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  1. The Dark Side.
  2. Well, the casual sexual objectification of women might strike a woman as more than a "little off color." There are reasons there is such a gender imbalance in the game, and this is one of them.
  3. My next Corellian Conflict will (hopefully) be using alternate rules. For example, we'd like to set it in Calamari sector, with a different distribution of systems &etc. More ambitiously, we'd like to incorporate Imperial Assault somehow. For my part, I agree that "you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want" (Rumsfeld, 2004). I like the random availability of hardware, though I'd want an in-universe realism of what's available and where. There should be fewer Interdictors and ISDs available to Imperial commanders on the Outer Rim (Calamari sector) than in the Core Worlds (Corellian sector). For the Rebels, there should be many more Calamari ships available in the Calamari sector (MC-30s and MC80s) than Corellian ships (CR-90s), and vice versa for the Corellian sector.
  4. Fine, you get your own committee. Anyway, did you ever get your passport? I say we invite ourselves to Dras' place so we cheap out on accommodation, while we pillage the locals' prize pool.
  5. OCDers of the world unite! (Using proper Robert's Rules of Order to do so.)
  6. Agreed.
  7. Darn. Well, I've been doing more practice and cogitation on the game in preparation for this regionals than I have for a while (not that this should be impressive, given that level). I'm also not just tossing together a this-might-be-neat list at the last minute. I'm hoping to get into the Top 8. Whatever the prize pool, I'm going for it! Btw., I'm a bit disappointed in the low number of Regional Championships this year. Any idea why they're so few? I'd have made the drive to Big Vancouver in addition to the one in Little Vancouver (known as Vantucky to some ungenerous souls). Other than Mountain View, CA (Dan Francisco Bay area), Calgary is the closest to me.
  8. Lately, the only part of the prize kit that I care about are the defense tokens. I hope it is redirect tokens, but scatter would be nice too. I can't quite recall, and the wiki is incomplete, but have they ever retreaded a prize that was available only at Worlds or Nationals to a level that some of us mere mortals have the opportunity to attend? Contain is not my most-used defense token, but I love having complete sets.
  9. That would be a good thing, because pride and joy are in short supply these days. Now that's just wrong.
  10. We're getting Western Canada too?? Yes, it'll be a good idea to sign up ahead of time, as I have done. Technically (which is the best kind), it's not in Portland, or even the same state as Portland. They're on the less-fashionable side of the river from us.
  11. I'm not. For all its inclusive rhetoric, the Rebellion clearly does not respect aliens and droids unless they have to (ie. when the Mon Cals have shipyards and vessels that the Rebellion needs). The Empire is not so hypocritical. Within the Empire, aliens and droids know their place, and when a truly extraordinary individual alien (e.g. Thrawn) impresses the Emperor, that alien is given the chance to prove his value.
  12. My foggy memory suggests that this is an idea a very general version of which has been put forward before. I'd be all for it. I also know that they've had an SSD playtested, but I have no idea what the results of the playtesting were. From what I did hear, however, it wasn't all that big. That's a shame. It should be big. 16" at the very least, IMO.
  13. My regionals (Vancouver, WA) is coming up, but this is really the first I've given any thought to it. It's been a while since I have been competitive at a major tournament, mostly because my attention has been elsewhere, and other people have been getting better. I will probably just bring something that I enjoy playing - which is something that is easy on the old brain cells.
  14. I think that looks pretty awesome! As a scaled game piece it is entirely fine by me, and I would advocate for its inclusion in the game at that size. That said, I know nothing about the logistics/economics of bringing a model like that - with the quality we've come to expect - to market. Yeah, you'll want to look more closely at the movies. While I think it looks great in those pictures, it is not to scale.