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  1. We've tried this quest twice with 4 players each time. The first time we died on the first turn because we ended up taking 28 wounds in archery, the second time we made it past a few rounds, but never managed to put any progress on the quest. Ouch.
  2. I hope that they will also come out with easy mode versions for the print on demand.
  3. I'm really happy about this. I had become disenchanted with the game and was on the verge of quitting buying new expansions and I've been buying them since the game came out. I love the game, prefer thematic decks and just don't have time to rebuild decks all the time. There was a thread a while back here and one on Board Game Geek with people complaining about the difficulty and this news feels like the company is listening to the players.
  4. I've been playing the game since it came out, have every single expansion and POD and I'm very close to quitting the game because of the difficulty level. It feels like at one point the quests were more on the easy side and now the pendulum has swung to being way too hard. I don't mind tweaking my decks, but I honestly do not have the time to take them apart and make brand new ones for every single quest. I also like playing games with four decks and feel like the quests are terrible at scaling up and down in terms of difficulty. My husband and I play together and we've already tried modifying the rules and we still find it too difficult. There needs to be a bigger variety of quests for different kinds of players. The quests should be on the easier/average difficulty side with variants to make them more challenging for those who want higher difficulty. As someone mentioned, I think the hobbit expansion was the sweet spot for the game, not too easy, not too hard. Also, the development of the spheres and the keywords have been really uneven. Rohan has pretty much been forgotten for example and it is nearly impossible to have a spirit only deck. If they have POD quests, why can't they also make POD cards for the spheres? I would gladly buy them. I am more than willing to throw my money at Fantasy Flights if they do this, because frankly, I have more cash than time. Honestly, the game has become less fun and less thematic as time has gone on. I play to have fun, and while I don't mind working for my wins, playing the latests quests feel like I am beating my head against the wall.
  5. This scenario is brutal. We play with all four decks and have won one out of 3 games so far. The game we won we got lucky since only one hero died in the beginning and we had lots of healing cards. The other two games the threats skyrocketed from the beginning and we had to take 10 enemies off the bat. It's hard to keep heroes alive.
  6. I've been playing since the beginning and I don't believe that there have been any cards released at special events that weren't made available afterwards at some point.
  7. I'm really happy that it is a cooperative game. I know a lot of people will compare this to Decipher's game. But if that is the case, why not just keep on playing Decipher's Star Wars CCG? Having this not be PvP will be a nice spin.
  8. When you put a hornblower in your unit and you attack an enemy using the hornblower's ability, so using a second one of your units and combing the dice, does that mean that the second unit has lost its turn?
  9. All the heroes are good in different ways. I can't remember all of the off the top of my head but red scorpion is good. Also the character that allows you to take an exhaustion to attack in a second phase that round. Generally though I preder heroes which have at least one category in which they do 2 damage.
  10. I keep on looking for more info as to when this is coming out but I can't find anything.
  11. I'm glad to know that throwing away experience counters was a typo because it was a pretty brutal rule. One thing that makes the gam easier is having the class decks. There are some good talents that you can start with that can help you survive early in the game.
  12. I've never played with the doom counter rules but I agree the knockouts can be frustrating. There are green level monsters with 3 or 4 damage sometimes which can make it rather easy to die. We modify the rules so that you don't lose experience counters when you're knocked out. Also we draw 2 market cards at a time. It makes things go more smoothly. As for your question about taking wounds the way the card is phrased will indicate how many times you can do it.
  13. Is anyone else excited about this expansion? I haven't been able to find much info about it though. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/38643 To the North of Terrinoth, across the Sea of White Fangs, lies cold and desolate Isheim, the Land of Ice. After millennia of sleep in this frozen realm, the Ancients are beginning to stir. These strange and powerful creatures arise to serve the wrath of their immortal master, Arshan the Mad. The Years of the White Death are at hand, a time when doom shall claim all peoples who call this land home. Unless a hero can brave this unforgiving landscape and stand against the woeful and destructive might of Arshan, all of Isheim will be destroyed. Runebound: The Frozen Wastes takes place on a never-before seen continent in the world of Terrinoth. The volatile weather in Isheim constantly changes during the game, making the threat of frostbite and white death very real. The game features six new heroes, new winter survival gear, and new icy terrain types such as snow drifts and tundra. New creatures include vicious icewyrms, menacing wendigos, and formidable frost giants.
  14. I've played with 4 and even that took forever. It depends how fast people play though. Also if you have the class decks and can play cards on another hero during their turn it makes it more interesting.
  15. I never bought midnight but from what I understand players basically have to fight each other? They seem to be trying to bring that mechanic back with some of the cards in the later challenge expansion.
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    My husband and I started out by buying more challenge cards the market cards. We eventually got class decks and the Isle of dread. I really would start out buying challenge cards, market/ally cards and then adventure variants. I love the fact that you can buy adventure variants for cheap and change the game completely.
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