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  1. Agreed on material from The Mandalorian. I was thinking they could add 'Mid Rim' map tiles with hyperroutes that link to the planets along the inside edge. It would also be good to get another color of contact tokens.
  2. Of course they don't have teams 'standing by'. I imagine it's a matter of opportunity cost: which people are assigned to which projects, with higher-value projects (ie. more profitable games) being assigned more people to work on them. While I really love it, I don't think they're assigning many people to SW: Rebellion right now, because it's probably tapped out somewhat. (I hope I'm wrong about that, btw.) I hope that your interpretation is correct, that what they say means that SW: Outer Rim is indeed high on the standby list. At the same time, the game has not been out for a long time, so they probably want to give it a little time to get out there. Then again, they might want to strike while it's hot. So, how hot is it really?
  3. I'm all for expanding this game again. However, I don't see how a Clone Wars expansion could at all fit, and not just because of the timeline issue. The Galactic Civil War, and Rebellion, model an asymmetric warfare situation, where the Empire is playing whack-a-mole with the Rebels. The Clone War was a more symmetric warfare situation, where the parties were roughly equally matched, and so the war was more conventional. I suppose you could play a Clone War version of the game, using the same map, but it would be an entirely different game, I think.
  4. I guess it depends on how profitable the game is. I've only played it once so far, and really like it, but it feels like it really needs an expansion. Unfortunately, by the sound of what @joeshmoe554 quoted, it's not being worked on right now. They're probably just watching sales and seeing what they can spare game designers for.
  5. Thematically speaking, if you have to eliminate that one leader too many, is it because Cassian Andor shoots them in the back?
  6. I like the idea and initiative of a fan-brew expansion. So, thumbs up for that! Will those new units only become available after a certain condition is met? Why else would someone not produce TIE Defenders, if they cost the same as TIE Fighters, while being three times as good?
  7. And thus you fell into my incomplete-code trap! I guess writers of Spanish feel the same way about how the most people write questions and exclamations.
  8. I'm a bit confused by the bracket ranges. They are 6, 9, and 11 across respectively, aside from the tails. I see that they were chosen to be evenly sized in the ALLxALL, but I don't think that makes epistemological sense. Could you explain your rationale for doing so?
  9. I'd offer you a place to stay, but I'm not exactly around the corner from Arlanda either.
  10. I agree, but I think that as rules for vehicles and vehicle combat go - especially at the time when this game was published - this was pretty much as simple as it got for non-fantasy RPGs.
  11. Honestly, just for personal reasons, I'm kind of content that Armada is a little comatose at the moment. There's so much change in my life that I would not be able to keep up. I'm also giving X-Wing (1st ed) another look because I have much of the stuff (though few of the expansions from the past 2 years), and it's a good gateway drug for some of the locals who are still enslaved to GW. Furthermore, in my household there are more of the RPG-ing sort of people, with whom I can use the X-Wing (and maybe Armada) stuff to flesh out our WEG D6 RPG experience. I even wrote some rules to have X-Wing provide the visual and tactile gaming aids. But, I think you're all quite right that Armada's comatoseness is like strangulation for the Armada-playing community.
  12. Hm, I think Uppsala might be do-able for me. Östersund, is a bit far of a drive, but if I get my host hooked at an upcoming little tournament in Karlskoga, and then Uppsala, who knows. Taking the train on my own seems like a bit of an ordeal.
  13. Nope, it's not irrational. It's just rational from a "relative-gains" (political) perspective, rather than "absolute-gains" (economic) perspective. As social beings, we're actually wired to think in relative-gains terms, because we know that there is only so much stuff to go around the group, and we need to maintain our share. Unfortunately, FFG can disregard us in their own relative-gains struggle against Games Workshop, because we don't eat into GW's pie, while Legion does. Because with nothing to fill the gaping hole in your desires, you Rebels may succumb to the lure of the Dark Side and give in to your addiction.
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