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  1. I love the passive aggressiveness in that first sentence. "Stop playing the cards wrong!"
  2. A missive from the mountains proved irresistible. I'll be playing Dragon at GenCon! Thank you to everyone who bid. You all rock.
  3. Under five hours until this closes - Dragon (and specifically High House of Light) still leads!
  4. Double update! $300, for High House of Light. Swiftly beaten by $310, for Scorpion.
  5. Bump! High bid is holding steady at $220, with no clan by the bidder. Bidding will close to 10pm Eastern on Sunday February 16th. I can't see there being a flurry of last minute bids, but just in case, any bids in the last 30 minutes will extend the deadline by 15 minutes. I'd like to reiterate that everything won will be posted free of charge anywhere in the world. Also, if there is something in particular the winning bidder wants to wear, either advertising something or just an embarrassing outfit, I'm willing to listen to ideas As always, drop me a line if you have any questions.
  6. For the fourth year in a row I'm helping organize a fundraising initiative to bring someone over to GenCon who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend, and for the second year in a row, I'm offering to auction off my services in the main event at GenCon to help raise those funds. Here's what I'm offering: I'll play the clan and deck of your choice in the North American Championship. I'll also try to take part in as many side events as I can to earn extra prize tickets. The winning bidder will get all participation cards and bling from the event (if there's an upgrade to get anything extra, I'll include that too). If I make Hatamoto for any clan other than Scorpion, they get the Hatamoto mat (if I play Scorpion, the mat is already spoken for.). They can also tell me how to spend any prize tickets I earn. On top of that. I'm offering an exclusive 2020 Dinner for Villains and a Scrubs on Wheels soccer jersey with the number of your choice on. Finally, I'll cover postage to get everything to the wining bidder. Last year's winner came away with a fantastic haul as I went 6-0 and made Hatamoto. Realistically, that's not going to happen every time, and the value of the prize haul will likely be lower than the winning bid, but the money really does go to a great cause and help a passionate L5R player enjoy a wonderful convention. The auction will run for one full week, and finish at 10pm Eastern on Sunday February 16th. Bids can be placed by posting on this thread (which I'll have up in a couple of places) or by PM. The name of the winner will be revealed with their permission after the auction concludes. Funds need to be with me by the end of May. I'll update each post daily with the high bid. I've already had a bid of $200, so that's where we're starting. Raises in $10 increments, please. Thanks for reading this, and to everyone that takes part ❤️
  7. Fantastic episode, and couldn't agree more with Baz's comments about both the current state of the game and its future. Well said, dude.
  8. I've attended L5R Worlds every year, and the event has gone from strength to strength with a full and varied program, incredible participation bling, and lots of opportunities to earn prize tickets. I don't hesitate to recommend it to my L5R-playing friends, and was delighted to see so many of them there in '19. My question though is this: can we please get a much earlier announcement of when Worlds will be? It would make attending so much easier if we had a definite date, ideally told to attendees the year before. Please help us maximise attendance and give us as much promotional time as possible - we want to sell it to our play groups and get even more folks there!
  9. They were five rounds, not six, and the ticket awards reflected that by giving away more for winning records. Not sure the start time has any real impact on the attendance of each. If anything, the later starting event should have an advantage, as players can enjoy more of a live-in
  10. I think you both make valid points, although as mentioned, the card pool for the side events was different from the main event, albeit only mildly. I think the fact that many players chose not to bring an unlocked Role deck with them is still relevant, but I agree that the data is hardly conclusive or demonstrative either way. I just feel that it often seems like the Free Roles movement was presented as the 'will of the people' and that in reality there were plenty of people either in favour of the existing system or apathetic to the entire thing. Honestly, it's just a perception thing that niggles me. Jon has long since convinced me that free Roles are a beneficial thing
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