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  1. I am rather excited by this. I've been a bit underwhelmed with the direction 3rd edition took - mainly because the mechanics don't suit my default method of roleplaying which is play-by-post forum, not tabletop. But hearing Graeme is involved has stoked the old furnace! I ran a play-by-post of most of The Enemy Within campaign that lasted over a year with thousands of posts. It was an incredible, hilarious, tragic, emotional experience! It got my wife into WFRP and is easily the best roleplaying experience of my life. One scene I'll always remember is the apocalyptic destruction of Bogenhafen by a gigantic daemon and the party's escape from the carnage! Some players had dropped out, but I didn't tell anyone, just taking over their characters and imitating their style. The players were horrified as old friends were brutally killed off by the whims of fate. All that was left of Bogenhafen was a crater. One character eventually descended into madness, believing that all hair - facial hair and body hair included - was the mark of chaos and he tried to shave the rest of the party while they slept! Brings a tear to me eye just reminiscing!
  2. Don't tell me you're playing the race card - typical!
  3. Let me chime in here just to recommend Maelstrom too.
  4. I think I've come up with a third option - greenskin numbers are swelled by confidence. Confidence is fuelled by killing and destroying and depleted by lack of things to kill and smash. The more confident a mob of orcs is, the more orcs mysteriously appear. The orcs are used to this and think nothing of it. Fresh greenskins appear - fully matured and armoured - where no one else is looking. We're talking a kind of metaphysical, Schrodinger's cat thing here, or possibly the old 'tree in a forest' conundrum. (This idea comes partially from the 40k concept (held by the Imperium) that ork technology works not due to any particular ingenuity, but due to a strong psychic belief in the orks that it ought to work. For the same reason, ork vehicles painted red can achieve higher speeds, because red wunz go fasta.)
  5. I think another issue (or perceived issue) that occupies my thoughts is complexity. With each designer diary, it's dawning on me that this is a more complex game than 2nd Edition and it will require a good deal more commitment from myself and my players to become versed in the mechanics. Variable powers and effects seem to form the largest burden of complexity, building on a relatively simple core mechanic. Yet I suppose that 2nd edition was not without it's complexities - it all seems so simple now that I've been playing it for a while and the change from 1st to 2nd was minor. There are two other factors at play here, in addition to the issue of complexity: 1. I can't see this translating to my own mode of play - which is play-by-forum - without a great deal of headaches and a lot more effort. 2. I constantly drift between areas of Geekery, such as WFRP, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Dungeons & Dragons and board games - it's cyclicle, but right now I'm doing a lot of army painting and my roleplaying is on the wane. I'll most likely drift back to WFRP in a few months, but at the moment my Geek magnet is aligned firmly to toy soldiers and not RPGs. I suspect though that some day the mood will take me and I'll dive into the new edition, for good or ill. What would motivate me most strongly would be the publication of an official, well thought-out campaign that sparks my imagination.
  6. I love the look of the new edition. But I'm starting to wonder - can I be bothered? I'm really impressed with the dice pools and the bell curve, the party tension and the stances. But on reflection, as a play-by-forum Game Master, I reckon I'll stick with 2nd edition because it's less hassle. The new mechanics are excellent, but very difficult to implement in forum based game. I will probably buy the game anyway, but I have this creeping suspicion that I might end up sticking with 2nd edition to reduce the complication. Again I stress that I am very impressed with Jay's vision and if I had the luxury of a 'live' local group I would abide.
  7. I've never played this game, but I'm astonished at how popular it is on the Geek. Is CitOW really that good? I admit that as a fan of WFRP, I really like the feel of this thing.
  8. I want my daemonology back! (I'm aware that's never going to happen - just venting)
  9. PzVIE said: Bloody GW and their 12 year old clientel! Steamtanks! Gyrocopters! Never ever would such crap enter my campaign world!!! Hey! I used to be one of those 12 year old clientel. A long time ago ...
  10. monkeylite said: I can reveal that in the playtest, we dealt with several different types of bike. I personally led my group through a trail bike scramble type adventure over several different types of terrain and including inclement weather. And we also experimented with using the Progress Tracker to emulate derailleur gear shifts. I've no idea which ones made it through to the final prodct, but I imagine BMXs and racing bikes did, and maybe a couple of the others. This is the most important update on third edition since that rat catcher thingy. <shudder> Seriously, are we talking inner tubes with valves or solid rubber tyres - and if so, where is the rubber imported from? I'm thinking Lustria, which explains why Karl Franz has a half-lizard daughter.
  11. I for one am appalled that bicycle rules have not been included in the new edition. This just goes to show that FFG have no respect for halfling cyclists. Seriously, I'm reminded of the episode of Deadwood (a show about the real wild west which is closer to Warhammer in tone than you'd think) where a bicycle was ridden through town. The poor roads were, indeed, prohibitive!
  12. I'm going with spores, as mentioned in 40k and hinted at (IIRC) in the recent Orcs & Goblins army book. Any other theories? Not many female greenskins in the fluff, but we do have a goblin cheerleader in Blood Bowl.
  13. Another vote for Drachenfels - it ain't canon, but that's because Jack Yeovil (aka Kim Newman) rises above canon on angel's wings. Haven't read the other books, but Drachenfels is a gem, turning so many fantasy tropes on their head - e.g. a dwarf who is a human dwarf, unheroic heroes, a play performance as the central climax. Drachenfels is my canon for WFRP, and **** anything that contradicts it!
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