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  1. For a start, almost every game that is listed in the category 'other games' on FFG's product pages. There's also been quite a few games designed by Knizia, e.g. Tigris and Euphrates, Samurai, Ingenious. Also, of course the games FFG is no longer allowed to sell because their licensing agreement with Games Workshop ended: Talisman, Fury of Dracula, Chaos in the Old World, etc. And last but not least: Netrunner!
  2. I agree about this part, and it's the main factor why minis are typically included in games, especially kickstarter games. This 'wow factor' tries to appeal to potential customers by giving them a favorable first impression. Many will back a kickstarter simply because of cool-looking minis. However, a wow-factor is short-lived. After the first game, it's mostly already gone, and the game's mechanics quickly become the most important aspect of the game: It will decide whether the game makes it to the table regularly or not. And at that point, you might as well use tokens or meeples. As I said, there are games that truly benefit from minis: E.g. games where the facing of a mini is important, or the difference in size. For games with many different types of units, minis can also be a boon, since it's harder to tell the difference between tokens. But there's a ton of games where minis don't add anything, and may in fact even be detrimental. 'Blood Rage', imho is an example for this: It features different sculpts for identical units, and all minis are made from the same grey material. It would have made a lot more sense and eased gameplay to use meeples in different colors. Don't get me wrong: I think Blood Rage is a great game, but it's not because of the minis. It's because of the clever card drafting mechanism.
  3. They didn't buy 'the game', they acquired a license, allowing them to sell a FFG version of the game (basically just replacing aeroplane cards with minis) - as they've done with countless other games before. With 'a little research' you can easily find 'Wings of War' designer Andrea Angiolino's comments regarding X-Wing: Here's a link to the original post: [url=http://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/showthread.php?11739-X-wing-miniatures-A-quot-Clone-quot-War&s=7b2a9c0b048c422875acac57a9cacee9&p=169119&viewfull=1#post169119]Is X-Wing - a clone war?[/quote] So, yes, I think it's fair to say that FFG totally ripped-off the Wings of War designers.
  4. Imho, adding minis to a game doesn't necessarily result in a better game. Unless there's an actual reason why minis would work better than tokens or wooden bits, I prefer games to not have minis. All they typically do is drive up the price.
  5. Yep, a mix of Game of Thrones, Risk, and a striking similarity to Erik M. Lang's 'Rising Sun', which is currently on kickstarter.
  6. That kind of thing didn't stop FFG when they 'adapted' Wings of War to create X-Wing, either. Since you cannot really legally protect game mechanics, there's no obligation to mention your 'sources of inspiration'.
  7. Looks like FFG played it safe regarding the changes. I don't see anything that would make me want to give it a try if I didn't enjoy TI3. So, it's pretty much just an upgrade for hard-core TI3 fans or players who enjoyed TI3 but haven't bought it yet, waiting for the right opportunity to come around...
  8. Right, it would require rules for adding 'NPC races'. This might be a cool feature added in an expansion. Even with more players it might be cool to be able to add NPC factions.
  9. Just sell your copy of TI3... waiting for FFG reprints can take a long time, up to and including forever...
  10. Yup. My main criticism of the previous incarnation is excessive play time. Of course part of the problem was the game's complexity. If it's two hours for a normal group, it will likely take our AP-prone group four hours. But if we manage to play more than a single turn per hour it'll already count as an improvement...
  11. That was my impression, as well. So, it's a Legacy game, per se, but there's little point in playing a given scenario again.
  12. Yeah, especially since they're listing this as SWA47 - which is the same product ID they already used for 'Fully Operational'...
  13. Lol, complain and you shall receive a.k.a. yay, another preview article! Thanks Grimwalker for the overview and the link to the translated rulebook - very helpful!
  14. I think it's about time they released more information about this. Is this supposed to be played just like normal Netrunner games? If so, what are the stickers supposed to do? Why are there four identities? Can this be played with 4 players? Or is it meant to be a solo game, since according to the news article you have to pick either the Runner or the Corp side at the beginning? Looks like they already have plans for at least a second Legacy set, featuring the factions missing from this first set. I'm really not sure what to think of this...
  15. Well, as far, as I know, there's still a group of players working on a fan expansion with new cards, especially to support the Lodge of the Silver Twilight which is a bit under-represented considering the official card-pool. There should be a thread over at CardGameDB where they infrequently report about their progress. Also at CardGameDB, in the Submitted Decks area, you should find several suggestions from fans for box draft card pools.