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  1. DoT can only apply its damage on entering/leaving to enemies in the staging area - if the troll engaged on round two (and you used feint) it would't be an eligible target for DoT's damage on round 3 as it would no longer be in staging.Just saying...
  2. Sinthioth said: I guess if you wanna get technical about it, maybe if Terror effects trigger "whenever you would fail a roll", that theoretically means that they could trigger before the roll has actually failed, during what is scientifically known as the "Looking At The Dice To See If You Effed Up" phase. That brings up an interesting issue. If the Curse die rolls Terror, and you both failed a roll and rolled a Terror die, the Curse technically takes the Terror die away before the effect triggers, but the effect will still trigger. It seems as though the way to think about it is that each roll has a "Check" step where you look to see if Terror and Curses and such resolve, and then a "Resolve" step when all those effects take place (as opposed to checking and resolving each issue one by one). yes, your check step = my freezing rather than discarding concept, once the die is frozen and terror checks made, the last thing to do is resolve the curse die by removing both it and the frozen die…
  3. xfoley8 said: Whoops- never mind my previous response. I see what you're saying. I think if you applied a terror effect to the rule book example, you would suffer the terror effect automatically, because you are unable to complete the task- the order doesn't really matter, because you have to apply the terror result when you fail, regardless. My example above would apply to the terror effect taking place first, as designated in the rule book. but….the only reason a task cannot be completed in the rule book example is because the cursed effect removes one if the 3 investigation dice - if cursed effects take place after terror, then in the example the first thing I should be able to do is use 3 investigation on green die and 3 investigation on yellow die to complete the 6 investigation task - as I succeeded in a task the terror doesn't come into effect and then after that the cursed die is checked but it can't remove anything because I've already used the 3 investigations to complete a task….I don't think that is right, which means cursed dice need to be checked before any tasks can be completed - therefore the order is very important. I believe the intent of the wording is to ensure the issue you mentioned that if the curse die comes up terror and you have a single terror die, the curse die doesn't prevent terror effects from occurring… In effect the cursed die "freezes" rather than discards a die with a matching symbol, and this effect applies before any tasks are completed - a frozen die cannot be used to complete tasks and cannot be discarded for a failure to complete a task, but is counted when determining if terror effects are applied…at the end of the round any frozen die as well as the black die is then discarded….IMO, that's what the intend to happen, but rule book wording doesn't follow….
  4. So in the new expansion when are the effects of the cursed dice supposed to be resolved? In the rules, it mentions after terror effects have been resolved which only happen if the tasks are failed but in the example the cursed dice removes a 3 investigation which prevents Rita from completing one of the tasks which therefore suggests cursed dice take affect before completing tasks…and therefore occur before any terror effects… If we assume in the example, the adventure Rita was trying to complete has a terror effect, then the terror effect would have to occur between points 1 and 2 in the example, but cursed dice effects have to occur after terror effects (as stated in rules) but terror effects only occur if task is failed and task is only failed because of the effect of the cursed die! i assume it occurs first prior to completing tasks and the statement that it should occur after terror effects is a mistake…what do others think?
  5. Ted Sandyman said: Interestingly i watched Glaurungs vids and thought they were great. So i decided to build my own dwarf decks along similar lines to Glaurungs and started thrashing quests that i have struggled against. At the start it was great, beating quest after quest. Over the last month though i have beaten every quest. Maybe 2 losses in all that. I agree that its not the decks fault that its so strong but ive got to be honest, i was quite bored at the end as i hardly had any trouble in these quests. So ive gone back to doing themed decks, winning some and losing some. Now im much more happier. Maybe a touch of overkill in the dwarf department but thats just my opinion. and by the end of the AtS cycle, we will probably be discussing how powerful Gondor decks are and dwarves will have become a thing of the past! Creating interesting rather than just the best deck though is one of the main attractions of this game, IMO.
  6. Yes, with three deluxe/saga expansions very dwarf centric, the synergies available for a dwarf deck is now very strong. I think though, there will always be certain deck types that are simply stronger than others due to card pool at the time - that's inevitable. as this LCG is cooperative, and its impossible to completely balance all card pools at all times, some decks will easily beat the adventures on offer if created with that one purpose. If the game was competitive, the opponent could create a deck specifically to battle the super dwarf deck, but that isn't the case, so each player plays the game with decks they enjoy using. Not sure it's broken just because this deck is powerful. I've got a similar deck that is complimented by a 2nd dwarf themed deck and they both rock, obviously. but when I feel like a change, I simply create and play with a different themed deck and still get just as much enjoyment from the game. looking forward to more videos
  7. pumpkin said: Interesting videos - you should make some more, it's interesting to see how other people play. one thing I don't understand… About 1 minute into the 2nd video, you are combating what looks like wainrider captain, you defend with Dain and the shadow card pulled looks like Uruk vanguard which gives the attack +1, but you apply the damage result (3+1-3=1) to a different hero to the one you defended with. What rule/card effect allowed you to do that? cheers ah it's Dori!! - got it.
