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  1. IA and Armada are going places? That's certainly news. Hush!! None of that.
  2. Mikael Hasselstein

    Live Action Cassian Andor Rogue One Prequel Series Announced

    "Arguably"? Arguably according to whom? A whole bunch of books whose canonicity was tossed in the trash a couple of years ago? Maybe it's also part of the SJW-ness of Disney to suggest that if a world becomes an industrial center for starship-building that this may have a bad influence on its environment and socio-economic conditions. But anyway, this thread is about an upcoming live-action program, and not bellyaching about how much previous films have disappointed us. I'm pretty psyched about it, and think that a show centered on Cassian Andor could be pretty awesome, but also pretty gritty. And they've just gotta have K2-SO with Alan Tudyk.
  3. This isn't the points value you're looking for. This isn't the points value I'm looking for.
  4. Mikael Hasselstein

    Regionals Dates and Locations

    WHAT?? I call bias! The TO is saying that the Galactic Empire should not win - which is the reverse of how it ought to be. The Empire should always win.
  5. Mikael Hasselstein

    Regionals Dates and Locations

    I agree with the first part - which was my point - teach the fellow to fish, rather than snark at him over the forum. That's not teaching a man to fish. That's like being the guy who throws the empty beer can at the kid having a tough time casting his line. ? Also, the guy is new to the store, and - as I understand it - a bit Facebook shy. When you say 'all the others', which ones are you referring to? I used to do all the events for Red Castle, but I left. Either @Admiral Theia or I ran the events for the Portland Game Store. Neither of us are employees. Guardian... ... no events to speak of. Dice Age is @shmitty, who is not an employee either. Oregon City also has a community member running things for them. When they first got started, they shang-hai'd me to do their events too, 'till it was all just getting too much. I don't even think Rainy Day Games even invites non-regulars to their events anymore, provided they actually still have events. In sum, I think it's a good thing that Red Castle is getting a staffer to run Armada, and it's worth throwing them a bone for it.
  6. Mikael Hasselstein

    Regionals Dates and Locations

    Well, since you're one of the moderators of that group, why not lend the man a helping hand? Since he's not been an active participant in the Armada community outside of his little core group, perhaps he needs a helping hand.
  7. Mikael Hasselstein

    Nordics (nationals) 2018

    Top 2 were both Empire ?
  8. Mikael Hasselstein

    Nordics (nationals) 2018

    Did you do the Empire proud?
  9. Mikael Hasselstein

    Nordics (nationals) 2018

    Thank you! I found that FB post and replied to it. I also FB friend requested the guy who responded. Hopefully that's not too forward, but it sounds like the Armada community in that area needs all the help it can get. As I just posted in that thread, I'll actually be living up in the Lindesberg area. So, it'll be a bit of a commute, and I will have to work on converting the locals to the true Armada way. I've done a lot of Armada organizing here in Portland, Oregon (where I have been living), but that's easy in a big nerdy city (where I already speak the local language). Anyway, back to our scheduled programming: Excellent! Keep us posted!
  10. Mikael Hasselstein

    Imperial Cargo Ship

    I hear you. When I first got into X-Wing, I attempted some creative things to stir up the pot, but found very little enthusiasm for it in the community. To their credit, FFG published some scenarios in their large-base and huge-base ships, and promoted an online engine that allowed people to post their home-brew scenarios. But it just didn't stick. The bulk of the people simply wanted the 6-asteroid 100-point death matches. It's not X-Wing the game, it's X-Wing the player base that made it so. Again, I'm not all that sure the Armada community is significantly different. As such, I don't think FFG is to blame for passing on such narrative-driven expansions. But, I would certainly buy them, if they produced them.
  11. Mikael Hasselstein

    Nordics (nationals) 2018

    Västerås can certainly be an option. It will be about an hour and a half from where I'll be living. Örebro is also about an hour's drive south of me. Seeing as I'll be living in the boonies, the fact that I'll have a longer distance to drive is just assumed at this point. But, I do aim to convert the local GW heathens, so maybe you'll be hearing about me hosting tournaments in a year or so as I build a community (provided I have the time and energy, and am not boiled in a large pot by the natives).
  12. Mikael Hasselstein

    Regionals Dates and Locations

    Oh, bless your heart, I guess you're not too conversant in Southern slang.
  13. Mikael Hasselstein

    Nordics (nationals) 2018

    Indeed, the term 'nation' is a horrible one. It's really hard to teach American students that - in social science terms - it doesn't actually mean 'country' - and I frequently use Spain and the UK as examples, where there is one sovereign state, but a number of different 'nations', and that this fact puts pressure on the sovereign state's togetherness. But what is the structure of Armada championships in Spain? I still have to actively search for a Armada community that will be in my area-to-be. (My Armada gear just finally cleared customs this last night, and I'll be arriving next week.) But from what I've seen online (Facebook), the tabletop scene is really dominated by Games Workshop addicts. Would you mind doing me a solid and asking around if anyone lives in the Örebro area, and how to connect to their local player network?
  14. Mikael Hasselstein

    Regionals Dates and Locations

    Oh, ya'll know what I'm talkin' 'bout.