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  1. Easy. Crab clan and Shadowlands. The clan wars. Got most of the RPG books and from 1st and 2nd edition. and The 7 novels of the Clan WARS. Fav. Hero well almost all of them . They each had an important role in how things evolved.
  2. For me I would a Twilight Imperium :Armada. ( I'm sure someone has posted this one already but I just had to say something myself.) I would be ALL IN on this FFG property as it gives them freedom to make any style of ship and with 10+ races you have a great amount of options and new abilities for each race type. It endless on what they can come out with. Not limited to just 2 factions and scum, maybe. Don't get me wrong I play X-wing and that's great. But the full potential for the Armada system, for me, could be seen in the Twilight universe. (If they wanted they could make it compatible with Star War as well.) If you had to choose which race would you see yourself playing as. SOL, L1z1X or maybe Hacan.....ect... So many options. Who know if we all just 1+ this maybe they will take notice. Here's hoping.
  3. Thank you! That seen like a good story arch. Sorry I missed it. I remembered Daigotsu but i did not realize what an important role he had. I make sense, in regards to the Horde decks . So this is why there are no more Shadowland decks then. I kind of missed their Icon. Who know, maybe a great evil will awaken....*COught*... Iuchiban.....Cought ***.... Hida Osano-Wo*( although with this one lore says he is still fight with his father in the shadowlands.)
  4. For anyone new to the game and you want to know about the "CLAN WARS" story, they do have a seven novel series that was printed years ago, starting with the Scorpion coup and ending with Way if the Lion. You can find them on e-bay and amazon for a few bucks each. It's an easy read and a really good story. Now for my question. I have not played since Hidden Emperor.. in think or was it four winds, but what happen to the Naga clan, Ratting clans and HOW AND WHEN did the Shadowlands become the Spider clan and what about the Crab clan ,they held the WALL. So now what do they do? . I know bits and pieces of the story but chking around I'm not seeing a history of events that said what happened. Any info would be great Thanks. AS you can tell I was a Crab clan(and /or) Shadowlands player. I know Hida Yakamo became part Naga and then he became the sun. SO I was just wondering what happen. I will say this though, when I say the news about L5R. I yelled out. " IM IN." Looking forward to the future and maybe some new thunders to boot. OH! just remembered the RPG had a book called Time of the Void it's a good book with all of the major events that took place during the "CLAN WARS." you may find that one on e-bay as well. SORRY title should have said "for anyone new to the game" after a bit of history
  5. alpha5099 said: I doubt that Disney would screw with FFG's license, or really most licenses out there. That's how Star Wars is the cash cow it is; sure, the films have all made an insane amount of money, but it's the whole scope of the media empire which is why they'd pay $4 billion dollars. I'm sure they'll look to find ways to expand licensing opportunities, but there's no real reason to cut off existing licenses. On the whole, I'm cautiously optimistic about this whole deal. If George Lucas had just come out and announced he was doing more films, I'd just groan and wonder what he'll ruin now. Even if Episode VII is based on a treatment Lucas prepared, it's going to be made by other people, and getting control of Star Wars out of Lucas' hands is pretty much the best thing that can happen to the franchise. Even if the new movies end up being terrible, that's just maintaining the status quo; there's no where to go but up with the Star Wars films. I glad that Disney's has the right now. They will make a better set of movies then epi. 1,2,3. What killed it for me was that you find out that Darth Vader is Anikin in RotS. It killed the plot for epi. 5, where Luke (and you ) find out that Vader is his father. What Lukas should have done was have Count Ducoo (sp), Gen. Grevis and Anikin, (hell even a clone or the surving part of Darth MAul would have been cool.) All fall around the same time and have the Lord Sith grab them all and tell then that one of them will be his 2nd. Maybe, All where heal/fix to a point and Lord sith had each of them fight in a room to the death. We don't see the outcome because the door close. Next WE see is Vader coming out of the med/borg room. The Question about Padmai and her death could have been ask before the fight broke out IN said room. that just my 2 cents. So yeah I'm happy someone else is doing it. It should flow alot smother with the 1st 6 episodes now. Here hoping.
  6. ……or save money on cost so that they don't have to charge a high price, to us, just to make a profit.
  7. ALL you would need is one and it could be all of the branches combined. Armed forces for hire…. by corps (or others). like in Aliens.
  8. Methos said: I thought it was pretty cool to have seen WEYLAND - a well known and well established name in the genre of science fiction (as we all know from the original Alien franchise and now Prometheus). So I sure hope that we will see some incarnation of Yutani, since technically we have seen Tyrell Corporation (Jinteki - More Human Than Human), Cyberdyne Systems (Haas Bioroid / cyborgs). Not sure who NBN is an amalgamation of - but I'm sure someone out there can help with that one Maybe OCP- OMNI CONSUMER PRODUCTS…….."I'd buy that for a dollar….I mean CREDIT!"
  9. One option i hope to see is a MIlitary type of corp. That would be a really good to add to the list. Stealing attack plans and new weapons blueprints. Stuff like that. I had also mention (in an older post) a Runner that works for a corp. would be cool aswell. Runner for hire type.
  10. sinnerfold said: I'm very excited about this game. I am looking forward to see where FFG takes this game. I would like to see them putting some story into the releases, both in the preview articles and also in the cards themselves via names and flavor text. Now that we have named factions we can really see the interactions between runner and corp in a whole new light. It's a great time to be a gamer. Yeah! like they did with CoC packs.. I could see that. They could even do something Like The 5 year story arc for L5R. That would be sweet as the players had a big roll on the outcome of the story.
