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  1. Urrrrrgh. That would put it the week before Worlds (and Carnage). Tough, tough sell
  2. Hinomura

    Leb NH Sept 8th - special tournament

    Link to Facebook event; https://www.facebook.com/events/1838303982943862/?ti=cl
  3. Heya folks I'm undertaking a two-pronged charity initiative. Firstly, this: https://www.gofundme.com/e8qnkv-hair-today-gone-tomorrow Secondly, the follicle massacre will be taking place at a special L5R LCG tournament on Saturday, September 8th at Black Moon Games in Lebanon, NH. This event will have lots of cool prizes donated by stores, companies, and members of the community, and all entry fees raised will be donated to the fundraising campaign for Jesse Carpenter, an incredibly popular member of the Game of Thrones community who is battling cancer for the third time. Very much hope to see some of you there!
  4. It looks like both grinders for the Grand Kotei will be in the 150-200 player range, which is considerably more manageable than 700 people playing single core sealed...
  5. Hinomura

    Setting Skill Values & Glory

    Yep, I emailed Tyler about this when Djinn was spoiled. Set overrides EVERYTHING that is not set. Attachments, honored/dishonored status, any bonuses from anywhere. You work them all out, then set overrides them.
  6. Sorry, was out playing cards! Had a response from the ever helpful FFG OP Facebook account, and they confirmed that Friday's listing is indeed an error, and should begin at 3pm.
  7. It sounds like you might prefer one of the Skirmish events. These are short three round tournaments that fire at 3pm each day, and you get a card for taking part plus an extra for each game you win. Perfect for scratching the L5R competitive itch without having to devote a full day of your convention to it.
  8. Hmmm...actually, it appears the Friday Magistrate Stage is scheduled to begin at 1pm. Let me contact them about it.
  9. The qualifiers for the Grand Kotei begin at 9am each day. The Samurai Stage is four rounds. If you go 2-2 or better in those four rounds, you qualify for the Magistrate round, which begins at 3pm, and runs for another three rounds. Assuming there aren't huge delays in the first four rounds, you should have plenty of time to eat between the end of that and the start of the Magistrate stage. You should be done for the day even if you play all seven rounds by no later than around 7pm.
  10. Hinomura

    Mantis Theme Deck Suggestions

    Unicorn with Crab splash. Charge as your Restricted List card. Reprieve and Rebuild. Recycle Yurts. Make Yoritomo huge. Shioteme and Gaijin Customs to get him into multiple conflicts each round.
  11. Final, full colour version of the artwork. My numbers have to go in on Friday morning, so if you're interested, you have until then to contact me! Mats are $20 each, which must be paid before the convention. They are available to collect at the Dinner for Villains/Scorpion Clan Dinner on Friday evening at the Rock Bottom brewery in Indy. If you're not attending yourself, you're welcome to find someone that is to collect them for you. A huge thank you to Hector Herrara for another stunning piece of artwork.
  12. Yup, one of my other arguments was how much the card pool would benefit from all the Clan packs being out at the same time (obviously this is extremely unlikely to happen due to design and logistics) - not only would every Clan have access to approximately the same number of cards, there would be another six viable Roles for each Clan to use.
  13. The system still works with eight clans, as long you keep the rule that no more than four of either Keeper or Seeker can be selected. This ensures that there is always an option to use either Keeper or Seeker locked cards. I don't think any hypothetical discussions involving factions beyond an eighth are particular useful, as there's nothing currently that indicates this would ever happen, and if it did, both the card pool and the game could have changed considerably.
  14. I've championed this for a while, and mentioned it on several occasions