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  1. I use 33 Million as fact. I have a spreadsheet I created for my campaign that lists every family and population figures. I can share if anyone is interested. Trevor L.
  2. Not sure where to put this so please move it does not fit here, but I was looking for someone to help me out. I need 2 mons created for some minor clans and everything I come up with sucks. Any help would be appreciated. Looking for Bear Clan and Panther Clan, Thanks in advance. Trevor L.
  3. Ok I get they are different, but I have read the book and I just don't like not having concrete numbers to roll for. To me personally I like numbered dice and concrete target numbers to roll for. But don't get me wrong, if you like the way this work go for it and enjoy any chance to game is always good. For me and my group we will be staying with 4ED.
  4. Remember your Lord will provide what you need. Also nothing stopping you as a Samurai from just taking the horse if you need it and the local headman will bill your Lord for the cost. I believe that is why no actual cost is listed.
  5. While I love L5R as a game. I am not a big fan of the FFG system. I have played their SW game and a little Gensys and do not like using specialty dice. Does not seem to convey what I want in my game. I prefer 4th Ed. I will pickup the books for fluff and stuff but I will continue to roll d10's and hope they explode :-) Trevor L.
  6. Ok I was looking at some old 3ed forum posts and something came up that I am a bit confused on for any edition. The player in question was asked how many planets he had and lied to the person about how many he had, then the next phase won the game when his public objective stated I collect VP if I own 11 planets outside of my HP. There was a pretty strong opinion that the player was a cheat and should not be played with again. I looked through the 3ed and 4ed rules and no where can I find that states that planets or trade goods are public knowledge and therefore must be truthfully advised when asked. I find no issue with lying about what you own. It is not my job to keep you in the know, that is your job. If I need to only conquer 1 more planet to win it is not my job to tell you that, you need to be paying attention to that. I am not saying cover up everything and dont let anyone see it, but during the course of play things will get mixed up and moved around. I do not feel under any obligation to straighten it up so you can count things. I guess it is just how my group plays, but we cheat, lie and steal to win and no one I play sees an issue with that. Is it just me or do others play this way as well.
  7. I am not sure who would even be the person to go to at FFG. I would very much like to help out on something like this. If anyone knows who at FFG we need to talk to to get something like this done, let me know or pass my name on to them and lets do this thing! :-) Trevor L.
  8. Has there been any talk of doing a winter court this year? Trevor L.
  9. jyanta I don't mean to resurrect an old post, but I cannot find in the 1.10a sheet where the defined name for the equipment table is to correct it, Any help would be appreciated. Trevor
  10. No that is not me. Well I can see what we can do. i will stay in touch and let you know when we play again and we can go from there. Trevor
  11. Well we all kinda live spread out so we could find a middel ground. Trevor
  12. Any players in Milwaukee,Racine,Kenosha area want to play a game. I can get 4-5 players and we can maybe do an 8 player game. Let me know any weekend works for me. Trevor
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