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  1. I think there's a finite supply of clues. If you're told to place a clue somewhere when they're all in play already you simply don't place that clue. The maximum number of clues in play is equal to the number of clue tokens.
  2. Yeah... we don't replay once we've finished a scenario either. It's more fun to move on to the next scenario. It would have sucked to not be able to win a scenario though. Right now we're down to our last four investigators so I'm happy to hear that our upcoming game isn't our last shot at that thing...
  3. That makes some sense. I've seen people discuss strategies involving getting devoured on purpose in some situations here on the forum but I didn't connect it to the league. It's a bit too gamey for my group so we just didn't consider that reason. It seems to be the consensus that you get as many shots at each scenario as you like. If that's how everyone else plays it then that's what we'll do as well. The reason I posted the question was that we don't want to inadvertently cheat or anything...
  4. Hehe... I'm not talking about all twelve in a single game. That would be the greatest game of AH ever played though. I'm asking because my four player group has failed scenario four two times. That means that we've lost eight investigators which leaves us with four left to use. My question is, if we fail a third time, does the pool refresh or are we forced to submit a score of zero for that scenario. The leaue rules are phrased in a way that implies that you only get new Ancient One fodder once you move on to the next scenario but people don't seem to play that way.
  5. MrsGamura said: Drosselmeier said: Yes, but my question is, do I then get to replay the scenario or do I have to take a result of zero points for that scenario? You can replay the scenario as many times as you want... Infact you can beat it and play it again to try and get a better score or not bet it a play until you do OR skip it and come back later! Even if I manage to get the twelve investigators devoured? Am I never under any circumstances forced to accept a score of zero? If this is the case, what is the point of even having a pool that refreshes and all that?
  6. Yes, but my question is, do I then get to replay the scenario or do I have to take a result of zero points for that scenario?
  7. So in other words there is no way to fail a scenario? Doesn't seem right to me. The FAQ says that the pool is refreshed once a new scenario is posted. That has to mean that you refresh it once you move on to a new scenario. It also says that if an investigator is devoured and the pool is empty that player is out for the scenario. This all implies that you're limited to twelve investigators and that you get a score of zero once you use those up. Am I wrong?
  8. What happens when you run out of investigators for a scenario? Am I right in assuming that you get a score of zero for that scenario? The FAQ states that you can play each scenario as many times as you like but that's only as long as you don't run out of characters, right?
  9. They'll probably release it in time for people to actually get their hands on a copy before it's needed for league play. Even if it's only the last scenario you need it for it will be out one week or so before the last scenario. If it's needed for the ninth scenario it's about two weeks away right now.
  10. If you use Strange Eons to create investigators you won't have to worry about it. It automatically keeps tracks of stats and possessions and the like and tells you if your investigator is balanced or not. Nifty! http://www.sfu.ca/~cjenning/eons/index.html
  11. I hope the small dust cards have something to do with The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. I can imagine that turning into a pretty sweet game mechanic. It wouldn't have anything to do with Innsmouth but I don't care. I want it anyway.
  12. I would say that you lose the four sanity. The only reason I can give is that it doesn't make sense to me that you make a pause in your recoiling in horror in order to seek forbidden knowledge that can help you cope with said horror. Can't think of anything official to regulate it though.
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