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  1. I wasn't all that interested in getting it, since most reviewers agreed the campaign didn't really play well. I also kind of dislike that it only has cards for four of the seven factions. However, it just dawned on me that it appears to have been granted the same status as the deluxe sets, i.e. the cards will always be (tournament) legal. Is that correct? That would change things a bit...
  2. I think you are referring to the Buying Guide from 'Shipment from Chilo', right? It (currently) recommends the following products as 'First Purchases': • Terminal Directive Campaign Expansion • Escalation (from 'Flashpoint', the 6th Cycle) • Old Hollywood (from 'SanSan', the 4th Cycle) or 23 Seconds (from 'Flashpoint', the 6th Cycle) • Earth’s Scion (from 'Red Sands', the 7th Cycle) or The Valley (from 'SanSan', the 4th Cycle) (in addition to a [Revised] Core Set)
  3. Yes, I meant, I'd like to see the card texts. However, in the meantime I've already made up my mind and decided I'm going to get the set. For some reason I'm currently rather hyped about Netrunner again
  4. It's partly my own fault, I guess: I used to sort cards by faction, then type, then cost. The advantage was that it was quite easy to build decks just by flipping the pages, i.e. without a deckbuilder tool. But it did require a lot of sorting and re-sorting whenever new cards were releases. But it wasn't as bad as it may sound: It's perfectly possible to watch tv while doing it Well, how do you store your collection? P.S.: I went ahead and ordered the first three packs from the Kitara cycle I also prepared decks using just the revised core set, since one player expressed interest in learning the game. Is Shaper vs. Jinteki still the recommended factions setup for first-time play?
  5. Makes sense, I guess. Yesterday I re-sorted my card collection and removed the cards that are no longer valid (, which only took about 7 hours...). At least now I have sufficient space in my binders for two or three new cycles / deluxe sets
  6. I agree. A quick search revealed that the mini-factions received new cards in the Flashpoint cycle, as well. Packs from this cycle also show up quite often in the buying guide I found on BoardgameGeek. But it also includes quite a few cards that are on the 'most wanted' and ban lists. I wonder if it's worth getting?
  7. Ah, thanks for this. I recognize the name. I already had a look at his Cube Draft card lists
  8. Hmm. I had a look at the currently available cards in the Kitara cycle, now. There's really a lot of cool cards there. Many have a more interesting design than most of the early cards. So... it's tempting. But buying cards that are basically just replacements for cards I already own doesn't make me happy, i.e. card rotation sucks! For the moment I was just planning to build a bunch of decks using my card pool, bring them to our board game meetings and let my opponents choose one to play. I.e. I'd try to create decks that are fairly well balanced. In the past I've done something similar with Call of Cthulhu decks, and that worked pretty well. I suppose the problems would only start once someone gets sufficiently hooked and either wants to build their own decks using my card pool, or starts their own collection. I guess, in the latter case I'd restrict myself to the same card pool as the other player. I'm not sure how I'd deal with the former case. I suppose, I'll first make a few inquiries how the other regulars think about it. If one or more would be interested in starting with just the Revised Core Set and Kitara, I'll follow suit. Thanks for your advice!
  9. What I don't like about it, is that it's focused on only two Runner and Corp factions. Granted, that's still more than any of the old Deluxe sets included, but it still makes for an 'uneven' starting point, imho.
  10. Would you also recommend to get them for players returning to the game after a longer hiatus? I currently have all of the deluxe sets and the first four cycles. Note, that I don't care about tournaments, so I'm not affected by the cycling out of the first two cycles.
  11. That's a clever decision since it makes the set an attractive option even for players who considered themselves done with the game (like me). I hope one of the previews will show the cards for the 'mini-Runner-factions'. I expect there'll be (only) one for each of them, so they better be good!
  12. That's good news, thanks!
  13. I'm a bit out of the loop, having quit when the Mumbad cycle was announced. But the Revised Core Set has sparked my interest. Does it 'only' contain a different mix of cards or does it also contain some 'revised' cards?
  14. LAPD MWL Updated

    I hated that. That, and the introduction of cards with variable influence costs (in the Mumbad cycle), which was actually part of the reason I quit the game.
  15. Masks Review - such potential...but...

    Err, why wouldn't you count the 'sideboard' AOs? The only big difference to other big box expansions is that instead of a sideboard we get the personal stories. And given the comments I've been reading, I'm more and more convinced that 'Masks' is only interesting for completionists. Disappointing, indeed.