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  1. Oh and one last thing, upon acquiring the info to our responses, address the community through here on the forum or if you want to, on the new podcast.
  2. Solution demanded. Solution to be Given. But first, Vik you make a valid point on the first post you put up here.Yet not all of us have Horvath's Number. Not to mention that to call him up at work when he has more important **** to do is probaly pretty rude. But since you have his number and probaly know when to call him and Hata, here is my solution and you tell me what you think. To fix the problems, FFG must do one thing and we must do one thing. FFG must and I repeat MUST look into the history of card games before UFS came out. Both of which have failed and succeded. All aspects of said games should be observed and mistakes should be jotted down and successes should be emulated in a way that is not copying said games. This woud include meta shifts and how it effected the game, financial problems, mechanics, power creeps, support and so on so on. By observing these things UFS can become a better game all around, not just in its mechanics. As for us, and with the help of Antigoth, Homme Chappeau, and your self, we the community should have a discussion over skype, aim, what have you in which we discuss what is going on in our areas and how the game is doing. Once you have acquired a general concensus, send the said info to HC. Last year about this time he wrote a letter that he was going to send to FFG. Pretty well written. Meanwhile, you and goth along with anyone else with connections to Horvath and Hata will discuss these things further. Those who agree with this say I and those of you who do not, try to come up with something a little bit better.
  3. I understand what you are saying MP, but the reality is that prize support in any game is intregal to keeping the proverbial blood running in it's veins. To answer you though, I do enjoy this game. Unto the topic..... I for one am in a playgroup that has declared this game dead. Sort of sucks to be on the receiving end of the decline vs. the rise, but this **** happens. Allow me to address the situation a little bit better. With the new rotation a couple of months back, alot of the players in my play group saw a problem. The rotation to me was a clean slate, but for some it was a nightmare. One person even got on the threads and went on a crusade. I need not have to remind you folks of this as it is redundant for me to bring it up. Lets just leave it to doomsday speak. Other factors have lead to a discouraging atmosphere. For one of our players, he stated that there are too many tricks that are coming back from the good old days of UFS that led to NPE in the start of UFS. Others look to bad experiances from games past in which the same decision was made only leading to their past game falling apart. If you consider that, than you can understand their mistrust, after all, it is in past history that we learn from and if the situation dictates a bad gut feeling, their may be a chance that failure is evident. This has led our scout to sit back and try to assess things to see if this game still stands a chance in Maryland. Not getting prize support in despite all the things my scout did before he decided to whether the storm, did not help either. Now that is the Maryland situation and I will more than likely be playing UFS in Hanover, PA when work allows it. While I said that the rotaion rocked, I am left wondering if this was thought out and allow me to explain. Steve Horvath and James Hata both knew what will happen once they announced the rotation. Hell, he even mentioned it in the SToG that came after that huge announcement. I feel that this may have not been thought out like Horvath says. If so, than there would not have been complaints about prize support still having 4-star shurikens on them. That should have been addressed promptly before rotaion announcment was made and dealt with. It is true that a transition like this would have some problems to incur, but with these sort of things happening in other games, one would think that FFG would have been on the ball with that. I am almost willing to think that the rotation would have been better left for when Quest of Souls was about to release in order to insure a smooth transition and fix the Prize Support on all levels of play. Which brings me to Prize Support. We were told that when FFG got UFS that there were more chances of doing big things for UFS in FFG. In fact I do belive Christian, the head honcho was looking forward to having this property. I will remind you that the person who stated that was Steve Horvath himself. Yet for all the big things that was going to be done, there still seems to be lack of satisfaction on some levels of the game. Why is it that Prize support is lacking? Were we not told that with FFG UFS would bloom? Lack of Prize support or sorry ass Prize support is something that FFG needs to ******* work on in UFS. IF STG was able to pull off half the **** that they did in the past, full playsets, electronics, etc. than why can't FFG? Why did prize support at Worlds 2009 for singles suck? Was regional PS that great? And what the **** happened with the Dinner of Champions? Well I can complain but I feel that a solution is needed. Other problems from FFG? Oh yeah, put your money were your mouth is FFG/Horvath. Yep I am calling him out and don't defend him. We know he does not come to the forums anymore. Maybe he will keep his word on that. For the future though, just in case you break your word, just do what you need to ******* do and don't make any pledges, promises, or anything else. We know you have to go through Christian anyways, so don't tell us anything until it is 100% certain.
