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  1. jhaelen

    Feel cheated

    Not necessarily. If there's no Netrunner, the Ex-Netrunner players may decide to play MtG instead. It's definitely what WotC would prefer, imho.
  2. jhaelen

    End of Netrunner

    I agree. Why would they? There'd have to come a zombie apocalypse or judgement day before they'd consider to stop releasing M:tG. And from a business standpoint there's absolutely no reason to release a second CCG since that would just cut into their M:tG sales.
  3. jhaelen

    FFG: It's not me, it's YOU

    Hmm. The German version ("Herrschaft und Traum") is still listed in several online game shops. The German Asmodee website still says 'Release Date 06/2018'. I'm pretty sure it's already been translated and printed. It would be really strange not to release it at this point.
  4. jhaelen

    FFG is Losing My Trust

    Actually, I'm quite sure the no.1 reason is floundering sales. It's a well known fact that sales of board game expansions are always declining. I.e. the first expansion will sell less than the base game, the second expansion will sell less than the first expansion, etc. At some point sales are so low that the product line needs to get rebooted. Then the whole process starts anew. And this isn't limited to board games. It's true for every product line, no matter the branch. If you want to be 'safe' from a new and improved product superseding an older version of a product you already bought, you have to make sure to never, ever buy any product.
  5. jhaelen

    FFG Store & Netrunner

    Yup, that's very likely what's happening.
  6. jhaelen

    Kitara Cycle Supply Restriction

    I had no problem getting them in Germany. But I got the German version and actually ordered them before the end of Netrunner had been announced...
  7. It is a stretch. Trust me on this. They haven't even officially used the M:tG setting for D&D in all those decades. (Although they released a few 'Plane Shift' articles unofficially, which are a pretty cool starting point.) In fact, there is no Netrunner setting. The original CCG used 'Cyberpunk 2020' from Talsorian games as a setting and FFG used their 'Android' setting.
  8. jhaelen

    So the timeline of recent events.

    Indeed. Damon works as a Freelancer now. And Lukas, who _did_ join WotC works on other projects.
  9. jhaelen

    Feel cheated

    I would be surprised. If WotC released an updated version of Netrunner, they'd never license FFG's Android setting. And more importantly: They'd turn it (back) into a CCG. But they won't since it might potentially reduce sales for M:tG.
  10. Ditto. Android: Netrunner is great because it's so different from FFG's other LCGs. I wouldn't be interested in yet another AGoT clone with an Android theme...
  11. jhaelen

    End of Netrunner

    I don't think any of these are FFG products. Also, who said something about revoking? I've been talking about the end of the current licensing contract. When that time comes, Disney may adjust their licensing terms resulting in FFG no longer being able to support their product lines. Then, either another board game company will bite and agree with the new, harsher terms, hoping they'll still be able to make a profit, or there'll be a period without any new 'Star Wars' board games. It's also possible (or even likely) that some board game company that has been acquired by Disney will take over.
  12. jhaelen

    End of Netrunner

    Well, Netrunner was called a 'Living' Card Game for a reason. If no new products will ever be released, it's certainly no longer 'living'. I'd call it 'undead', but 'dead' seems more appropriate since FFG won't even be allowed to reprint any of the existing releases, if I'm not mistaken. Also, I've seen this argument about a million times, and the same thing happens every time: People move on. There may be a small hardcore fan base that continues to play the game and thanks to the internet they'll even be able to organize and continue to meet if only virtually. But without new releases, the meta is completely static, and eventually there's nothing left to discuss or explore about the game. It's hard to stay invested in such a game. As sad as it may be, there will always be other games.
  13. jhaelen

    End of Netrunner

    Nonsense! I strongly doubt there's anyone to blame but WotC. And it's a shame, too, because I consider it extremely unlikely they'll ever do anything again with the Netrunner license. P.S.: I was a bit surprised that the situation with Legend of the Five Rings isn't the same. I hadn't noticed that FFG didn't just license the setting from AEG but actually bought the IP. Star Wars, though... That license can't be cheap. Disney could well decide to pull the plug as soon as the current contract with FFG runs out.
  14. jhaelen

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    Awesome! I've been waiting for this. I don't particularly care about the Terrinoth setting, but then again I cared even less about the Warhammer setting 😛
  15. Please post a link to a service printing cards for less than a penny a card. I've been looking for an inexpensive way to print cards for my board game prototype for quite a while.