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  1. I've sent a number of you copies of the rules. please let me know what you think. I wouldn't mind starting some discussion here on this.
  2. I really enjoy Descent and my group has played it off and on frequently, since it first came out. We have tried the Sea of Blood, but did not find the setting as a whole very appealing, it seemed to introduce so many new problems with the system. But to its credit it introduced some corrections to Descent that we really liked (Divine Favor for example). We have been playtesting a full RTL2.0 and so far have found it to work really well for our group. We are part way into the Silver campaign level. It has taken some adjustment since the revised rules change objectives and availability of treasure. In the long run I'm hoping these changes will create a more balanced experience. Our last session the heroes raided Greyhaven to free its citizens from the Demon Lords tyranny, the heroes were triumphant even though they were down to their last woman, Rune-Witch Astarra managed to fell the Devious Kobold Siege Master (Who on a side note layed waste to their entire party on their last encounter when he and his band snuck up on them while they slept). The only major areas of concern that still remain are the balance of the city encounters and I have some concern about the Mage hireling, I'm thinking its gold level should lose the Blast and instead gain 1-2 more Sorcery and maybe Stun. I'm really looking forward to any feedback any of you have either positive or constructive aka negative . Feel free to post here for an open discussion.
  3. Parathion you should have an e-mail now.
  4. I have completed the first version of the manual for RTL (Revised), if your interested in checking it out send me an e-mail to rangerc@hotmail.com and I will send you a copy. I have given it a play test in my group which turned out really well. I'm happy enough with them to see what all of you think.
  5. I am back, having survived the chaos of the new year. I've been mainly working on RTL2.0 and not so much on the Avatars. If there is a specific Avatar you are interested in let me know and I can gather it together and send it to you. Once again sorry for not responding sooner.
  6. hoduken said: couold we maybe get a blank template of the cards you work on? Hi Hoduken, I'm afraid I don't have a template, I modify scanned images of the Avatars using Photoshop.
  7. It can be very challenging to come up with appropriate heroes and descriptions. One key factor to be aware of is that Road to Legend (RtL) makes some important changes, for one they removed the healing runes from the game. Healing in RtL is critical and I can see with Chen you attempted to avoid this problem. As a side note I have not played DOTA. Here are some of my thoughts/suggestions: Holy Knight Chen: Too many restrictions breeds confusion, one idea would be to utilize Glyphs. "When Chen reveals a Rest Order all adjacent heroes (not including Chen) recover 2 Health.". Alternatively if you are looking for a ranged healing ability. "While in a dungeon Holy Knight Chen may spend an attack action and X fatigue, every hero within X spaces of Chen heal 2 wounds." He is also over costed, he should be worth 2 CT. Shendelzare: Her mobility is an issue as not only does it make her extremely mobile (Descent is often a race against time). She also foils almost any Overlord plan involving positioning. She can swap with a monster standing on a chest or glyph. Swap with a distant monster singling them out for the rest of the party. Exceedingly easy to escape from harm and difficult situations and can also pull weaker members from harm as well. I'm sure there are many other concerns, just trying to give you a perspective. One idea for a change "Once per turn during her action, Shendelzare may pay 2 fatigue to swap positions with another hero within her LOS." She is also borderline under costed, I think she should be worth 3 due to her flexable and defensive capable ability. Pudge: I generally find this beast broken, no offense intended, but to use his ability he must sacrifice his move and he is already slow and unarmored, the Overlord would love this easy to kill high conquest hero. Here is another idea, "Pudge starts with a Hook token. When making an attack, Pudge may instead make a Ranged attack with his hook, Roll 1 blue die + Ranged traits and if the attack causes any wounds before armor, place his hook token on the target. Pudge may reclaim the hook token at the start of his turn or if the enemy breaks free/dies." I would his Melee Traits and Combat skills by one and increase his Ranged Trait and Subterfuge skill by one. Hook: Treat hook the same as web. Finally his CV to 3. Nevermore: Ouch, way too powerful. Here is another idea, "When Nevermore declares a Battle action he may sacrifice both attack and spend 3 fatigue to cause 5 damage (ignoring armor) to all figures within 3 spaces. After the attack Nevermore gains a Curse token." Now his attack may harm friends and enemies alike, forcing his player to consider carfully when and if to use it. Powerful attacks should usually consume 75%-100% of the heroes fatigue, preventing consecutive uses. Finally his CV to 2. I consider CV a measure of how difficult a hero is to defeat, including defensive special abilities. Anyways, I hope these suggestions are helpful. Darkspell - Are you afraid of the dark? You should be...