  4. um.....that is a bit disturbing I ain't going to lie.
  5. guys i would love to call them but I am not the scout in my area. That would be BP. If I call I am not sure how customer service would respond. I mean what do I say, "Yeah, my playgroup is in fallston and we haven't got our prize support?" I could just see them talking to me and asking me if I am the scout. Oh well, i will give it a try.
  6. Whoopsie.... that's my bad.
  7. My point exactly shane. Chain Throws backed up by Absurd Strength was the madness back than. I hated getting pummeled to death by it. But it was a legitmate strategy. Very legitimate strategy. Just a hard one to deal with especially when you could recur it with all the nasty tricks you can pull and than have it thrown at you again so the insanity would never end. The truth is though is that it is going to have answers in a few sets anyways, I just hope that it is a balanced answer and not a retarded one like rejection or bad vitality gain like battle prowess. Throws blocking throws for complete block would make sense though especially since in fighting games when two players perform throws they cancel each other out. As seen in Street Fighter IV for example and I am certain SC IV. That would solve the nuisance without being an overpowerd dam. redux. Good suggestion I think.
  8. Sweet, I will ask for that day off definately.
  9. It all falls under opinion. Whence the original post. But what i am trying to say is that it boils down to what you like to play...nuff said.
  10. 5 weakest? interesting I suppose. Though I do have to disagree. Yi-shan is not as weak as you think. As I have stated, our boy Philly Cheese from Hanover definately proves this wrong. Yi-shan has a higher learning curve, that is what makes him a tough character to build off of. You have to take time in his build and understand that it will take 'hard' work to get the most out of his card. Nina has an interesting play mechanic. Due to this, she too is a complicated build. You have to play devious with her. Not a weak character in my book. Will prove that **** soon enough once I manage to build her. The point- I do not think there is any weak ass characters. Rather there are characters that require a certain unique build to them. In the NOVA Regional, Galford of all characters made top 8. Galford? And should I remind you all of Omar's Voldo, Block 2? There will always be characters that will out shine others just as there will be players with weird ass tastes.
  11. I don't think that he has hata's number and I am certain that he has contacted FFG support and everyone in between to get this handled. Unfortuantely, I may have to go on drastic measures and hit up hata on x-box live. lol, Should be fun as hell.
  12. Look, there are some ways to mess with throws. but these ways are not guaranteed and some of these ideas work with only a few set symbols. For starters blocking with that Cervantes attack that puts a static text -1 to your checks. A double edged sword, true, but effective nonetheless. Anything Breaker, Stun, or Astrid. Foundation destruction. (Make it harder for them to pass checks.) These are very few and far between. The real point is that we have to give this **** sometime. As you have stated hughes, there has been news down the grapvine that there are answers in Soul Calibur IV. Problem with that though is that it is probaly going to have fire and the next gripe will be that you have to use fire to have an answer. (Just bracing for the inevitable impact guys.) Finally, we have to look at the fact that with the early roatation, somthing like this would have happend. What I am wondering is how in block 2 I built a starter Sagat deck with Tiger furies and Spiral DDT's and one more than one occasion, was able to dish out three Spirals anywhere between 14-26 damage. Sure there was redux, but I managed to pump the damage high enough. Mind you this was before lovely rejection. I guess no one complained then because there was damage redux and with tekken 6 we are seeing a little bit of that come back due to king's support. So there is some attempt. I guess that is the only reason that there may have not been any complaints. But as this game progresses through block 4, we need to remember that there will be issues that come up from time to time. Will this be recurring? Maybe...but as long as the nasty mistakes are not repeated. Still one should learn from there mistakes big or small but I digress-Throws maybe a problem, but I think that this will be nipped in the bud soon enough.
