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  1. Hinomura

    Is keyforge going to eat Magic alive.?

    As someone who proudly and passionately championed and played L5R for almost it's entire lifespan, as a player, a TO, and a content provider, I can speak from a position of considerable experience and knowledge and say at no point was L5R ever serious competition to Magic or any of the other big dogs. That's not necessarily a bad thing as size isn't an indication of quality, but we were definitely always a niche game.
  2. Hinomura

    third role question.

    Top of Clan Lion deck at Worlds ran Support of the Scorpion.
  3. Hinomura

    Winter Court 2018

    I'd just like to add that despite some misfires beforehand (specifically, the deck list deadline should have gone up at the same time as the schedule to allow people to plan their travel accordingly), the event felt very smoothly run and markedly better than last year. The events were spaced out nicely, and the prize support was excellent. Great job, FFG.
  4. "Feel free to also visit the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game forum for any rules-related concerns in between updates. The forum can be accessed via the following link: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/456-legend-of-the-five-rings-the-card-game/"
  5. Hinomura

    Tomorrows News

    I'd love to see a deluxe box dedicated to the Mantis , bringing them up to the same number of cards available to other clans by the end of the second cycle and first two Clan Packs. Going forward after that, I'd like to see them get the same support as the other seven factions.
  6. No problem - your well-reasoned response definitely presented a logical conclusion, and just because Tyler ruled it the other way doesn't mean you are wrong
  7. " It does not matter whose dial is higher, so long as they are different. You are correct that if you and your opponent bid 1-5 (in either direction) the difference is 4 and the character’s skill will be reduced accordingly. ~Tyler Parrott Card Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games tparrott@fantasyflightgames.com "
  8. If I bid five and you bid one, the difference is four. If I bid one and you bid five, the difference is four. I'm not seeing any reason why those two situations wouldn't both trigger the penalty.
  9. Hinomura

    Help with core set

    If you to Fiveringsdb, you can select 'one core' from the Packs option, and that should give you the information.
  10. I stayed at the Radisson last year and it was fine. If anyone does decide to stay there, don't book a room via an online site though...call them directly and ask for the FFG World Championships block rate. It should save you about 20% on the price. As for flying solo, there's a lot of gamers in an area with table space and refreshments! There's usually friendly games going on, and it's easy to make new friends. If you're worried about being Jonny No Friends, you're welcome to hang out with us when it's time to get food and kick back, but I'm sure you'll be fine.
  11. Good to know - when I filled in the form for my reserved seat, I didn't have to pay straight away...got a follow up email a few weeks later and bought it then. Did you decide to go? The prize support is amazing, and last year was an awesome experience. It's definitely something I'd recommend, if your funds and schedule allow it.
  12. There are less games this year without Netrunner, so hopefully that translates into more space for everything else. If I remember correctly, you have until October 1st to put in for a ticket, do it's definitely worth doing it just in case - you still have to actually purchase the ticket if you're selected, and can always choose not to go at that point if you so wish.
  13. Hinomura

    Elemental Meta

    Can you point out where any of the cards on the Restricted List actually say that on the card, please?
  14. Hinomura

    Elemental Meta

    Said this before, but the cleanest and most effective way to deal with Hawk Tattoo is to just add an RRG entry for Tattoos that states "Unless the card states otherwise, a Tattoo can only be played on characters you own." This gets HT back in line, and leaves design space for future cards to contain the necessary qualifier.
  15. Hinomura

    The Pinnacle of Power

    I was pretty sure I was going to be playing Kyuden Bayushi at Worlds anyway (because Aramoro), but this really helps solidify it. Love that these cards are meh for existing decks and instead promote a new deck archetype (one that, if it wants to run heavy-hitters like the Whisperers, actually has a choice to make about what RL card it plays). Yes, it almost certainly isn't going to be as overtly powerful as 'classic' Scorpion is, but it provides variety and options, which is a good thing. Stoked.