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  1. Name: Chris Swales Where are you from, tell us about your playgroup?: I am from Sacramento, with some great players including the lead designer. How did you hear about or get involved in L5R? I started back in college in the early 200's during the start of samurai when my friend and I randomly asked about L5R and had a store employee tell us about it and teach us the basics. Did you/Do you consider yourself a clan loyalist? Started as Nezumi, then dabbled in various Phoenix, scorpion, and now very much a Spider Player What did you like about or what drew you to your clan of choice? I like that spider are the underdogs, even though they might be evil-ish, they have their own code and live by it. What was your first L5R tournament experience? Feeding Hills, at least a hundred people and I got crushed, and loved it. Favorite story or quote from the fiction? Why? I've loved almost all the fiction, not sure I could pick one. Favorite character? Why? K'Mee experienced, because I love the idea of a ratling finding enlightenment and becoming a monk Best memory or experience you had playing L5R or because of L5R. In college we would play 4 player L5R games that took hours and had a great time wheeling and dealing with each other for help Favorite deck that you built or played and why. Spider Fear, which was my first tournament strong deck really. Also loved Chi-death/control with Tairao and Komoru Favorite Arc and why. Ivory, got me back into the game and the rules and power level were better Favorite Tournament experiences. Top of Clan in Arizona!
  2. that's pretty awesome, how does one go about getting that made? I like that it looks big enough for four people to play around on a card table
  3. Sadly I think that's going to be a bit far for me most of the time, but I'll keep it in mind. 2 hours one way and I work wednesdays until 5:30.
  4. I'm up in Wilkes Barre, when are these monthly game nights, and how far in Lancaster?
  5. also, Greyjoy chris was playing Greyjoy winter… haha not knights
  6. Hey everyone, most of you guys probably don't remember me, but I drove over from Scranton to participate in the tournament. Had a lot of fun even though my deck only worked well a couple times. I went for a Greyjoy mill deck, but didn't really commit to either saves or cancels, and turns out I didn't have enough of either, but hey, that's why I play with new people. I will say that I had my moral victory of milling the entire deck of my first opponent, and even though I lost the game, I FEEL like I really won. It was odd to face so many greyjoy players, when I started in NYC almost 4 years ago, it was really just me and I think one other person…. but hey, I'm not complaining. My deck also had winter ravens, but only for the Marauders, which I think didn't help either. I definitely have more ideas to focus the deck and make it stronger. I had a great time meeting some new people, seeing all my old NYC friends, and some of the DC people too. I'm hoping that in the coming year I can set up a regional event here in Scranton in the big gaming store, after all, its only 2 hrs from philly and NYC, 4 from DC and 6 from boston. I'll even clean my townhouse and let people stay for free, as long as you don't mind the cats… I'm working on building up a scranton meta, I have two other players, a Stark and a Targ, so we'll be practicing for the next tourney we can get to. I was hoping that some people would be able to send me decklists (doesn't have to be exactly what you played) but as a greyjoy player, I have a hard time building martell and targ decks so its hard for me to teach and practice with my newbies. I made some, but they're less than optimal… Anyway, I'll keep poking around the forums for ideas too. Hope to see you northeast guys again soon, and hopefully we can entice you up here to play!
  7. send me a message and I can email you with some advice if you want. Chris
  8. its doesn't and i apologize for even posting, seems stupid now, bad night I guess. Casy, feel free to email me and I'll explain what I meant. ChristopherSwales@gmail.com.
  9. CaseyVa said: I don't mean any disrespect when I say this but I don't think any of the Greyjoy decks were particularly good. . While I appreciate the preface, this statement can, in no way be, read as not disrespectful. But good try. This aside, I agree that there is a limitation in what greyjoy can do. In our meta, greyjoy does very well, but we are more casual and so often we miss possible combinations or deck ideas that might be more competitive. Having played at Black Friday and seen other decks, I definitely have some new ideas for mine, and I'm sure others do too. This just illustrates the need for cross meta play. Greyjoy decks are often focused on the couple things we can do well, like saves and cancels, and some control. This is particularly effective against stark and bara, but lacks against lanni and probably martell when it comes out.
  10. As a note on this topic. in a field of almost 6 greyjoys at Black Friday, the three lannisters made it all to the top 4. I think its safe to say that lannister is still the top tier when it comes to houses.
