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  1. Excellent stuff! What did you use for your water? P.S.: Ah, just saw too late that was a resurrected old thread. Still, knowing which water material was used would be useful, if Torche is still reading this.
  2. Ha! My parents were in Ushuaia over Christmas. Unfortunately they didn't take me with them, otherwise I'd have been happy to play a battle.
  3. HI folks! I'm looking at the terrain piece "Bone Totem" and am trying to understand what it represents and how to build it as a 3D terrain piece. Has anybody done this? I can't really make heads or tails of the graphic on the tile - it looks like a giant tick to me.
  4. I would really love to attend as well, Poland isn't too far away for me.
  5. Two things: I pressed into it with a rolled up ball of aluminium foil, and I also coated the whole thing with watered-down plaster and sprinkled some fine sand over that.
  6. The terrace is cut from a piece of about 1" thick polystyrene. The pattern is drawn (etched) in with a pen.
  7. After a longer abstinence from Runewars painting, I've gotten back into building terrain at least. Here are the final two pieces from the base game, the Terrace and the Forest: Three trees are all magnetized and individually removable - to allow units to be placed, vary the forest density and use the trees for other terrain projects as well.
  8. I am very sorry, but my schedule for November and December is simply to packed now to play... especially with having to relearn the whole interface over again. I'm withdrawing from the tournament.
  9. And here's the rest of the Latari communit. I especially love the musician, as she's going off into here jazz solo.
  10. Ah, but there it says "and in your front firing arc", not "in front of your firing arc". You can't be in front of an firing arc, as it extends across the whole table. Just nitpicking I know, sorry.
  11. Just a little terminology: Your Bone Horrors' melee ability reads "in front of your firing arc". Shouldn't this be "in your firing arc" or even "in line of sight"?
  12. Back to the Latari... here is the banner bearer with his proud autumn standard.
  13. Great, Aetheriac and I have managed to schedule a game for Sunday. 7 hours time difference doesn't make it exactly easy.
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