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  1. Hinomura


    You can always just discard him from hand if need be.
  2. Hinomura

    Play/Fight/Reap Question

    Obviously, unless you have a way to ready the Horseman, you'll only get to do this once per turn.
  3. Hinomura

    Rules changes killing me

    /waves hand vaguely in the direction of everywhere.
  4. Hinomura

    Rules changes killing me

    Deck is far from worthless too. If the only thing it had going for it was the potential lock, maybe, but I imagine folks wouldn't have been thinking of paying that much for a one-trick pony. Sure, it's not AS good anymore, but it's not worthless. And something I've mentioned multiple times: we don't know what format major events will be yet. It seems unlikely that it will be anything as bland as 'bring your best deck and compete', so anyone dropping hundreds of dollars on decks right now is making a risky investment.
  5. Hinomura

    Library access broken deck?

    Yup, I chalked that up to a possibly incorrect statement and sought clarification - wanted to do that before reaching for the pitchforks, figuratively speaking
  6. Hinomura

    Checking deck list : Archon format

    Just because something is produced by FFG doesn't guarantee it's accuracy - preview articles for Thrones and L5R are infamous for containing, politely stated, incorrect interpretations. Even though you're kinda acting like a ********, I'll humour you and do what you should have done yourself before you started your misguided crusade: I'll ask the person who made the statement directly.
  7. Hinomura

    The deck that will make you quit keyforge

    Play more Sealed! Also, we still don't know what format major events will be, but with the variety of different Sealed and Constructed formats already in place, it seems unlikely it's going to just be 'best constructed deck'.
  8. Hinomura

    Library access broken deck?

    Did the opponent perhaps play the Library Access, pick it up with something like Neopenthe Seed, then play it again? The effect of Library Access does indeed stack if you can play the same copy multiple times in a turn. It always makes me smile wryly when folks default to the 'must have been cheating' response rather than looking for further clarification or explanation.
  9. Hinomura

    Logos Card in a Deck without Logos

    Keyforge online rulebook, page 10: Source: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/5b/96/5b96d1ce-11ee-43a6-be2a-b3e0a85a84b9/keyforge_rulebook_v7-good.pdf
  10. Hinomura

    Hidden City Rollers

    You guys rock.
  11. Join us for the Elemental Championship, a competitive Regional event with awesome exclusive prizes! Full details and pictures of prizing can be found at https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/12/21/provincial-glory/ Format: Formal Tier event, following all guidelines in the official L5R Tournament Regulations. Time: Registration begins at 10AM, and Round 1 will commence promptly at 11AM. Entry: $20. Pre-register in store or at https://squareup.com/store/black-moon-games/item/l-r-elemental-championship-pre-registration to reserve your spot! Prizes: 1st: Win a 2019 Elemental Championship, and you’ll claim the title of Elemental Champion, along with the trophy and lotus flower invitation to the Winter Court World Championship that are your due. Top 2: Elemental Championship honor dial. Featuring the Imperial Palace printed atop white acrylic, this honor dial serves as testament to your skill. Top 4: A complete set of ring tokens. Red on one side. Blue on the other. Printed on white acrylic. Top 8: Elemental Championship playmat featuring the Imperial Palace washed in sunlight. Top 16: Reach the Top 16 and you will claim two packs of custom sleeves—one for your dynasty deck, and one for your conflict deck. Each pack features 100 sleeves. Top 8 By Element: The Top 8 representatives of each element will claim a double-sided plastic elemental role card for that element, with one side featuring the keeper role and the other featuring the seeker role. Participation: Each participant at an Elemental Championship claims a stunning, extended art version of The Imperial Palace, along with a set of five extended art provinces—Abandoning Honor, Upholding Authority, Appealing to the Fortunes, Seeking the Truth, and Demonstrating Excellence. Facebook event - https://www.facebook.com/events/525841171253137/?ti=cl
  12. Hinomura

    The Brad emails

    Man, I was hoping for something more akin to the Red Shoe Diaries.
  13. Hinomura

    Major release notes for KeyForge Compendium

    This is incredible. Thank you so much to everyone involved!
  14. Hinomura

    So RUDE to quit games ???!!???

    I'm curious as to whether ******** gets filtered, because that's very apt too.