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  1. Which makes hanging out on the Nu5R forum an odd choice, but each to their own
  2. I play the game at a decent level, having attended GenCon every year the LCG has been there and Worlds for the last two years, and the vast majority of players are there to have fun. I took hard loses in the top four of Worlds 2017 and the top 16 at GenCon this year, and smiled through them - no need to make my opponent feel bad for beating me! Gaming is a shared social experience. Most people remember that and contribute to the experience even on the highest competitive stage.
  3. As with almost all corners of the internet, you just need to learn what (or who) to filter out. The majority of L5R players are wonderful people. Don't let the occasional idiot convince you otherwise.
  4. Matt helped resolve the promo issue while GenCon was going on. He took on board complaints and found a way to help fix things from afar during the convention. And his increased level of communication in the month before GenCon has been a welcome and positive change. My apologies if I appear to be labouring the point, but someone just reading your article will be presented with what I feel is a misrepresentation of someone working hard in a difficult role. I would, as I'm sure you also agree, much prefer his job wasn't any harder than it needed to be. While I'm very happy that you're presumably going to present a more positive impression of Matt in the August article, it's unfortunate that this is the current recognition he receives.
  5. Couple of minor points. Tyler isn't 'one of the lead designers'...he is, by all accounts, the sole member of the L5R Design Team right now. While I share your concerns about communication, I think you do a disservice to the sterling efforts of Matt Holland recently. He's been wonderful keeping people as informed as possible, and reacted with astonishing speed to try and rectify the PR nightmare regarding the new promos. Really interesting read as always, Dave.
  6. 25 honour to win, not 20. Other than that, fantastic posts.
  7. I'm relatively ambivalent to the topic. I will say that allowing players to shape the mechanics of deck building on such a scale is, to me, seriously cool and takes the baton of Old5R storyline choices then RUNS away with it. The concept absolutely blew me away when first announced. I've said this many times before, but my ideal process would be that Top of Clan choose Roles twice a year (once in North America, once elsewhere), with the caveats that you can't take the same Role twice in a row and that no more than four Keeper or Seeker Roles can be selected. The three unchosen Roles become available to every Clan, meaning every Clan will always have access to both a Seeker and a Keeper.
  8. Lion won the first World Championship. Dragon won multiple Koteis. Are those tournaments not major enough?
  9. Last call for Dinner for Villains play mats. If you want one, let me know before I put my order in tomorrow. If you asked for a mat more than two weeks ago, please do me a favour and check with me to make sure your name is down - had some computer issues and don't want anyone to miss out. Cheers!
  10. The art for this year's mat is now on proud display at the above link. Figured it's a good time to recap how the play mats work! These play mats are produced for the Scorpion Clan Dinner for Villains at GenCon, and are available to anyone that is attending the Dinner, although we're happy to work with people if they're going to be at GenCon but can't attend the Dinner. If you want a mat and aren't attending GenCon, try and find someone who is. We don't limit the number that each attendee can collect, so feel free to reach out and make your own arrangements. The mats cost $20 each, with payment preferably by PayPal - please contact me for payment details. If you can't pay beforehand, we can accept cash on the day, but we'd really prefer to get the money before the event. We will be ordering the mats on Monday July 15th to give time for them to be produced. This means that only orders received by that date will be guaranteed a mat. We try and order a few extra for last-minute orders, but they go very, very quickly and can't be counted on. If you have any questions, please PM me or post on here. Thanks!
  11. I'd be careful liking my posts, Jon. You may get shame heaped upon you.
  12. Seems like a pretty innocuous comment to cause you to ragequit, but you do you, buddy. Not sure how you got from 'this guy's an ****' to 'this guy also represents the whole of the veteran portion of the community", but I've long since ceased to worry about how other people see things. You're welcome to rationalize and externalize in any manner you see fit, but your toys out of the pram moment is on you and you alone. I like the community and the game a lot. Hope you rediscover your passion for both in the future too.
  13. You don't get to post something ridiculous and not get called on it. When a poster outright states, in a lengthy post, that they're determined not to offer anything constructive, they absolutely deserve to be not taken seriously in any way. And honestly, neither do you - you might want to try developing a thicker skin if you're going to post, oooh, anywhere on the internet. I may very well be an *******, but at least I come from a position of trying to make things better.
  14. I think you're seriously undervaluing the Steward, Dave. If you can strangle your opponent so they have to bid low then control the card they draw...that's definitely useful. And in an Imperial focused deck with even one of the buff holding out, they become a 2/3 for 2 with a valuable trait. It's not a super sexy card, but it's going to be in several successful decks.
  15. To summarize the OP's stance: will whine for free but must be paid to be constructive? Cool.
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