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  1. I played both at GenCon. Purchased Dungeonquest and really enjoyed it. Ravenloft really compares to WarHammer Quest, a game I really like. The rules could be tighter in places, and I like the components in Dungeonquest better. I'm still deciding about Ravenloft.
  2. Absolutely loved it. I bought Dungeonquest, Death Watch, City of Thieves, and Death Angel. Death Angel got the most plays. Maybe because it was kind of a perfect Convention game for us.......we played it at least 7-8 times. I'll post more later, but it felt like Space Hulk to us. Each marine team had a different feel and the locations and encounters were cool. I'd love to see what they could do with even more cards. Big hit for my group.
  3. keltheos said: YAY! I'll be reading this on the flight to Indy. Hopefully I'll have a copy of it to play there as well! Exactly my plan as well. This and the space hulk card game are likely to be my first purchase on Thursday!
  4. Mindseye


    Really excited about this one! The most recent FFG Newsletter says: "This summer, the dragon's challenge awaits. Begin your adventure by learning more at our website!" Hopefully that means I'll be in line for my copy at GenCon.
  5. With a listed August release, I was hoping to find some Deathwatch games scheduled for GenCon this year. I found a seminar, but no individual games listed. Do they usually have rpg games scheduled or just demo them at their booth?
  6. 2 more games for my group last night....2 more Cylon wins. Cylons 10, Humans 2. Both were 5 player games.
  7. We had another game tonight. My group stands: Cylons 8, Humans 2. Tonight's was a 5 player game with 2 Cylons from the beginning.......humans did well for a while, but when it went bad, it went really bad! Actually saw the humans fend off 8 Cylon raiding parties before the Cylon fleet swarmed the humans...a population loss on a desperation early jump from the humans.
  8. Got mine today!! Picked it up at Lone Star Comics in the DFW Texas area. Can't wait to try it out!!
  9. We played our first game using the Reaper last night with mixed results. We had great laughs because we rolled tons of ones and he was very active. Problem was he killed 3 of the 4 players at some point during the game. 2 of them were pretty powered up and got to start over. As a result, we played about 3 1/2 hours and were nowhere close to being done when we called it a night. I doubt I can get my group to try the Reaper again without some rules tweaks.
  10. Another victory for the Humans for our group this weekend! I believe we stand Cylons 7, Humans 2. This one was fantastic..........3 resources were down to 2 or 1 for 2 full trips around the table. The Humans passed skill checks of 15 and 13 to ****** victory from the jaws of defeat.
  11. TheDukester said: silenceindigo said: In Cosmic Encounter, doesn't the Tick-Tock appear overpowered? Honestly ... no. As mentioned above, T-T has the potential to alter the way the game is played, but once the other players make adjustments to compensate, I don't see it as particularly powerful. In fact, I'd guess that T-T will win just as many games the "regular" way as it does by getting rid of all its tokens. I played my first game with the new version tonight and this is exactly what happened. I played Tick-Tock and won with five bases instead of the discarded tokens. It did let me put the others in several "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenarios. The final turn was my attack where a win gave me base 5, a successful defense gave me a victory with the last token discarded. Can't wait to play this some more!!
  12. I think you're right Mike. One of the best looking rulebooks I've seen........
  13. Android was my first gaming Christmas present. Can't wait to give this a shot!!
  14. Nice post for human strategy purposes. We've seen fuel and food being the most common problems. In our one human victory, they actually jumped to a fuel depot and recovered some. Morale hasn't seemed to be a problem, as the president has some ways to increase it through quorum cards. We've had a population loss or two, but they were because the entire game was a disaster and the fleet was smashed.
  15. Tretiak said: cylons: 4 humans: 0 Actually, in one game, the crisis deck was so brutal that the cylons stood and watched as galactica crumbled and exploded without making a single jump. Pilot episode gone terribly wrong, it was horrifying, and we all loved it We had the exact same thing happen once.............a perfect storm of horrible crises.
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