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    End of Netrunner

    I agree with Mep. As fans of various games and properties it's easy to lay the reason for certain decisions on emotional responses, because we put so many of our emotions into the things we love, but business decisions between successful companies always come down to money. The sick thing is that a game doesn't even have to lose money, just not make the right amount of money to justify its existence. I'm certain Netrunner made money, just probably not enough for one or more parties involved.
  2. Hey guys, I know that WFRP isn't released yet, but I'm a shop employee who would like to know what combination of card sleeves I'll need to sleeve all the cards in the WFRP starter box. If anyone knows (FFG staff? Eh? Eh? *nudge*) I'd like to know. I think they're done using the green and yellow sets, but I don't know for sure. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! I played my first game of Android: Netrunner last night, and loved it! I'm definitely sold on the game. I have a couple questions, though, regarding encountering ice: Ice has subroutines which need to be broken. I don't understand how ice with multiple subroutines work. How does a runner break a second or third (or further) subroutine? Do they still use the same icebreaker? If so, what's the point of having multiple subroutines if one icebreaker has already proven that it can break one subroutine on the ice? Isn't it then strong enough to break all of them? The only thing I can think of is if you're only allowed to use an icebreaker to break one subroutine. Thereby using multiple icebreaker cards to break one ice card. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Steel Rabbit

    Card and Rule Clarification

    Awesome, thanks!
  5. Hey all, another couple of questions for you here. Played my second game and two things came up : 1) The Corp card Shipment from Mirrormorph states: "Immediately install up to 3 cards (spending no clicks but paying all initial costs)." What does this mean, exactly? Would they be played rezzed or unrezzed. What if a card has no install cost (such as an Agenda). In fact, looking this one up, my opponent and I couldn't find any mention of a term called "Install Cost," though we figured "Play Cost" and "Rez Cost" meant "Install Cost." 2) When accessing a Corp's R&D the rulebook says that the runner can "score" agendas. But in the following column (pg. 18), it refers to the acquiring of Agendas as "Stealing." When you look up "Score" in the glossary it specifies that it's a Corp action. I assume "Steal" and "Score" are interchangeable but we all know what happens when one assumes . 3) The Corp action Purge Virus Counters; does this purge all virus counters off of every card in the game? Anyway, thanks for the help! Every game I play I make mistakes, though they're getting fewer, and fewer, as the number of games increase.
  6. Steel Rabbit

    Breaking Subroutines

    Awesome! Thanks again!
  7. Steel Rabbit

    Breaking Subroutines

    Oh! Another question, though: Can you use an icebreaker to break subroutines on multiple pieces of ice in a run? Like, if there're three pieces of ice protecting a server that all happen to be able to be affected by the same icebreaker can I use that icebreaker all the way through (provided I have the resources to do so)?
  8. Steel Rabbit

    Breaking Subroutines

    Hah! Thanks guys for your responses and your help, but it turns out I was reading the rules very, very, incorrectly. I thought the strength of the icebreaker had something more to do with breaking ice than just allowing you to approach it. I thought the strength of the icebreaker was what you used to break the subroutines. I had got this in my head before I took a good look at any cards, and so didn't notice the abilities. I now know that the strength of the icebreaker allows you to approach the ice, but then it's up to the abilities of the icebreaker to affect the subroutines on the ice. Anyway, thanks again for the responses. This means I shouldn't have lost so horribly, and I can't wait for the next game!
  9. Steel Rabbit

    Vampire: The Eternal Struggle as a LCG?

    VtES was one of my favorite CCGs (and I played a lot). I'd love to see this game made into an LCG. The LCG format is much better than the CCG, and this was a fantastic multiplayer game.
  10. Oh my, yes. I'm was sad that I missed out on the original Netrunner until I heard this announcement.
  11. This is absolutely fantastic! Good-looking, and detailed. I'll pass this along to friends.
  12. Steel Rabbit

    Bad time to buy in?

