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  1. Sad to see you guys go, but of course it's understandable. If it comes to this point where I'm at, I'm probably not going to throw away my cards (all those years and moneys spent collecting go to waste? Phooey!) and maybe make some legacy deck just in case, kinda like I did with Raw Deal (but never got into a player base at the time). Of course the memories of Captain Sagatman, Mai Ragnar and the rest of the UFS memes will stay around!
  2. I know what you mean with the coming and going players that sell their collections, there a two or more of those here in Colchester. However, they only go back to Yu Gi Oh because they can't uphold more than one card game financially, in an ironic way I have the same problem but the other way around. I would like to take up Magic seriously and even delve more into Pokemon as it caught my eye earlier in the year (some of the new Beedrills are nice), but these games I merely dabble in and out of casual games, unlike the serious play I have with UFS. I can see things from their point of view, and respect their decisions. However, it bothers me to see them keep coming and going, selling their entire collection each time they leave the game. If only we could convince them to keep hold of their cards, and these Legacy ideas might just do that. We need to show more support for Legacy, so no old card goes to waste! * THE CAMPAIGN FOR LEGACY HAS BEGUN! * Are you in?
  3. Okay okay, I guess I can put some input on here, but sadly I'm not much of an ideas man. However, I am claimed to be good at teaching new players... I know I haven't been playing the game that seriously since Tekken came out, maybe once a week at most. But that's been due to other reasons such as being at work more often, and the Christmas period taking up a lot of time (our LGS puts the casual table away for displays, which is fair enough from a sales point of view). That and for some weird reason I've gotten into casual block legal Magic: the Gathering again, but to avoid the torches and pitchforks I'll leave that for another story. THIS IS AN OOFS DISCUSSION! I have noticed the lack of play, and for the last few weeks I have been blaming the usual stagnation of the game, which occurs just before a set is released. But, as always, FFG have been consistent - in delaying sets, that is. Hearing the set got pushed back last week got me downhearted, as I was originally going to cancel going to Steve's pre-release when I heard the news, only to have Steve put his Store championship forwards instead. This made me feel even worse as I was hoping to go to both events. Hearing the set being pushed back AGAIN now means I doubt I can come to EITHER event, as I have already missed the Store champs. In short, FFG have failed me and all of us again, and it's getting ridiculous. Before I really get depressed and/or stressed out, I'll move onto a lighter note. Ross, you're a genious in reviving the Legacy format which sounds like it will be a blast. In fact, I'm clearing out the room this week and discovering a lot of old cards, such as Tiger Uppercut and more importantly *Sagat*. I would be awesome to play them all again, not just out of principle but just too see what the newer sets could do for them. For example, my Sagat deck would take a liking to adding Crushing Embrace of the Jotun to it's arsenal. Anyways, the idea of winning more than (the short amount of) promos sounds like a good idea, I've made good use of the Plug in and Play Street Fighter II that I won from the Sheffield Regional (for those that don't know, I was the highest placed deck that didn't run Blood Runs True or Feline Spike - I was playing Hanzo Kick ). I haven't played seriously since that tournament to be honest, even at Path of the Master I was getting bored of Hanzo. And it's about time I got that fighting spirit back. I'm currently playing King and enjoying it, although it's about time we had some new toys for the small current format. I've made an effort into avoiding looking at the spoilers in detail, because most of the time when I look at spoilers I'm not so interested in the setby the time it finally arrives, and the stagnant feeling creeps over quicker than usual. But based on what I've heard, Yoshimitsu is broken and therefore my second choice, Mitsurugi, is going to be my next deck idea. I'm going to put what little faith I have left into the next set like I did Tekken 6, and hopefully I'll be impressed like I was with Tekken 6. FFG are headed in the right direction with the cards despite the lack of control, but they really need to make an improvement on scheduling releases and promo distribution. This way I can be happy again knowing I support the game and they can support us players.
  4. Sorry Steve, haven't been able to get internet connection recently, so I only found out about the messup yesterday and now I can't come tomorrow. I'll make an effort to come to the pre-release though.
  5. You may be expecting some Zombie Ricky turn up to these events, I'll see what I can do.
  6. Don't worry Ross just bring your PSP to the next major UFS event, because some of the Colchester group also play Dissidia. They dragged me into it too, now I have a level 100 Bartz. On the topic of topic-ness, good luck with your training Matt, looking forward to the day you may return.
  7. There's no contest over what my favorite deck is, and you should know, Theo: *Sagat*. My Sagat deck was known and respected in the playgroup as I tore through my opponents with Absurd Strength, Throws and Sagat's R. It could also defend itself with Size Matters, and as a killing blow would often use Critical Timing on an opponent's attack. People claim that aggro is back with block 4, but it will never be as fast as that. I built the deck shortly after the UK Nats 07, and played it up until the character rotated. A close second comes my **Dan** deck, which I built in an instant when Domination came out. People were confused by the fact I ran the booster Dan over his promo, but I showed them why by attaching Promo Dan on top, thus making a 6/29 character that could discard, and then draw/control/defend against his opponent. I love the aspect of "controlling myself to control the opponent", and won many a match with a Fight or Flighted DARGON PAWNCH!
  8. Oh I know about "Count" Yi Shan very well. "THREE YI SHANS! AH-AH-AH! OH HOW I LOVE TO COUNT!" I'd prefer another set for characters, the amount of promos we have is fine. If they release another five promos in T602, that would make things good. Suggestions for T602 Law Jack Alicia Hwoarang Lei Promos Mokujin Eddy Armor King Lili Dragunov I wanna see something like this for Mokujin: Same stats as The Universal Fighter. At the beginning of the game, search your deck for another Tekken 6 character card and attach it to Mokujin. While attached, Mokujin is considered to have the hand size, maximum vitality, symbols and abilities of that character card. If the attached character card is destroyed or discarded, search your deck and then your discard pile for a Tekken 6 character with a different name and attach it to Mokujin. R: After you are dealt 5 or more damage by an opponent's attack, destroy the character card attached to Mokujin.