  8. Your heroes look great. Obsidian Shade seems pretty cool. I would say based on his abilities his CV is just right a great runner with lots of fatigue for versatility. Night Drow introduces a low conquest melee warrior which is very uncommon, a nice addition. She can make a good runner who can fight her own fights or sacrifice her speed to gain some defense. If you wanted to include additional heritage to the Deep Elves, she could be given immunity to Frost. Again I feel her CV is appropriate based on her stats. Aegis Brightelf worries me a bit. She would be a devestating tank if she was able to rest or recover fatigue (leadership...cringe). Currently she has a starting armor of 4 (chain mail) and a free triple strength ghost armor. Most monsters will never touch her. Additional fatigue will continue to increase her effectiveness. I figure you are attempting to simulate her using a shield. One idea could be to allow her to spend 1 fatigue at any time to ready an unready equiped shield. This ability is weaker, but still flexible, it also will progress with the campaign or dungeon treasure progression as her defense bonus will be limited by the treasure available. Shredsmurth is a little more complicated, he seems a little over powered. I would consider him on par with Nanok (pre-Sea of Blood nerf). Some questions I would have based on the theme of the card would be. Can he wear armor, being that he is a were-wolf/wolfman? Does he gain the pierce on any attack, melee attacks only or only with his claws (unarmed 1 red die + melee traits)? If he were to have restrictions of these sort I would start to consider his CV value too high. The skill loss for Road to Legend has little impact, just a smaller selection to choose from at the start. It has a major impact to Vanilla. I don't think I would a heroes skill selection below 2. All in all you did a great job on the cards.
  9. Digitality said: Question about the Wildhunt. Were he to die in an encounter, would that be a wrap on the campaign as a loss for the overlord/win for the heroes? I can see that circumstance being heavily balancing against the strength of his constant presence that people are concerned about. Making it somewhat of a risk for the OL player to throw him around lightly and without consideration. (This thematically makes the most sense, since regeneration/resurrection aren't apparent in his skill set) Also, as a "lieutenant" does he receive the benefits of his Avatar cards, or are they reserved for the final battle alone? (Apologies if this has already been asked) I'm glad to see some interest in the Avatars, are you running the Wildhunt in a campaign? As for your questions, The Hunter should be treated like any other Lieutenant other then he isn't placed on the map and may enter any encounter based on the die roll. If he is defeated the Avatar is not defeated, instead he is weakened as in he can no longer leave his Keep to harass the heroes. In game terms the Lieutenant card is removed from play like any other Lieutenant until the final battle where it will be used again for the Avatar's stats. The Avatar cards will only come into play during the final battle. I would love to hear about any campaigns in which any of the custom Avatars have been used and how they worked.
  10. I also can confirm that Kevin Wilson ruled that the Overlord may make one upgrade purchase.
  11. One of my side projects is redesigning RTL. It is a pretty hefty overhaul that is incorporating some aspects of Sea of Blood and is mainly intended for my group since we would like to have the game a little more balanced and a different atmosphere. I know many would disagree and rightfully so, since every change I make may/will have dramatic affects on the game balance that will be difficult to foresee. It is still in design, therefore not tested and I'm sure some will dislike some of the concepts. Some examples of changes for RTL (Revised): Sea of Blood Rules - Divine Favor, Home City, Reduced fatigue upgrades, no Lieutenant Treachery and swimming in encounters. The Plot Deck - A select number of plots are slightly modified and all conquest costs are removed. Together they form the plot deck, one plot card is brought into play for every 50 total conquest earned. Hero Skills - Heroes are limited to learn up to three (with some exceptions) skills as designated on their character cards. Quests - Dungeons may only be entered if you have a rumor (quest) for them. Up to 3 active rumors are in play at a time. Lieutenant Battles - Lieutenants don't die . Razing - Cities are no longer razed instead they switch allegience. City upgrades - All cities have upgrades and offer the Overlord advantages if they join him. Legendary Skills - Some skills have been reclassified and can only be learned under special circumstances. Alchemical Breakthrough - New Antidote, Invulnerability and Remedy potions . Market Shortage - Treasures are now rarer so merchants have less to offer the heroes, instead they will need to brave the Overlords forces to wrest the greatest treasures. Revised Conquest Rules - The Overlord and Heroes must work harder to earn their conquest. Hirelings - The heroes have inspired some citizens to rise up and help defeat the Overlord. Race to the Overlord's Keep - This is end game material, a little too early to tell all. New Victory Conditions - Dominance, Power or Force . The great news is it's all coming together nicely. The bad news is I just don't have enough hours in a day to test it all. I would be interested in any brave volunteers to play test scenarios in your groups and provide feedback on how they play and later play testing the actual campaign rules. Please let me know if you would be interested. I would like to e-mail predefined scenarios including hero load outs to see how well parts of the game work and receive any feedback good or bad.