  13. Here it goes again. Regrardless of what is said and what you try to do to fix it, it is impossible for it not to happen. Welcome to the new cheap trick of UFS, or rather one that is not new just in some peoples minds a little abused. Since the beginning of the all mini-block madness, it has donned to me from a good friend of mine that throws are the 'new' cheapness of the game. Sigh, yep it is insane ain't it? Throws no doubt have been a nuisance to deal with with some people. As for me, i love the **** things 100%. Nothing says loving like throwing people around like rag dolls. When I first played this games, Fight for thr Future and Darkstalkers came out. I entered the arena near the end of block one. Spiral DDT being one of my favorites was a good choice for me as I had no access to Chain Throw, a throw that would vex me badly in the ECC 2008. It makes me wonder why it was not a big deal than and suddenly why it is a big deal now. It is true that blocking is a little bit harder, but not so bad that if you play it right you can still make it. I guess that is not the issue. Is it because people can damage pump the hell out of them? Wasn't a big deal when absurd strength came following the infamous perfect attack known as Chain Throw. Or better yet, two more after that nice little blue card. Look, throws are always going to be a nuisance, but block 4 was not the first to abuse the throw and it will not be the last. I am sure that there will be answers to it soon, maybe through balanced damage redux cards or cards with static text stating that when a throw attack is blocked no damage is dealt. Point, there is always going to be some parts of any game that will be veiwed as cheap. Your thoughts people, the floor is now open to you.
  14. My playgroup is in a bit of a problem. From what I have heard from Shane, the same could be said. Today I got to play UFS in my hometurf. There was only six of us, but that was cool, we still had a good time to say the least. I was informed before we played that our scout, Blind Prophet has not received prize support for over two months now. (Tekken Pre-Release excluded.) I do belive that shane and his playgroup are having the same **** issue. What the hell is going on with the prize support? Has FFG forgotten the importance of prize support? Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the game for the fun of it, truly I do. However, weekly prize support plays a vital function to this game. For starters, it is a catlyst for players to build better decks. Once they see something they want, 9/10 I guarantee that they put in more effort in order to obtain the prize they seek. Fail that, you can always find prize support to be excellent trading fodder to get to things that you really desire. In turn, it makes for a more dynamic playgroup when things are up for grabs. Secondly, it gives an upper hand over other games. I have seen BP get a player in just by saying, you can get a free card just for playing. With such a fundamental part of this game gone, the motivation for some players seems to have been snuffed. Some of you guys having the same issue might agree. I know that steve no longer checks these forums out, which is a shame because as of late good **** has been coming out by the ass load, yet I feel that the UFS community needs some answers. In this case, you can argue that the current prize support is all four star ****, but that is no excuse. I am certain that the first things done after the announcement of the reset should have been 5-star cards made promptly after gen-con. Albeit there are some, but we have yet to see any jin's and astrid's on our end of the field. For you lucky bastards getting prize support, congrats. Fun times I am certain. Oh and I should mention that BP has entered and sent all the info that was needed to get us Prize support. Seriously, this f--ker works like clock work when it comes to **** like this. Before I continue I thought I would state that just in case some of you feel like he has not. Such actions while minut to some, has led to discouraging words said from some of the players in my playgroup. This is not the same person who posted awhile back about the doomed fate of NewFS after the early rotation. One of our players feel like it is going on a downward spiral. I beg to differ. It does make me wonder though if prize support could help alleviate the nay sayers. Hell, probaly not. Regardless of what is done, nay sayers are a part of gaming. Can't fix that. But this, this can be fixed. And to be honest, it should be nipped in the ass ASAP! An explanation, while not perfect should be made. Is the person in charge of sending out PS around? Is it possible that there is no one to fill in the role? I am curious to know what is going on here as I am not a scout and do not have the connections that some of you guys do. Well that is enough for now. hopefully I can get some clarity on this issue. If not, than I will have to hear assumptions and quite frankly, i am getting tired of those **** things. Good night.
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