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  1. The adventure included in the core rulebook can be given a flavour more "desirable" to Slaanesh followers. There is already a story hook you can use regarding an ancient book. You can multiply the items of interest by 4 or mix it up to include things you'd get a Rogue Trader to procure I gather that from your OW and RT experience you're rather familiar with what Slaanesh followers gravitate to. Just use that knowledge as a start and be extra liberal about how they go about achieving things. You'll get your barrings eventually and make a more solid structure in later sessions (if you need one).
  2. had the same problem with my copy of BC core rulebook (1st print run). I missed your initial post and so I thought mine was an isolated case. The damage isnt too bad and the book is still serviceable so i never bothered to bring it up. Sad to hear that your new copy still had weak binding. Not sure if FFG switches between printers in between product-runs or this was just a bad batch.
  3. Yep still "Awaiting Reprint" . Terraneaux must have been at the right place at the right time when an "oops" moment happened during website maintenance
  4. Maskmanjoe


    Just to be clear, the player with units that allow him to draw cards for combat will still draw and resolve Fate cards, its not an option. Obviously most effects will not hit anything, but effects like Necromancers summoning Reanimates (which will allow you to draw even more Fate cards at initiative 4) and Daqan Knights allowing you to draw more Tactics cards will trigger.
  5. Maybe not directly, but it did clarify on what Non Combat Damage is: "Non Combat Damage is the term for all damage generated besides combat damage." (FAQ p.7). Arrer Boys ability can be triggered in any action window as long as they are in the Battlefield right? So I'd assume that the damage they receive, based on the definition of Non Combat Damage, is "applied as soon as it is assigned", thereby by-passing Toughness. What do you guys think?
  6. I'll tend to play with the POV of Group C and E as well and tend to choose to use CB only when the combination of character + item + abilities + feats are too overwhelming already. For me the goal of the game is stll to have fun with the experience and regular use of CB would really demoralize players and prevent future plays with them
  7. I think my hero players have the "save and load" mindset where they dont take risks at face value and always want to rethink their actions after they have taken them. As OL there are alot more things to consider and to do yet normally we take faster than the heroes. I think the timing suggestion is good, and I will try it out on my next session and see how they react to it I'm thinking of getting another set of dice to speed up moving dice across the hero side and the OL side (that and because I like how they look
  8. i allow my hero players to do a "save game" in between quests following the basic campaign rules. So far they are content with being able to save their skills in between quests. I've just recently gotten RtL and after reviewing the rulebook i think its also what they have been looking for. I'm holding back on rolling it out just yet though without well of darkness and those yummy treachery cards
  9. Your story (and your picture--the OP one) is made of WINZ! This is indead dedication, and I salute you
  10. I agree with the two posts above you: you do add the power dice noted in your melee trait even when fighting with just your fists. Treat One Hook's extra attack as any normal attack with a weapon: all rules on adding power dice via Fatigue can be applied to it.
  11. or you are not breaking through enough of the enemy's armor. Pierce ignores X amount of armor. If there is still enough left then I would think the damage would still be nagated.
  12. Although the enhansements to the base game is really great, I believe the meat of BotTA is the companion scenario games. 80% of the new content is for the companion game, and it provides a different level of fun altogether I think that in itself is enough reason to get it
  13. theMage said: Now thanks to that clarification, and the example of telekinesis skill, hero-monkeys will now in my mind's eye be more like Mojo-Jojo and less like... a regular monkey. I had to LOL on the reference to Mojo-Jojo Also thanks on the POV on the use of skills even if you've been turned into a monkey. I havent had this scenario yet but this definitely gives me an answer just in case it does come up
  14. inle_badger said: These were my thoughts on BGG about a year ago, before RtL came out. Arg, now i cant make up my mind! Hahahaha, ah it seems like it will be tougher than originally expected. This is a great post inle_badger, alot of very useful information. I originally had my decision but now I am thinking twice. I will follow your suggestion of deciding based on what I want to have and trying out what I get first. As such I have decided to go acquire WoD first, for the following reasons: treachery cards --> i feel this is a must for any enterprising evil overlord more melee and ranged weaponry --> i read somewhere that WoD addresses the lack of good melee and ranged weapons in the base game. My gaming group is starting to feel this pinch and I feel the need to "patch" this aspect right away I guess my gaming group will have to deal with harder and harder quests for now
  15. Overture said: I'm just curious, but what do seige towers actually do? I don't need the full rules or anything, but I've always been curious about how much they change seige battles. Siege engines in BotTA modifies the Free Peoples Player combat roll when they are defending a stronghold. Essentially, if the defending FPP has more siege engines than the sieging SP, he hits targets easier (+1 to combat rolls, so hits on a 4+ result) PLUS he prevents the SP from extending the siege via reduction of an elite unit (for at most 1 round). In reverse, SP with more siege engines make it harder for FPP to hit and can extend sieges for 1 round for free. Thats it! It doesnt improve damage dealt by SP, which was kinda wierd, but SP already has the upperhand miliarily so I guess its ok besides, siege towers look cool. Also, siege engines dont come into play when SP is being besieged, because SP is badass and doesnt need any support
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