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  1. Oh, and at least Reign and Reverie is being reprinted
  2. Good tip, thanks!. I got Order and Chaos recently from the FFG store, but need the other 3 you mentioned. I'll keep checking ebay
  3. Does anyone know if some older data packs will be reprinted? I'm having trouble finding 3 from The Sansan Cycle
  4. I want to confirm this, the app still locks up during the Escape from Innsmouth scenario. Same with Android version
  5. We played through 2nd scenario tonight. Near the end, we were close to daeth but hoped for a lat minute rally. Then, the app froze. We restarted the app and then the device and nothing. None of the in game buttons, except menu and settings, worked. My group was nervous about attempting again as everyone felt their time was wasted This also led to lots of "I told you an app was a bad idea" comments too
  6. I put a token in the base upside down and now cant get ot out. Any suggestions?
  7. Wow...I have all of these and never played them. I guess I need to dig the game out and give it a go eh?
  8. Reprint! http://fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4130
  9. zwobot said: A week without an answer. I won my bet and hope that the GW License will go to a holder with better fansupport and ideas. Congrats on winning the bet! I hope it was everything you dreamed of.
  10. Toqtamish said: Setting helps to make a game, if the setting sucks then I don't care how good the game is as I don't feel any attachment to the setting and its characters. I think 40K would make a good setting for a new card game for FFGs LCG line of games. And it is kind of a blend of sci fi and fantasy so can cater to both audiences. Great point! Look at Relic. It's basically Talisman with a 40k theme but that appealed to my group so much more than Talisman did.
  11. jmoslander said: Sentinels of the Multiverse Enchanced Edition has a great setup. Custom dividers and enough space for all the expansions. Def. need something like this for the LCGs. Except SotM doesn't hold sleeved cards very well. I sleeved mine with FFG sleeves and had to move the game to a storage box.
  12. I used UP sleeves since back in the Star Wars CCG days. I recently switched to FFG because I have not experienced sizing issues with their sleevs like I have with UP and Mayday sleeves. I have been buying hundreds of the Silver Sleeves lately to re-sleeve my Thunderstone/Nightfall/Star Trek DBGs/FFG LCGs/ and a few other Deck-building games. The FFG sleeves seem to hold up better to repeated shuffling. I am currently getting enough sleeves to re-sleeve my Dominion game and expansions because the MayDay sleeves have worn out to fast.
  13. Agreed!! After the first two or three expansion packs, I throw the original box away. I keep the boxes for Star Trek, Thunderstone, Resident Evil. I would also LOVE to see them include Dividers!!! Such a simple tool would be a welcome addition to the games. Make them a Print on Demand Item, I would buy them.
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