  12. I agree that the penalty for Orris and Dallak should not apply during restocks, it would get too complicated if it did. But what about training actions after returning to the city or staying multiple weeks. In other words is the cost for these locations paid when the heroes move into one of the cities or each week they are in the city? Possible simple to manage options: Cost applies only when entering or passing through the city during overland map movement. Cost applies when hero token moves through one of the cities or ends the week in one of the cities (including fleeing a dungeon, but not hero restocking at home city).
  13. Thanks for the info Schmiegel. I'm hoping to get some time over the holiday season to continue my work on RTL2.0. The hard work is always making the dungeons and I don't get a lot of time to play test. So some designs are more or less winging it until I can get a real feel for how well they work. I saw the Swordsman as more of a defense a caster could hire and keep close to them, the Archer was more for cleaning up a monster with one or two wounds remaining and the Mage is the heavy hitter of the group. The main reason I restricted the hirelings movement when a hero was out of the dungeon was to prevent them from using just the hireling to attempt to clear a dangerous area (I know it isn't overly a feasible idea), but this was an earlier issue with Furr. Basically if the hero isn't around the mercenary slacks off, but your insight is valuable balancing them is very tricky and can throw the balance dramatically. The cost for resurrection is low, but gold I find is a very restricted resource for the heroes, but will probably have the costs restructured to scale with the campaign level and I'm considering removing the upkeep cost per week. A little more insight on the 3 rumor idea; The heroes won't just dungeon delve randomly. They will only be able to enter a dungeon with a purpose - Rumor, Lieutenant Fortress or Plot Quest Item locations. Giving more of the RPG quest format. The hardest part of this is designing the encounter maps for the cities; these will be used when the heroes attempt to free the city from the Overlord's clutches.
  14. Thanks for the comments RustyDust. I would love to hear how they work in your games and what your players think of them. The images are the full versions I have used to print. Make sure to click on the image to open it in a new window and you should be able to save that image to print at a good quality. Your blessing idea is cool, it could even be a better option to use then the holy relic idea. As for additional city upgrades, they could be included and would work the same as the ones for Tamalir. One of my side projects is redesigning RTL. It is a pretty hefty overhaul that is incorporating some aspects of Sea of Blood and is mainly intended for my group since we would like to have the game a little more balanced and a different atmosphere. I know many would disagree and rightfully so, since every change I make may/will have dramatic affects on the game balance that will be difficult to forsee. It is still in design, therefore not tested and I'm sure some will dislike some of the concepts. Some examples of changes for RTL2.0 (very original I know ): Dungeons may only be entered if you have a rumor (quests) for them (up to 3 rumors at one time). Select plot cards are drawn randomly after a fixed amount of total conquest is reached. Home cities - the city closest to a dungeon is considered your home city not always Tamalir (ties are selected by the heroes). Divine Favor, reduced fatigue upgrades, no treachery in Lieutenant encounters, swimming in encounters and randomized treachery are some of the house/SOB rules integrated. The skills listed on a heros card are limits, which means heroes usually cap at 3 skills and prevents melee heroes from having magic or subterfuge skills, this increases cross skilled heroes as they can create certain combos. Cities are not destroyed, but instead switch loyalties granting benefits to the side they are allied with. Heroes may also not assault Overlord cities to free them (this is done through a special encounter map). Overlord does not gain free conquest as easily. Lieutenants resurrect at the Overlord Keep or Fortresses, but take time before they are able to leave the Keep to spread evil again. No Tamalir seige win for the Overlord. Markets only carry the last campaign level treasures for purchase (I suspect this will be a one many would challenge, but one benefit is that gold treasure will not run rampant). Revised Final Battle proceedure and Keep reinforcement. and much, much more...
  15. Thanks for the thoughts Jake, I know what you are saying about the hirelings and I can't completely disagree. One of the points of not making them worth 1 conquest is the Overlord could continually attack them to gain free conquest, they are not overly tough since they do not equip gear. I will need to play around with them to ensure they are not too powerful, they are also a drain on the heroes gold which I find to be the more important resource for the heroes, so there is a cost and if they die too often the heroes will quickly find they are short on gold to increase their own effectiveness. Another thought could be for each hero with a hireling, give that hero a curse token. As for the Relic, don't forget that the relic is made innert when Vynevale is razed and I like the concept of the holy light being distracting to the Overlord's minions. I don't get the same impression from granting a command ability. I like your suggestion for the Oracle. I'll have to rework the card when I have a chance.
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