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  1. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Make FFG money? Expense to build has little to do with points value, which is suposed to represent combat value. If it is, as you say, less combat effective than two ISDs, that makes it more likely to be included in the game, because it should then take up less of a share of 400 points. To a hegemonic Empire, keeping a galaxy in line, symbols are more likely to be effective than weapons platforms anyhow.
  2. What will Wave 8 bring?

    I think that a release of an Executor for the Empire, and the Dornian Gunship for the Rebels would start to make the game 'correct' again. You sound like someone who's trying to convince us that the Executor never really existed in the first place, because you can't magine why it would exist in that first place. Well, sorry man, it was in ESB and RotJ. As to why it was, well, the Emperor seems to like big things, and he's the boss. What more reason do you need?
  3. I haven't read the last number of pages. I hope this isn't redundant (but fairly sure that it is... so what.) I think it's pretty fair to speculate that we won't get any articles until after FFG have spilled the news about the upcoming wave at the GAMA trade show next month (March 12-16). While I trust in my source that the SSD is coming, I don't think we'll hear about the fact of its coming until then. Any Bothans planning to attend?
  4. What will Wave 8 bring?

    I imagine that even the downgraded version will be worth a hefty amount of points. But I hear that the beefier version will not be appropriate for standard (read: tournament) games. Any thoughts on what it 'should be' but 'won't be' are a bit beside the point, I think.
  5. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Hey, it might all be smoke blowing up my rear end, but the guy who told me is a fairly respectable guy who I don't think would give me a line of crap. He's not some wild-eyed dweeb who makes things up. I have no stake in your believing me, or - by my proxy - him. I'm just saying what I heard, from a source I trust, which sounds fairly plausible to me - considering that I did hear that it was playtested a while back.
  6. What will Wave 8 bring?

    I hear that it's going to have at least two versions - just like other ships. One version is the full version, for which you will need special rules to play. The other will be a downgraded/prototype version that will allow it to be used in the standard 400-point game.
  7. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Soon. Very Soon.
  8. Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

    I'll definitely be going to see it opening night (as I did with TFA and R1 - waited too long to get tickets for TLJ because reasons). But like other people, I'm just not buying that guy for Han Solo. Donnie Glover as Lando - I was totally psyched when I heard that news. Now, I think there are plenty of people who have the acting chops to pull off Han Solo. I also think there are a few actors out there who would have looked the part. Even looking at the group of guys who made the short list, I see a few in there whom I think could look the part, and I've seen them be fairly good actors. (This guy must have chosen his own Wikipedia picture to look the part.) Pablo Schrieber is a little old, but I think make-up could have covered that up, and I think he's got the acting chops to make it work. I just don't know what Lord & Miller were thinking/drinking/smoking/snorting when they chose Ehrenreich. What is he, related to one of their girlfriends who was so XXXXXXXDELETEDFORYOUNGEYESXXXXXXXXXXXXX that she XXXXXXXDELETEDFORYOUNGEYESXXXXXXXXXXXXX?? By the time Ron Howard (and lay off Richie Cunningham - I grew up on Happy Days!) got the project tossed in his lap, he was probably stuck with too much already decided that he's doing the best he can.
  9. If you aren't watching The Expanse..

    Yup, I'm a fan.
  10. Is the Imperial Light Carrier crazy huge?

    I would be a scale nerd - and I was, believe you me - but the way I get over it is by considering it all in cinematics. Everything is exactly the size it's supposed to be. It's just the camera angles in your head are a little off. Fun fact*!: The original Devastator model from ANH was smaller than the Tantive model. *Well, maybe a fact. I read it once, somewhere. Can't remember where, but it seems plausible considering forced perspective techniques. Hm, wow, since you are also complaining, that means that you're throwing yourself under the bus, but dragging others down with you. As a fellow Darksider/Imperial, I applaud your dedication.
  11. Custom Special Assaults [Corellian Conflict]?

  12. Clone Wars?

    Like they did in X-Wing with the ARC-170, I think it actually makes sense that there would be a lot of old surplus military vessels around. While I am sure the Empire has tried to have a lot of that old hardware disassembled, plenty of it probably wound up in the wrong hands (ie. Rebel & Scum)(ie. Rebel & other scum). Also, Moffs on the Outer Rim probably have to make do with older hardware, because they just don't have the resources and political clout to requisition the new stuff. That's why the Victory is also still around. While I know that a lot of people abhor the idea, I support FFG developing an 'other scum' (a.k.a. Scum & Villainy) faction for Armada, and I think Republic and CIS ships (as well as Victorys, Neb-Bs, CR-90s corvettes) could easily form the backbone of such a faction. They could use a faction conversion kit, just like they did with X-Wing. I realize that a lot of people can't fathom the idea of non-governmental entities having enough resources to make large-scale naval hardware usable and profitable. However, I'd point out that the Star Wars galaxy does not have the same sort of fundamental political as our own, and Scum & Villainy should be thought of more as medieval warlords than 18th century pirates or 20th-21st century drug gangs. More like 1990s vs. now - and yes, technological stagnation. Also, the US military still has B-52s in active service. For those who don't know, that '52', means that it was first flown in 1952.
  13. Clone Wars?

    Foolish Rebel, You will learn of your folly when the SSD is announced soon.
  14. Clone Wars?

    I'm not sure that is the case with Disney. While they are producing content for the Original Trilogy and Sequel era, they do reference the prequel era. Particularly in Rebels there are many thing that show up - including several characters (e.g. Rex & Ahsoka). How that translates to FFG - well, they put out the ARC-170 in X-Wing. I think they know that certain members of the fanbase can particularly opposed to the prequel stuff. I used to be that way, and got over it. But I will go insane if CIS comes out before my 3 ft long set piece.
  15. Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    I think it'll be Wave 8, so that would have been pretty close. I, however, made no such prediction, in the way-back-when.