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  1. The BGG announcement says April, but I am dubious as it’s still listed as “In Development...”
  2. Also no dice in Middle-Earth Quest. Nice breakdown video though...
  3. Titeman1

    Seeking first edition

    I have a complete 1e set I wouldn’t mind unloading for the right price. It’s all in a tackle box and the RtL and SoB boxes...
  4. Titeman1


    If it had outlines for where the cards go I'd be interested. The museum map while cool, isn't functional enough got my tastes...
  5. Titeman1

    New Thrall Stats?

    I highly doubt anyone will post that due to possible copyright violations...
  6. Titeman1

    Road to Legend Bug Report

    Played a story quest this weekend in Kindred Fire. Not sure of the Quest name, but the BBE was Darvik. The final (win) text has a misspelled word. "but Sir Kane hurries passed"...should be "past"...
  7. Titeman1

    Can RtL turn Descent into a family game?

    My (9 year old) son and I have been having a blast!...
  8. Titeman1

    Road to Legend Feedback

    I'd love to be able to connect with my friend's game online so we could play the same Campaign together (using FaceTime or Hangout with the game set up on both ends!)...
  9. The development of this game has nothing to do with WQ:ACG. I'm sure we'll see an expansion...
  10. Titeman1

    Road to legend

    FFG would be silly to just release an expansion for the app. They'll most likely continue boxed expansions for the base game which you can then use stuff from in the app...
  11. Engaged monsters travel with you. It's definitely in the rules somewhere...
  12. Titeman1

    On the Boat!

    +1... Was initially hoping that this would be another cooperative/solo LCG, but still very excited to play this game! I'm very happy it's NOT an LCG so my completionist tendencies don't conflict with my limited playtime...
  13. Titeman1

    Watchful SPITES?

    Oh man, there are going to be LOTS of posts about this when the game comes out!...
  14. It's actually more of a meld of Death Angel and the LotR: LCG than a Rune Age clone...
  15. Titeman1

    Rant: The Blue Cross

    Um...because sometimes heroes miss?...