  8. Interesting videos - you should make some more, it's interesting to see how other people play. one thing I don't understand… About 1 minute into the 2nd video, you are combating what looks like wainrider captain, you defend with Dain and the shadow card pulled looks like Uruk vanguard which gives the attack +1, but you apply the damage result (3+1-3=1) to a different hero to the one you defended with. What rule/card effect allowed you to do that? cheers
  9. Azazelx said: Thank you guys for all of the replies. My pencilled-in order for when my payday hits next week is as follows: Warhammer Fantasy RPG Player's Guide Warhammer Fantasy RPG Adventurer Toolkit Warhammer Fantasy RPG The Creature Guide Warhammer Fantasy RPG Core Box Set I figure this should give me enough junk for a solid start to the game, most - or if not all of the careers(?) an an extensive bestiary so I can make maximum use of my Warhammer models. What do you think? Missing anything vital? Buying too much? Look good? As someone else said Creature Guide could have been a better product but if you are going full chits then the cards for creature actions in the Creature Vault makes that a good addition in your list IMO. Bear in mind the core set only has cards for 3 priest and 3 wizard careers too and only the first few ranks worth
  10. Yes they get a shadow card but as resolving the shadow card is a step within the attack phase, because the enemy doesn't attack, the card is discarded without resolving, right? Or has that changed?
  11. No, character refers to heroes and allies only This might be in the FAQ actually
  12. Miah999 said: The Matriarchy Trooper Pack, includes a few burn tokens. I don't recall how many, but it's at least three. Ah, yes, they do - time to rearrange storage for those then, rather than having them in with the ret of their equipment tokens - I really hope we see another area 51 token before the end of the line to give DOG a bit of variety but I'm not sure we will Cheers for the reminder
  13. Hi I haven't missed anything have I? Edison comes with a weapon whose rules are likely ging to require multiple burn tokens but the set only comes with one token and it's not a oken used in any other set or expansion, so there is only one available? I realise there are other tokens that can be used as a proxy so this isn't a gripe, just trying to ensure I haven't missed something obvious? Ok, it's a bit of a gripe, considering the figure only comes with one sheet of tokens, FFG could have included some extra burn tokens - end of the line production values creeping in, it seems
  14. AndreasL said: scottindeed said: We have a couple of cards now with errata from the FAQ. With the other LCG's does this type of errata get incorporated into subsequent reprints? I have two Core sets and would eventually like a third, but was wondering whether to hold out to see if they "fix" some of the card descriptions. We are in the exact same situation. We have two core sets and are considering getting a third as we like to have three of every card (especially Unexpected Courage). However, we are holding out on the purchase as we would feel really stupid if FFG then decided to issue a reprint of the core set with the errata'ed cards. I do not understand why FFG cannot make a public announcement on their plans regarding this issue. Whatever their choice is, it is better than not knowing. Quickest thing to do is put a quick post onto one of the more established lcgs like game of thrones - if core sets of that game have been updated with errata then it's likely that lotr will be at some point too, although if you have two core sets and use card sleeves it's easy to make proxys for the missing cards, simply put a player card you already have more than 3 of into the sleeve and then slide a print out of the needed card,such as UC into the front. From the back the card looks exactly like any other, feels the same thickness etc and is a usable UC when drawn
  15. pumpkin said: starhawk77 said: pumpkin said: Anyway, was there an official response? Yep. Here's booored's query and the accompanying response (culled from the cardgamedb thread): Q: - Dose the new Cave-Troll card that spills dmg from one card to the next only do this once? Or dose the dmg spill over to a new character until the dmg runs out? So, can this effect spill over so the Cave-Troll dmg hits 3 cards for example? A: - The "overflow" damage is assigned point by point. If it kills off a character, there is still overflow from the attack that needs to be assigned. Cheers! So it's still not 100% clear that you have to assign over flow to a single character rather than the option of spreading it over multiple…in fact from the answer you could say spreading it is more likely a valid option than before - ill go check out the full thread, ta. Found it - each point is assigned individually so can be spread out if so desired
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