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  1. Gurkhal said: I know this has been discussed before but I think that I should bring it up again. Do you think its possible in some way or another for Chaos Space Marine to create offspring? The reason I was asking is that I would love to re-create a 40k version of the Grigori and the Nephilim scenario and I figure that Chaos Space Marines would probably work best as fallen angels, or should I use something else instead to fill that part? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grigori#Slavonic_Enoch http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephilim I'd say normally no, for the same reasons as ItsUncertainWho mentioned; space marine physiology would mean that 99% of pregnancies end in miscarriage as the mother's body rejects the gene-altered fetus. However, this is Chaos we're talking about. Should one of the Chaos Gods take an interest, or possibly just a powerful daemon, I'm sure a child could be conceived, and such a child would no-doubt have a dark and magnificent destiny ahead of it. Such a plotline could open up all manner of possibilities for Chaos Space marines hunting down their own offspring who is prophesied to destroy them; or maybe they have to find and protect a pregnant slave who, it has been foretold, will give birth to the child of a mighty Chaos Space marine.
  2. The way I've always viewed it is that Slaaneshi marines have moved beyond mere sex. They probably still indulge in it from time to time, but on the whole they have mored on to other, darker vices. Torture, murder and drug use are just the tip of the iceburg; think of the Cenobites from Hellraiser and you're on the right track; pain and pleasure indivisible; agony raised to levels that it becomes rapture, etc. You can be sure that anyone a Slaaneshi marine chooses as an object for their pleasure isn't going to enjoy it, or possibly survive it.
  3. It's that day again! New comic is up.
  4. Hello you lot! I haven't been posting here in a while, but I just thought I'd remind you all that SotI still exists and still updates (more or less) every sunday!
  5. New strip up, and a new wallpaper!
  6. There's also an E3 interview with one of the Relic guys, with more info on the game: http://www.thq-games.com/uk/thqtv/index?movieId=3218 Still, sounds like a pretty good game.
  7. Check this out... It's made of pure awesome... http://www.thq-games.com/uk/thqtv/index?movieId=3145
  8. It's that time again! A new strip is up! Also, there's some artwork of Brianna over in my deviant account.
  9. Bank holiday weekend strip is up! It's a little late, but I'm sure you can all forgive me!
  10. New strip up! Has anyone ever fancied doing a SotI guest strip? I've got some holiday comming up and I'd love to be able to post a few strips as a break!
  11. Graver said: You can pretty much take fading Suns and crank everything up 5 more notches, pump it full of growth hormones, soak it in blood, paint it black, then set it on fire and you'll have 40k to the tee ;-) Graver, you just won the internets. That was brilliant. In my opinion Fading Suns (awesome game btw) is a lot more like Dune than 40k is, and also has a lot more 'hope' to the setting. There is more chivalry and honour, and not so much death and loss. It really reminds me of the tongue-in-cheek version of 40k, Brighthammer40k (linky)
  12. New comic up! Go check that badboy out!
  13. As requested, and as the old SotI thread was getting a bit full, here's a new Servants of the Imperium thread! Servants of the Imperium is a weekly webcomic, updated by myself every Sunday, that follows the exploits and (mis)adventures of Inquisitor Severus Hunt and his intrepid band of loyal acolytes as they stumble their way through the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The SotI website can be found here If you have any feedback, plot ideas, fan art or anything you'd like to say, say it here!
  14. krootassasin667 said: I can't get the website to come up. I love the comic Are you still having problems? New strip is up, slightly later than usual due to me being lame.
  15. Brother Praetus said: That was one helluva blush ES. Showing right through her mask/hood-thingy. I am sure there are navigators in the warp confused by the sudden appearance of a second astronomicon. -=Brother Praetus=- Well, she is blushing REALLY hard! Or perhaps one of her augmetic implants is on the fritz and those are warning lights?
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