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    Steel Rabbit reacted to nikk whyte in Why having zero new content in Expansions covered by the Conversion Kits is a good thing.   
    There seems to be a LOT of flack being aimed at the lack of new content, specifically in the B-wing. 
    The lack of new cards is a good thing.
    If you're a brand new player, and want to play a b-wing, you're not chasing down rare conversion kit cards to complete your collection. if you got a conversion kit, you don't have to buy a 5th b-wing just to get one pilot who is a meta force. 
    Have some patience. Yes, you were told you wont have to buy out of faction to get cards. If you just wait, you'll see that's still true. 000 and BT-1 were previously only in the scum conversion Kit. Now they are in the Decimator. A card you assumed was only available out of faction yesterday is suddenly 100% in your faction. 
    The best news of all is that these ships are very likely to be hyperspace legal soon, which means in about 3 months these things are gonna be EVERYWHERE. Decimators in that small of a meta could suddenly become powerhouse ships. By the time the June points change comes this game wont look ANYTHING like it does right now. its already so different from when it launched 5 months ago. Just let it breathe. 
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    Steel Rabbit reacted to WonderWAAAGH in Rules changes killing me   
    How did we let a complaint thread get to a second page? 😕
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    Steel Rabbit reacted to Poposhka in Rules changes killing me   
    no worries. let me know if there's anything else you'd like help with besides selling cardboard for 40 times the retail cost.
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    Steel Rabbit reacted to Poposhka in Rules changes killing me   
    FFG is not responsible for your second market auctions.
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    Steel Rabbit reacted to Amanal in Displays not so random...   
    This would lead me to the following: Don't buy display boxes, but buy a deck here and there.
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    Steel Rabbit got a reaction from Mep in End of Netrunner   
    I agree with Mep. As fans of various games and properties it's easy to lay the reason for certain decisions on emotional responses, because we put so many of our emotions into the things we love, but business decisions between successful companies always come down to money.
    The sick thing is that a game doesn't even have to lose money, just not make the right amount of money to justify its existence. I'm certain Netrunner made money, just probably not enough for one or more parties involved.
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    Steel Rabbit reacted to Gundark in End of Netrunner   
    I think A:NR didn't even come close to threatening M:tg