  11. SO as a LCG does this mean that the 1st pack will be out sometime in October? My guess is it will take a about 3 new monthly packs before we start seeing different play styles pop up. I think and hope to see a corp. runner. Someone hired by the corps to attack other corp or even a running. Not sure how that would work but the theme of a corp. runner sound cool. Anyone else thought of possible Ideas for the future? Loving this game!!!!!
  12. So i was thinking of using one (black) power die at the cost of 1 fatigue, 1 silver die at the cost of 2 fatigue or 1 gold die at the cost of 3 fatigue. Seeing as Fatigue is use alot more, it now make it more of an heroic effort to spend the fatiuge for 1 power die. A hero will only get 1 power die per roll (not 1 of each). Not sure how th numbers play into it for balancing but it does give players that heroic effort feel. ANy thoughts?
  13. So i was thinking of using one (black) power die at the cost of 1 fatigue, 1 silver die at the cost of 2 fatigue or 1 gold die at the cost of 3 fatigue. Seeing as Fatigue is use alot more, it now make it more of an heroic effort to spend the fatiuge for 1 power die. A hero will only get 1 power die per roll (not 1 of each). Not sure how th numbers play into it for balancing but it does give players that heroic effort feel. ANy thoughts?
  14. So i was thinking of using one (black) power die at the cost of 1 fatigue, 1 silver die at the cost of 2 fatigue or 1 gold die at the cost of 3 fatigue. Seeing as Fatigue is use alot more, it now make it more of an heroic effort to spend the fatiuge for 1 power die. A hero will only get 1 power die per roll (not 1 of each). Not sure how th numbers play into it for balancing but it does give players that heroic effort feel. ANy thoughts?
  15. pyrefly1986 said: Either I keep over looking the line in the rules or I'm blind but when a monster needs to roll a Attribute, what number does he need to roll against? Example: Say a Runemaster with "runic sorcery" puts a "poisoned" Condition onto a Ettin…What would the Ettin have roll to remove the poison? Also are Lieutenant by any chance immune to stasis conditions like stun, poisoned, etc? The LT's have stats on their cards( just under the picture) and the monster just auto fail I belive. (pg 15 bottem right corner). Some Lt's are immune to some of the conditions. Just chk the back of their LT card.
  16. runewars and runequest use the same heros as 1ed descent. I know the promo heros are going to be in it but not to sure about the the heros from the last expanion for runequest, which had the aztec theme to it. Also not to sure about the Midnight heros that was in the one runequest expaion set.
  17. Not to mention how many compenies do you know will say. "here, for all you fans with all of the minis from the 1st ed. It's a kit so that your old minis won't just sit their and collect dust. Mind you, it is $25, so if you want it it's yours" Where most Comanies will say. " I know you have the minis already but we are going to put the same old monsters and hero's you have in 4 new expanions and charge you $50 for each one. Hmmm…… Neg. FFG Makes more money on minis we have already $25. ok Pos. FFG is saying " their are no plans to use the old minis in new expanions so here is a kit. For me, it's easy. Here's my $25 and thanks for supporting in finding a way to use the old 1st ed. monsters and heros. ( here's hoping none of the cards are broken)
  18. Antistone said: Walk said: Antistone: Your number 8 isn't quite correct. Look carefully at the wording: you may only suffer fatigue up to your Stamina, and it's converted into damage when a game effect forces you to take fatigue beyond your Stamina. Thus, you can only take Fatigue (and thus damage) beyond your Stamina when you're hit with a negative effect, same as in RuneBound. The "up to your stamina" limit is specifically only for moving and skills, so at best, other "optional" fatigue use has no rule specifying what happens. I agree that the intent was probably to limit voluntary fatigue use and convert involuntary fatigue loss into damage, but that's not what the rule says. It give you an example of how it works. it's preatty clear that you cant use wounds to pay for fatigue stuff. ( No blood magic allow ). I'm assuming that the fighter class will have a skill for this thou.
  19. I belive that Mao was only used in the 1st printing of the game. Then he was switch to the female leader( don't know her name). FFG said they wanted to have an even # of male/ female leaders. But some think it's because in China you are not to have an image of Mao in anything that he may lose in( or said picture of him lose in). ………since it is printed in China……. well. Other then getting a 1st print box, not to sure how to get one.
  20. Lov'n what I'm reading so far…..and we've also learnd that immobilized is a condition in the game . Looking forward for the rules! With the rules coming out out that means well should be seeing the game on the self with in 1-2 weeks after the rules are posted. ( That's been the normal trend with FFG. )
  21. Lupin89 said: Runic Sorcery's conditions i wonder what are thous (1+ damaga 1+ range or something special like stun target or knockback …). Any guess? pretty much everything that is a condition in the game. stun, immoblize, rage maybe, bleed maybe, daze, (mind you I'm going based on 1st ed. on some of these), burn and bleed, . wouldn't KO'd be a condition too? hmm…….
  22. Don't foget about the rumor cards, outdoor encounter cards and the dungen cards( the one's with the cave picture, their are 74 of those quest) from RtL and SoB. Very easy to make some side quests if you want to to countinue to questing. I'm only worry is if you do contiue with questing How much higher can your hero and OL go up in levels/ skills. One thing a OL can do is use the generic OL upgrade cards for the LT. u just need to find a way to pay for it Xp/ or what not. I'm also preety sure that they are working a some parts of their 1st expation on this. You know the stuff they left out of the starter box because it would make to game to pricey. just saying One last thing. I've been buy from FFG for over 10 years now and I've learned that once you start seeing the treads of a game come up, you see the game in store with in a week after the rules are posted. So my guess is the game is already on the boat and almost here.
  23. I've been waiting for dragon hybids since the 1st expanion came out.
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