  11. Paul wins with Lannister. (15 power to 8 power) Congrats to the 2009 Black Friday Champion. Questions? Comments? Post away. Hopefully some of the other participants will post some thoughts. Thanks to everyone who came!
  12. Finals first round: Dan (targaryen) vs Andy (lanni shadows) Dan wins Paul (lannister) vs Erick (Lannister) Paul Wins Final Round: Dan vs Paul.
  13. So now we cut to top 4, and I'm not in it. Top four: Erick (Finitesuare) Andy (Sithlord) Dan (twn2dn) Paul (RedTerror) Will post results as they come.
  14. Game 5 vs Dan playing Targaryen So it started out pretty well, I had characters, wendamyr and some locations (2 scouting vessels). Then the burn and my deck decided to fail epically. he killed things, and I drew only locations or events. The events weren't saves and he had the influence to block my seasicks. Between my horrible draws and his shadowness I couldn't get anything into play for about 4 turns. Also, he had an amazing ability to choose the only cards I wanted in my hand Oh well, can't win them all! And Dan, despite his apparent 7 bad plays, played a complicated deck very well. my head hurt from trying to follow it all! Best Card: King's Landing. He drew so much, it hurt! at least 2 cards a round. I missed you Samwell... 3-2 (6 power to 15 power)
  15. Game 4 vs jason playing Stark treaty with the isles Again I play one of my meta. jason and I have a history of games that are decided in the first or second plot... this time I got Samwell on the flop, and a raven. I got to draw 4 extra cards before he got his bay of ices, and my fisherman kept his gold down to keep him low on characters. we went back and forth for a couple turns, my saltwife absorbing his mil claim. He milked my marauder, but I kept up the pressure with mil and pow challenges, finally getting balon with my winds of winter plot. I managed to get 5 power to get to 12 power and won. 4 plots and the game was over. Best Card: Samwell, thanks for the cards, and dying to satisfy claim when I was done with you 3-1 (12 power to 5 power)
  16. Game 3 vs Kevin playing Stark Whitebook So it started out ok, I had boatswain, marauders and wendamyr. We traded back and forth, staying around 6 power each. I attacked and forced him to use up most of his defenders (which he still got power for) and I had saves to hold him off. Catelyn stopped my intrigue challenges which hurt. he had lots of kingsgaurd when I finally valared, saving wendamyr and Theon with a risen (he also had a support on him) from there on out he couldn't muster more than one or two characters, and I stealthed and killed him with theon for the win. ] best card: Catelyn, preventing any intrigue is harsh, I could've used it to take out a defender possibly... 2-1 (15 power to 6 power)
  17. Game 2 vs Staglord playing Targaryen So I've played Chris a couple times, and I was pretty conifdent that i could win if I could get some lock on his influence. He started early, trying to kill wex with dragon bite/reagar's harp. I just left him there to keep the attachment's out of his discard. I had wintertime marauders x2 and wendamyr. He tried to kill wendamyr, I saved with risen. A couple turns of marauders and winter, and I had knocked out his influence. two valars, but wendamyr saved himself and my marauders with the support of harlaw. I won soon after that. Best card: Support of Harlaw, stealth and standing? Yes please. 1-1 (15 power to 7 power)
  18. Game 1 vs Corey playing Martell treaty with the Isles oddly enough, we started out almost the same, he got longship out, boatswain, card in shadows. I had my boatswain, some fishermen and a saltwife. we played, looked like I was doing well, got to 9 power, wendamyr, and a saltwife. Two venomous blades kept trying to kill wendamyr, and finally succeeded in dominance after I had to use him during challenges. We swapped challenged back and forth, I got up to 9 power at one point, then a really poorly played Valar on my part, forgetting he had a save on the table and he pulled one out of hand. So I had no characters, he had a boatswain and a marauders. Two 2 claim plots later and I'm out. Best card: Venomous Blade. Amazing since it goes back into shadows after you lose a challenge. That means two kills possible a turn, really nice against weenies. 0-1 (5 power to 15 power)
  19. if a player with the white book agenda loses as attacker but has no power can they opt to discard that nonexistent power?
