain, and there is an italian version of the game which ought to be in shops very soon.
  13. Two consecutive turns of any scoring can be really good - but it means playing scoring cards quite fast, even the ones not so good for you, and therefore less control on what else is happening. Don't forget you get your scoring cards back only when you've played all three of them.
  14. Gatha said: A game about ninjas. Anyway, I like the idea of bluffing your cargo but I think they mentioned you have 5 ships, so are we going to be able to sink them? Or is the rule of war going to play a big part in that? If it means diplomacy and backstabbing I'm really hoping for being able to declare war. Yes, you can sink opponents' ships, but only after stealing their cargo. No real diplomacy, though - it's very basic. And more frontstabbing, if you can say this, than backstabbing.
  15. CSpuppydog said: This does sound interesting. I have been trying to find some FFG games that my wife would play with me. Out of all the ones i have she still plays but doesn't really enjoy because of all the rules (Arkham Horror, Tannhauser, Etc..) This one looks really fun and she seems pretty interested as well. Im def. keeping my eyes open for it. Not just with your wife - it's 3 players minimum, and in fact much better with 4 or 5. On the other hand, yes, it's simple and fun.
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