    You know what? The worst editing I've ever encountered in FFG products is just the occasional pair of words that are missing their space and a repetition of a word here or there. Their errata-ble mistakes are no greater than any other games company out there.
  13. skolo said: Hope FFG will not make (if) separate line of products here... I doubt it. The three (or four) 40KRP lines aren't even that separate from each other. Still, if they were to do some Chaos-y thing like this I imagine it would be another supplement that lets you start out as (or even turn into) an evil git.
  14. Steel Rabbit

    Anyone else want WFRP figures?

    valvorik said: The GDW set of Empire Militia (plastic, glue together to make each as you like) is great for creating NPC's with pistols, muskets, swords etc. And yes, I can't see GDW letting FFG produce warhammer miniatures. They wouldn't licence it as long as they produce such. GW. GDW is Games Designers Workshop. They were the ones that originally did Traveller.
  15. Steel Rabbit

    Some modifications to our gaming space

    NezziR said: I also resurfaced the game table with 'chalkboard' paint! Now the whole table is a giant chalkboard. I'm pretty jazzed. You need a house rule: Anytime someone drags their fingernails on that table, they're out!
  16. Steel Rabbit

    Fimir - that gives me hope!

    ^ Bah! Sorry. I guess I skimmed over the post of the guy above me who already mentioned what I did.
  17. Steel Rabbit

    Fimir - that gives me hope!

    I just want it on the record that I don't think GW has "toned-down" their settings for a younger audience (I'm familiar with all the versions and inceptions of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000), but that isn't what we're discussing in this thread. GW hasn't gotten rid of Fimir, either. They're in the terrain section of the new 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy rulebook. I think they pop out of bogs and drag you down (to do, Sigmar-knows-what to you I don't know...)
  18. Steel Rabbit

    Fimir - that gives me hope!

    As long as they get rid of the **** part of their reproduction I'm cool with the Fimir. I was never cool with that aspect.
  19. Steel Rabbit

    Orc and Goblin Spores

    I always thought they just popped up and began clubbin' hedz! That or Snotlings do all the work. As stated in the 40k Space Ork codex (not exactly Orcs, but still...), Snotlings do most of the fungus-tending.
  20. Steel Rabbit

    Which Chaos Power are you itching to pledge yourself to???

    Slaanesh for sure! I loves me the naked daemon chick... Things...
  21. Steel Rabbit

    Collector's Edition?

    I'd love to get a collector's edition, would match the other ones on ma shelf!
  22. Steel Rabbit

    new armor types a bit OP?

    Not to get too ranty, but what I love about RPGs is that they are unbalanced, much like the (pseudo) reality they attempt to depict. Wargames and boardgames need a bit of abstraction to be playable, while RPGs should endeavor to add a bit of "realism" (a strange term to use when dealing with sci-fi/fantasy worlds). Mk VIII armor is better, 'cause it's the latest suit of armor. FFG tried to balance it by making it a roll, but I just let my PCs pick. Again, not to be preachy, but RPGs are really a matter of trust between the players and the GM with final responsibility for "balance" being on the GM. I understand if you have a group of people who don't mind taking advantage of certain rules (nothing wrong with that so long as people are having fun). So yeah, you're right, the armor types can be a bit "OP" but they're definitely manageable.
  23. Steel Rabbit

    Map Preferences

    I use a mix, but I always use a hex-map. Most of the combat and situations in Deathwatch are better done abstractly, where I get the players to place their miniatures on the grid in approximate positions and I sketch out the environs using wet-erase markers. This helps everyone visualize everything and keeps the confusion down. Sometimes, however, combats can get a bit hairy, and when they don't involve a horde (but just a few enemies) I will be more specific with the hex-map. I'll make every hex be a meter, and have them move tactically. And the reason I use a hex-map (besides my odd love of hexagons) is that it doesn't require that every other square moved diagonally count as two meters. A lot of gamers forgo this fact altogether when using square-grid maps, but I'm a stickler.
  24. Steel Rabbit

    [OT] What's this new GW policy?

    I think GW's beef is just with online discounters (which I don't like, either). They just want people to adhere to the prices they set, and brick-and-mortar shops adhere to.
  25. Steel Rabbit

    Game Masters Vault Contents

    This has been my concern too. I've been debating whether I wanted to pick up the Players/GM's Vault/Guide and I think I'll hold out until my group really gets playing, in which case an extra book, or set of whatever might come in handy.