  20. Current House breakdown (total of 17 players) T(2), M(1), L(3), B(3), S(4), G(4): Targaryen x2 Martell (treaty with Isles) Stark Winter Baratheon x3 Stark Whitebook Greyjoy Kings of Summer Stark (treaty with Isles) Greyjoy x2 Lannister Shadows Greyjoy Kings of Winter Stark Kings of Winter Lannister x2
  21. So hopefully I'll be able to give an up to date report on how the event is going... assuming my batteries and phone hold out. Since we're wating for people to come still, I'll put up my decklist. Hopefully I'll convince some others to do the same. Greyjoy Winter LCG winter - Greyjoy ----- Plots (7) ----- A Time for Ravens x1 A Change of Seasons F59 The Winds of Winter x1 The Winds of Winter F40 Rains of Autumn x1 Core Set B184 Fleeing to the Wall x1 Core Set B187 Winds of Summer Valar Morghulis x1 Core Set S201 Fury of the Kraken x1 Ancient Enemies F28 ----- Characters (27) avg cost: 1.8 ----- * Balon Greyjoy x1 Kings of the Sea F1 * Asha Greyjoy x1 Kings of the Sea F2 * Victarion Greyjoy x1 Kings of the Sea F5 * Maester Wendamyr x2 Kings of the Sea F7 * Wex Pyke x1 Kings of the Sea F8 Sea Raiders x2 Kings of the Sea F9 * Dagmer Cleftjaw x1 Kings of the Sea F14 * Randyl Tarly x1 Kings of the Sea F45 * Varys x1 Secrets and Spies F97 Distinguished Boatswain x3 Tales from the Red Keep F69 Island Refugee x3 Refugees of War F88 * Alannys Greyjoy x1 Refugees of War F89 * Samwell Tarly x1 The Raven's Song F66 Wintertime Marauders x3 A Change of Seasons F47 * Theon Greyjoy x1 A Change of Seasons F48 Ice Fisherman x3 The Winds of Winter F29 * Fishwhiskers x1 Calling the Banners F104 Saltwife x2 ----- Locations (16) avg cost: 0.8 ----- Iron Island Fiefdoms x3 Kings of the Sea F23 * Aeron's Chambers x1 Kings of the Sea F24 Sunset Sea x3 Kings of the Sea F25 * Longship Iron Victory x2 Kings of the Sea F28 Scouting Vessel x3 Kings of the Sea F29 Gatehouse x2 Kings of the Sea F31 Street of Steel x1 Core Set S139 Street of Sisters x1 Core Set B149 ----- Attachments (6) avg cost: 1.5 ----- Support of Harlaw x3 Kings of the Sea F21 White Raven x3 The Winds of Winter F24 ----- Events (9) ----- Seasick x3 Kings of the Sea F19 Risen from the Sea x3 Kings of the Sea F20 To Be a Kraken x3 Sacred Bonds F47
  22. I can bring my board game if anyone has time afterwards and wants to play a game. I haven't played it yet, and i've owned it for almost 6 months now!
  23. LetsGoRed said: Apparently the Dark Side has affected the Sithlord's memory bank, since he continues to identify Chris as "ianmclaren" even though Chris has been GreyjoyChris since these boards came online. I'm not even sure where he got that. Its not my aim name... must have been my old board name... I'm not aim most of the time, so email me if you're up for playing. they go to my cell, so I'll get them where ever I am.
  24. I think the thing is this: lannisters can beat greyjoy, if the gj don't get an early lock, or fail to control early in the game. Give lannis one good hand and a turn or two, and there's nothing gj can do to get back on there feet usually. I've played lanni decks some, and I have only won a couple times, and only because i put the pressure on early and managed to keep it going. one event can screw up the whole game for greyjoy. (I'm you writ small... Lanni pays his debts, etc). GJ has at most 9 cancels, seasick is blocked if they have influence and Hand's judgement needs gold... the lanni events are much less restrictive... But overall, I think greyjoy and lannis are at the top right now. I have a feeling Martells are gonna jump up there too when their expansion comes out. They always were a really obnoxious house to play against..
  25. I thought I'd throw it out there again, but I am willing to host someone in my apt in the city if they need a place to crash either the night before or after black friday. Just email the nightswatch email and Jason will forward it to me... I don't check in to my account on these forums that often, so emailing would be faster... or you could post here, i'll probably see it.
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