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  1. Enjoy the hollidays! Maybe 2016 will be better now that Warhammer Quest is out and they have freed up some of the Warhammer developers. Maybe not. I still enjoy this game immensely!
  2. I don't know if I expect any expansions or not at this point. I still try to persuade people I know to play a match whenever possible. So far we have only played with the preconstructed armies, so there is much left for us to explore in the game. I wish this game would generate more buzz online so I had something to read between matches. Snipertroll has done us all a great favor with his blog. It is really solid stuff.
  3. Whether Age of Sigmar turns out to be good or bad does not matter I think. I think the license that FFG is working with covers what we soon will name Old/Classic/Legacy Warhammer Fantasy or something. Just like we see in the computer game department, I don't think GW will allow others into the Age of Sigmar setting until it is more developed. It is a tool to draw new people into the miniatures hobby, people that have maybe never dabbled with models and painting before. They might actually succeed with that. Even I am somewhat tempted by this fresh start, allthough I know I won't have the time nor the skills to do it proper justice. I am a boardgamer and playing the game is my primary interest. So it's still Diskwars for me.
  4. This is the same plan I have for my next multiplayer game. Good to hear some opinions on the shared command cards, because that is most tricky part about playing in teams. How do you handle distribution of activations? Have you tried team games where players have their own set of command cards? I suppose they would need to have complete sets of 4 cards for the variance, but either 1 or 2 regiments each. I have the feeling some sort of contested objective(s) would do wonders for multiplayer games, especially in free-for-all.
  5. Have you experimented with alternate scenarios other than the objective cards?
  6. Considering what is happening on the video game front. Vermintide and Total War Warhammer both set in the Warhammer Fantasy world we know. I don't see Age of Sigmar as blocking new Diskwars content. It might or might not be a good move by GW to get fresh blood into the beast that was Warhammer Fantasy but it will probably not, if ever, affect Diskwars until the new material has settled. I love Warhammer Diskwars, but I get the feeling it didn't survive in the Shadow of X-wing/Armada. But I would welcome any new content for this game. It has been a gift to the surpessed wargamer in me.
  7. By now I have played several games, both one versus one and multiplayer. So far I have kept to the rules as written. The multiplayer rules are Ok, but everyone I play with agrees that teams would be more natural. While we are waiting for news anyway I thought we could talk about unofficial game variants on multiplayer. What variants have yoy tried? How did it work out? What would you do different next time?
  8. Cool, but you forgot to add it to the From the Battlefield page.
  9. I am very sure that it is the player that controls and activates Decrepit Wizard that also discards the card.
  10. The Asylum Packs are still interesting, but not neccesary. With only two released faction boxes so far you will have an uneven spread of cards. This will change once more boxes come out. I myself have chosen the same route you describe, but I have also given in and bought the last 3 cycles. Im retrospect I am very happy with Revelations and Ancient Relics. Rituals of the Order not so much. I have it from more experienced players that older packs have more less useful cards than newer packs. I really like the deluxe expansions, they are strong in theme and mechanics goes well together. Asylum Packs are always interesting but might be less so once we see all the new faction boxes come out. On question 2: Not likely.
  11. So are people playing this game in Norway? I know I have seen a copy of the Core Set sitting on the shelves of my local game store for a while.
  12. Revisiting these lists I agree with you, Danigral. I considered the AOs a must back then because I wanted them to be represented within their faction. In retrospect I would remove certain AOs, such as Shub and the focus on Dark Young. I think also discard is not such a viable mechanic for Yog in this format. Cthulhu is maybe doing tooo much with both Cthulhu himself and Deep Ones. But I do have fond memories of feeding reccured Deep Ones to Cthulhu (or Local Sheriff).
  13. Ithaqua could be possible considering the Polar content in the last two faction boxes. The rest of the box seems to move away from Polar though. What is the chance to see well-known named characters really?
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