  9. Okay, playing last week, I found some a major flaw: The deck sucks in terms of defense (ie. Vs Heihachi, Bryan, or anything faster than me damage wise). So the recent change has been taking out Strength of Ages for four Earth character blocks - Astaroth, (Mai) Ragnar, Rashotep and Siegfried (the latter 2 brought in from the sideboard). I've also added a 3rd Path of the Master and taken out an Undisputed Ruler to improve the checks a little more. I've sided a couple of Tien Lei, Iron Thunder to help against Kisheri or Nina. Considering putting in Konvict Kick instead of Cobra Twist as Twist hasn't been helping me recently due to low base damage, whereas KK can pump the damage of my next throw. Also doesnt help when I draw into too many throws and I can't use King's F, so cutting down might help out. Will also side into Rashotep more often because speed killers like Hilde rely on character abilities.
  10. Sorry to disappoint, but I run Base Hold in my King deck too, and I'm pretty sure it says "F: If the next card you play is an attack, it gets +3 damage and +2 speed ." Surely they don't stack, because the next card would be the next Base Hold?
  11. (Can't help but give my 2 cents on the history of UFS, seeing as I'm also a veteran too. Also helps to see what was happening at this time in my area over the other side of the sea.) Ahh, the first two UFS sets. I started out with UFS shortly after the first SF and SCIII sets were released, seeing the starter decks on display at a comic book store (in which I was buying Street Fighter figures at the time). The starters they had were of Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Nightmare, Astaroth, Taki and Voldo. Out of curiosity, I bought 2 starters from each license, being Ryu, Ken, Nightmare and Astaroth. Shortly after reading the rules and got to grips with the game I bought boosters weekly, noticing how cool it was to get a foil in every pack. I went over to my local games store with these cards, wondering if they sold them there too. Not did they do so, but there was a playerbase slowly building out of the people who worked at the shop and the regular customers. With their help and trades, I got my hands on a copy of *Sagat*, my favorite character in Street Fighter, and my favorite character artwork in UFS. However, the first deck I built was a **Sagat** deck off Earth, since I preferred his simple abilities and the fact he had more health than his rarer counterpart. The **Sagat** deck, looking on it now, was a mess. The deck was just over 100 cards (abusing the lack of maximum deck space), and consisted all of my cards that had the Earth symbol. However, due to the various combinations (such as Eye Patch with ...You are a Beginner!) and the amount of throws in the deck, it held it's own against the other players. The best decks we had at the time were Cassie and *Dhalsim*, since we didnt have access to the promos at the time and therefore no-one got to play Zasalamel. When Set 2 arrived, there was a sudden jump in the number of available characters. One that took to my liking was *Blanka*, since his fire cards had amazing synergy combined with a heavy deal of damage pump. Cards that were seeing a lot of play from Set 2 (besides Hop) were Float like a Butterfly, which increased the speed of a lot of decks, and Ancient Insights, a very valuable tool for Void's discard abilities. It was at this time when our player group started to attend tournaments in Reading, and we saw our first experiences of tournament play. Our resident Cassie player stormed the tournaments, whereas I would get an even score of wins and losses when I tried out a *Chun-Li* deck that abused her action Sankaku Tobi with Leaping Commando Kick to discard all cards on the opponent's turn, then repeatedly play Reverse Waterfall on my following turn. The second tournament, I made a change for the worst and ended up not winning any matches. *Once Shaneth adds the next part, I'll give my two cents again. Set 3 is where things get fun for me, and also includes the UK Nationals!*
  12. Latest changes for the deck - Beserker Rage + Base Hold With Beserker Rage, I found it's stats were getting in the way, especially if I had played a series of throws, then King F, then Rage. That card was just too difficult to play at most times and would end up failing it and losing 3 vitality for nothing. Combined with Brooding, the deck was a little too suicidal. So what to play for another damage pump? In steps Base Hold, which can work offensively or defensively if my opponent plays weapons. In offense I could use Base Hold then King F for a Cobra Clutch, coming in for 5H7 Throw at base damage. As for Defense, works seriously well with Man Behind the Mask, as that minimum 1 isn't a problem any more. - King of the Ring + Mexican Sensation As I expected, "Sexycan Mensation" works wonders. Play a throw, discard another throw using Mexican Sensation, then King F to grab back the throw I discarded. And as I mentioned about King of the Ring, it was too difficult to use effectively in this deck. Sideboard Added: 1x Siegfried. 1x Rashotep.. 2x The Double Crown of Egypt 2x Bracers of Horus and Set 2x King's Reverse DDT As the deck was originally Rashotep before Tekken 6 came out, I've got him in the side, along with another character who works well with Path of the Master, and has his own source of damage pump. The Bracers work really well with throws, especially when Rashotep. And of course, when encoutering high hand pains like Kisheri and Christie, the Reverse DDT cripples them for a bit. Still haven't had use of it yet though.
  13. The only place I know with a Tekken 6 set list is CoolStuffInc, since TwoHeadedDragon haven't updated since SCIV and Shadowar's release.
  14. I was thinking you could use Hope for One's People for more 0 difficulty foundation spams, thus helping your PotM/Loves to Talk. Was also thinking for lulz with PotM, you could use Siegfried's foundations that add symbols onto your character (I think Needs no Ally and Chosen By Soul Calibur do that...)
  15. Interesting to see Heihachi in the top 8, I knew he was awesome; just not THAT awesome! Looking forward to seeing some final results, hopefully we'll see them and the reports by the end of Monday when everyone's back and recovered.
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