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  1. Force and Destiny is supposed to be a stand-alone game so I think we'll see similar career set-ups as the other two games (social career, fighty career, pilot career, mechanic career and so on). Those are required for a good Star Wars game. There could (should?) be more than one force specialization in the book though, and I presume we'll see all five force power trees and some new ones in the book as well, maybe even extended versions of them. Additional force specializations and force powers would be a good selling point for sourcebooks, so some might be left for later books to explore.
  2. Corellia's population is listed as 3 billion (60% humans, 20%/20% Selonians/Drall) in Star Wars the Essential Atlas.
  3. My LGS has this on it's website. Estimated release date is in May. I wonder if those expanded rules will help running mass combats... Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Game Master’s Kit Blast deeper into the action of your Star Wars roleplaying campaign with the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Game Master’s Kit. The GM’s Kit includes a GM screen which provides a handy reference for a host of vital Game Master information. You’ll also find expanded rules for running military squads and squadrons, plus a complete adventure titled Dead in the Water, which challenges players to stand strong against the Empire, even after they’ve finished the adventure featured in the Core Rulebook. • A helpful GM screen provides reference to a host of vital information • Includes expanded rules for running military squads and squadrons • Includes a complete Age of Rebellion adventure, Dead in the Water
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