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  1. I'm also a big fan of Ozzel. I can't say what the future meta will hold for him, but I have greatly enjoyed using him. It's just great fun to crawl around with a Star Destroyer, and then towards the end of the turn, jump up to speed 3 and be on top of someone for the top of the next turn.
  2. Whoa, whoa. Ill be first to admit it wasnt Shakespear, but I doubt 'horrendous' is the appropriate descriptor here. Run of the mill at worse. I like to poke fun at things i like, so ill admit ut had its problems. Most of them were on the originality front, light charater development(poe, felt like an exmachina), the leia and han dialog was a little ham fisted. But aside from that decent scrip executed well by good actors. They were as light as star wars can go on beating you to death with exsposition, or cardbord cutouts blurting out thier 'emotions'. They gave the viewer a litte credit and didnt spell out ever last exscrushiating detail. All in all I'd give TFA a B, needs improvement, but still good. Agreed! I really like TFA, and even defend the subjects of your friendly criticisms. I see what you're saying about Poe, though I thought he was a lot of fun. The Han and Leia dialog being a little awkward seems apropos given that they find themselves in a very awkward emotion-laden situation, where they have bigger fish to fry than hurling blame at one another. They seem to really be trying to get along as best as they can under the circumstances. Regarding the First Order and its Mega-ness, it actually feels like it is actually trying to compensate for something. Not the 'something' that we usually mean by 'compensate for something', but it does feel like they're trying to compensate for some inadequacy. Kylo Ren certainly has it in comparison to Darth Vader. General Hux also clearly has issues. Maybe Snoke does too, or Snoke is playing on those issues in order to get out of his minions (including his military designers) what he wants of them. Or, maybe the creators are making the First Order antithetical to Yoda's statement of "size matters not." Or, maybe the creators themselves have issues, but I'd prefer to believe that the pathologies are in-world rather than manifestation of the creators' (ie. JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson) own psychoses.
  3. Yup, I'm said buddy here. I got some hardware/crafting boxes that allow you to arrange the slots. I did have to customize it them a little bit by cutting out some of the non-removable walls. I have a Rebel, Empire, and neutral box. In the latter, I keep the dice, probe droid cards, destroyed planets, and such-like. I'm also having to do some rearranging now that Rise of the Empire has been added to the material.
  4. Yes, it is as @centralx says. It's a pretty big advantage to go second. @Admiral Theia (who also liked her/his statement) found that out yesterday, when we played Rise of the Empire for the first time yesterday.
  5. Right, the AT-AT has knees where the AT-M6 has elbows and raised shoulders, making it look more primate. So, yeah, gorilla walkers. I do think it makes them a bit more threatening, regardless of the size difference. So, I'm not going to be a hater. No question. This may just be a generational thing. I've overcome a lot of hatred for the PT. I think it's because while the PT were aimed at children (which the OT was too), those of us who grew up with the OT, and experienced the PT in adulthood felt talked down to, because we presumed that Star Wars was ours rather than yours. Now that I'm older still, and in the position to be a parent (I'm not, but I'm more than old enough to be), I can see the value in appealing to a younger generation, the way that I couldn't when the PT was released.
  6. ****. The news on my Facebook says it's just some Destiny thing.
  7. I used an 1xISD+3xRaider fleet at a tournament this last weekend (Naboobo2000 was there as a witness and opponent). I'm a pretty decent player, but I came in dead last at the tournament. The ISD went down in flames all three matches. I tried to use it in the way that MandalorianMoose is suggesting, above - using the Raiders as hunting dogs to corral the opponent's ships into the front arc of the ISD - but it just did not work out that way.
  8. I have it on pre-order, but I have yet to get 'the call'. I may swing by there this evening, just on the off-chance that it's sitting in the bucket without them having made 'the call' yet. Of course, I could just as easily pick it up tomorrow, when I'll be going there anyway just to see what they have for us on Force Friday. (I'll be annoyed if it's just some Destiny thing.)
  9. I think this is a great game for people who are great at games; much less so for people who are not into games as much. My wife is also a Star Wars fan, but when it comes to games, Rebellion is probably on the opposite side of the spectrum than the one she'd prefer. @kmanweiss (above) has a very good assessment of it.
  10. I think tangents are most welcome here. I'm sorry that you find yourself in a gaming wasteland. That's usually where the debate winds up; between those who have access to FLGSs and those who don't. Of course, FLGSs can only exist where there would be enough demand to sustain them, in addition to the entrepreneurial talent with the start-up capital to build such a store. Some communities have all those things; some don't.
  11. Well, Rebellion is a different type of game altogether than the miniatures games are. As a result, I wouldn't expect the online community dynamics to be very different. Wow, no FLGS within 100 miles. That's just awful. I'm in Portland, OR, where we might just have too many FLGSs. Whereabouts are you?
  12. Hopefully this time will not be an aberration from the norm, and my FLGS will have it on the release date (or Force Friday, when I'll probably go there to see what surprise FFG has in store for us.) As such, the FLGS is a quicker deal than the online retailer. Hooray FLGS. By the way, here in the Rebellion forum we have not yet had one of those heated debates that I've seen in the Armada and X-Wing forums on the ethics and justifications of online retailers vs. FLGS's. Should that be corrected?Good flamewars have been so rare around these parts that I have to wonder if this is actually still the internet.
  13. Okay, I see what you are saying. However, despite the name Armada, we are talking about battles, not wars. The scum syndicates are not going to win all-out conventional* war against the Empire anymore than the Rebellion is; anymore than the Taliban or the Viet Cong are/were going to win a war against the United States (or the former against the Soviet Union, for that matter). But that doesn't mean that battles do not take place, nor that it is not interesting to model them in games. No, Scum are not going to want to invest in warships in order to fight wars against the Empire. They're going to want warships to fight battles against one another, as well as fight off the cops (ie. the Empire) when these show up in insufficient numbers, in the outskirts of the Outer Rim, where they will have insufficient back up. Armada is perfectly fine for modeling those sorts of skirmishes. *Conventional for the Star Wars universe, that is. Edit: None of this is to suggest that I believe that FFG can or should create a Scum faction. My guess is that it's going to be an SSD, since I've already received reports of them playtesting such a thing. I'm raising a point against what I consider to be faulty reasoning. Obviously, it is within the realm of possibility that the faulty reasoning is mine, but if I believed that, then I wouldn't be making the argument.
  14. Guys,... This is just someone's photomanip.
  15. I know! There are only so many hours in the day to refer to all the Rebels in my life as Scum. I need to ramp up my Scum-calling to a more industrial level so that everyone can get their due.