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  1. MattMcD31 said: Ummmm Winter is over by my calendar. not sure what this means really???? Blood Bowl: Team Manager - The Card Game 3/1/2011 Blood Bowl: Team Manager - The Card Game, designed by Eric Lang and Corey Konieczka, takes 2-4 players through the cutthroat excitement of an entire Blood Bowl season, all in about an hour. Choose one of six unique factions: Humans, Dwarfs, Wood Elves, Orcs, Skaven, or Chaos, then experiences the strategy and competition of drafting new players over the course of the season! A frenzied game of deck-building, Blood Bowl: Team Manager puts you in the owner’s box, where you’ll make the calls necessary to take your team to the finals. Customize your deck by grabbing the best new draft picks and upgrading your players, or employ devious tactics to take your opponent’s Star Players out of the game... for good. More Info [+] • Follow latest news on this product RSS Blood Bowl: Team Manager - The Card Game Blood Bowl: Team Manager - The Card Game Board Games Expected by: winter '10/'11 We're talking about FFG^^ Do I have to say more? Expected by: winter 2110/2111
  2. In your profile just go to "Bearbeiten", then "Profil aktualisieren", last step: "Bevorzugte Darstellung: als Liste" - and then have fun Kind regards Scayra
  3. To be honest, I like this sentence most: Welcome to the Creatures update, and enjoy! What I dislike completely is the lack of storing lore - it adds another random component into the game, not speaking about the impossibility for the spider to use it's poison. Imho it's better to ignore the update or to have it rewritten by someone who already played some games of Battlelore.
  4. Look's great, sounds great, but... ... let's wait what FFG means with fall 2009
  5. Thanks Ben, also for your reply about "Put card into play"
  6. "After you win a challenge, put KD into play from your hand" Do I have to pay 4 gold to put him into play this way? thx
  7. Hi @ all, can Nymeria save the character it's attached to by kneeling from Valar Morghulis? What does happen then? Character is saved, Nymeria is killed by VM? thx
  8. Yap, I'm here (and also @ DoW, at least once or twice a week). Thanks for your response - man, I had some hard 5 minutes to remember what I wanted from you, but now it's clear. Now I hope I get some time to get into translation. Thx again Scayra
  9. It's the eternal struggle: hope vs experience (and sad to say: hope didn't win that often^^)
  10. diaper said: The only thing we did not know for sure before is that Heroes is not yet at the printers. Which means that there is at least (and that is if the game is left to printers today) another 3 - 5 months before we will see it in stores. No, you're kidding^^ - just look here: Only 2 more month in maximum, it's already spring 2009. YES, WE CAN!!! wait, but I think, something has to happen SOON, not just bla bla for months and months and months
  11. Sorry for double-post... don't know why I wrote "to" with double-o^^
  12. I think, 3 or 4 times a year is a bit too much, once or twice will be more realistic (or nothing at all???). My interest in Battellore gets smaller and smaller, other games appear, are supported, ... I'm still active in the German WorldofBattlelore-forum, but I realised that my last BL-Game was in december 2008, and somehow I don't feel motivated to play it in the next days/weeks. I still think, it's a great game, but too much promises which were waiting to be proven...
  13. Thx - that sounds much better than the original rules (just downloaded the FAQ). But now I wonder why the German reprint of AH from December 2008 and the English pdf-rules doesn't have this more than 2 years old change of rules implemented^^
  14. Hi @ all, I spotted some difficulties for me in understanding the following phrase: When the players accumulate a total number of successes equal to the number of players (including any players that were eliminated from the game), remove one doom token from the Ancient One’s doom track and reset their cumulative successes to zero. Does this mean, e.g. 4 players game, none eliminated: player 1 has 2 successes , followed by player 2 with 3 successes. (accumulated 5 succeses <-> 4 players) Do I now: a) remove 1 doom token and reset successes to 0, then go on with players 3 and 4 or b) add to those 5 successes the successes from players 3 and 4, then remove doom token(s) and reset successes to 0 Thanks in advance
  15. @Mattr0polis: You're welcome @Cab: Thanks for confirming it - now I know it for sure.
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