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  1. I guess the question is how much you want to actually play Armada with them, because most (if not all) of them probably wouldn't care to play - especially Harrison Ford. So, if it's about playing Armada, then who would be the most likely to want to play Armada and have fun with it? I somehow imagine than Mark Hamill, Jon Boyega and Donnie Glover are the most likely candidates. Did Cushing actually do wargames with his miniatures, or was it about the modeling for him?
  2. Mikael Hasselstein

    A look at the articles year to date

    You should feel deeply ashamed for this bad opinion.
  3. Mikael Hasselstein

    Kill it already

    That's right! These whippersnappers don't know what things were like when we were kids. Games!!? We didn't play no games. We worked the fields and the factories starting age five. heck, when we were their age, we had to walk many miles to that factory, in the snow, barefoot, uphill, both ways. Hoth had nothing on upstate Michigan. And, by gosh darn, we were proud of it, because we knew what pride was in those days. Pride came from suffering. Suffering leads to the Dark Side... are you kidding me?! The Dark Side came when my pappy heard me whining. He'd Dark Side the heck out of me behind the woodshed with a hickory switch. So, yeah, we were pissed off about no release date, but did you hear us whining about it? No! We took that bait 'n switch like MEN! 'Cuz we were raised to be men. We didn't cry because our tear ducts had been removed - and not with no anesthetic neither. My pappy dug them out of my eye sockets with his pocket knife. I cried just that one time, and those were tears of blood. Pappy poured some liquor on them tears after he took a good swig off that moonshine. It burned, but it burned good, I tell ya. So quit yer namby-pampy "gimme ships or I'll take my marbles and go home", or we'll come and Dark Side you something fierce to remember us by!
  4. Mikael Hasselstein

    Kill it already

    Well, perhaps you're more drawn to the watching of sports, and others are more drawn to the watching of slowly-unfurling strategic games. Some people juggle geese!
  5. Mikael Hasselstein

    Kill it already

    Personally, I don't get why anybody would want to watch someone else play a game, yet it's a HUGE entertainment market (referring to sports here). So, just because you can't understand it, doesn't mean that it's not a thing.
  6. Mikael Hasselstein

    Kill it already

    I agree, I'm just wishing.....this is the internet after all. Well, we know FFG does read these boards, even if they do not do hardly any explicit moderation. We just don't know how closely they read them. In that sense, the OP's rant is useful in hopefully getting the message of displeasure through. Still reads like an immature rant, though.
  7. Mikael Hasselstein

    So....No news?

    In space no one can hear you explode? Because there is no lucht in space. Except in Star Wars. While in Alien space no one can hear you scream, in Star Wars space, the TIE Fighters scream like crazy.
  8. Mikael Hasselstein

    So....No news?

    In the words of General Han Solo, "Then we'll do it real quiet like!" Yeah, those are pretty much polar opposites.
  9. Mikael Hasselstein

    Kill it already

    I agree with @codegnave. I'm also disappointed, but the OP is sailing off to the land of Hyperbole. It reads like an immature rant.
  10. Are there any occasions at which something might be announced, or are we just looking at the website for news?
  11. Mikael Hasselstein

    Happy starwars day!

    FFG: Lord Asmodee, this is an unexpected pleasure. We're honored by your presence. Asmodee: You may dispense with the pleasantries, FFG. I'm here to put you back on schedule. FFG: I assure you, Lord Asmodee, my men are working as fast as they can. Asmodee: Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them. FFG: I tell you, news on Armada will be operational as planned. Asmodee: The customers do not share your optimistic appraisal of the situation. FFG: But they ask the impossible. We need more men. Asmodee: Then perhaps you can tell them when they arrive. FFG: The customers are coming here? Asmodee: That is correct, FFG, and they are most displeased with your apparent lack of progress. FFG: We shall double our efforts. Asmodee: I hope so, FFG, for your sake. The customers are not as forgiving as I am.
  12. Mikael Hasselstein

    The thing about the X-Wing 2nd edition announcement...

    For my part, I think that what they're doing with/to X-Wing really was brilliant, and needed to be done. I do really like the game, and have a decent collection of (Imperial) ships, but prefer Armada. Since I don't have much time even for Armada, it's somewhat unfortunate for me. I think the 2.0 essentially will cement me out of X-Wing, because I am not going to spend the money, spoons, and brain cells needed to catch up with all the changes. Otherwise, it might have been the game that I had more time for, given its shorter play-time, and more flexible scheduling options (since there are more X-Wing than Armada players). If 2.0 works for X-Wing, I imagine that in a few years' time we'll see something similar (but better) happen for Armada. I don't think it's the something (big?) that is allegedly still coming for us. (I still believe in the coming of the SSD.)
  13. Mikael Hasselstein

    Pure Disappointment...

    ¿Que? You've stopped playing X-Wing, because it has gotten more attention? You believe that if you fail to play X-Wing, FFG will realize the error of their ways and give attention to Armada? I realize you didn't state these causal relationships explicitly, but they're nevertheless strongly implied, and make very little sense.
  14. Mikael Hasselstein

    Pure Disappointment...

    See, @Drasnighta, someone here still thinks of me as speaking on Vader's behalf.
  15. Mikael Hasselstein

    Pure Disappointment...

    Point taken. I suppose I just mean today's particular flavor of salt. Because salt is flavored these days. Beyond just salt-flavored. Though, I suppose one can still buy salt-flavored salt. But you might not be considered fashionable if you do.